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Mystics of Storm

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

"I move like the air, pound like the rain, strike like lightning, and bear the force of thunder. I am the very fury of the storm."
-Stormdancer of Hinterlund

Storm Mystics find themselves at home in the heart of a great gale. They enjoy the sound of rain upon their windowsills, flashes of lightning, and the rhythm of thunder. Their personalities reflect this passion. Like the storm, they can bring good to the world (such as by bringing water to the fields) or turn their anger towards destructive means. Indeed, their moods can ebb and flow with the patterns of the weather, becoming almost docile during a sunny day, sad during a rainstorm, and angry during a thunderstorm. This change in moods leads to most Storm mystics being chaotic in alignment.

Many mystics of Storm have blue eyes. While this is not the case with all Storm mystics, it is a general tendency. Scholars are uncertain what the cause of this phenomenon is, though many speculate that it is a result of the divine energies they come in contact with.


Minotaurs are among the fiercest Storm mystics. Embracing the fury of the storm, they master its destructive power. Likewise, Ergothians are also among the most notable Storm mystics. Both races, knowledgeable in the ways of sea travel, are intimately familiar with the power of the Storm. This is why most Storm mystics hail from coastal lands as well.

Sea elves also have a knack for the power of the Storm. Living in ocean waters, they are familiar with the power of hurricanes and the force of gales.

Multiclassed Storm Mystics

Those Storm mystics who multiclass most commonly take on levels of mariner. Mariners are in the heart of storms while out at sea and gain an intimate knowledge of storms in action.

Storm mystics also make good barbarians. They access the storm of their very soul when they reach inside for their primal fury. Mystic rangers (variant in Knightly Orders of Ansalon) also make good Storm mystics. Both barbarians and mystic rangers have a connection to the natural world and gravitate towards the power of the Storm.

Storm mystics will also multiclass with other ambient spellcasting classes. Those who become sorcerers are adept in aeromancy, electromancy, and hydromancy. Those who become bards have bardic music that is representative of storms, focusing on percussion.

Storm mystics cannot multiclass with any divine class that draws its power from a deity. The paths of the master and monk are too regulated for their tastes. Storm mystics look at the path of a fighter in a neutral fashion, neither showing any preference nor aversion for the class.

Ranks and Titles:

Fury of the Storm: Storm mystics begin as Furies. At this stage in their learning, Storm mystics are just beginning to understand the power of the storm and to reach inside their souls for their inner primal energy.

Rage of the Tornado: Storm mystics who advance to the level of Rage of the Tornado have learned of the inner destructive power of the storm. They are able to cast 4th-level spells. They seek to sync the fury within with the power of the storm.

Wrath of the Cyclone: Storm mystics who become a Wrath of the Cyclone have mastered the power of the Storm, both within and without. They are able to cast 8th-level spells. They are in tune with the destructive side of nature, their mood matching the tides of the weather.


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