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Sorcerous Symbolism

Universal Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

As the power of Wild Sorcery was discovered in the Age of Mortals, some sorcerers discovered that visualizing the Realm of Sorcery they were trying to manipulate helped them to focus their magic. The Academy of Sorcery first adopted this idea, having basic symbols for each of the Realms.

As the practice of Wild Sorcery grew beyond the Academy, others also adopted this philosophy. Many symbols of the Legion of Steel included the starjewel, or incorporated images associated with the Legion and its ideals. The Thorn Knights also adopted symbolism, though in their case, it was to evoke a sense of strength and drive fear into their enemies.

While the symbols below serve as examples of what sorcerers can use to focus their magic, these are not the only options. It is said that some individual sorcerers also adopted their own personal symbols to help focus their magic. For example, Emma Xela used an acorn as a focus. Whatever symbols you choose, they will undoubtedly add an extra bit of flavor to your sorcerer characters.

Symbols of Sorcery
Realm of Sorcery Academy of Sorcery Legion of Steel Thorn Knights
Aeromancy Cloud Eagle Pair of Green Dragon Wings
Cryomancy Snowflake Crystallized Starjewel White Dragon
Divination Eye Starjewel with Eye in Center Bloodshot Eye
Electromancy Lightning Bolt Forked Lightning Bolt Blue Dragon Breathing Lightning
Enhancement Glowing Staff Glowing Carpenter's Hammer Spiked Gauntlet in a Fist
Geomancy Mountain Vallenwood Tree Erupting Volcano
Hydromancy Water Drop Waterfall Black Dragon Head Emerging From Ocean
Pyromancy Flame Flaming Sword Red Dragon Breathing Fire
Spectramancy Sun Prism Splitting a Ray of Light Into Three Colors Black Sun
Summoning Doorway Summoning Circle Cabalistic Pentacle
Transmutation Butterfly Phoenix Two-Headed Snake

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