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Mystics of Air

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Mystics of Air are representative both of life-giving breezes and destructive gales. They are freedom incarnate, able to move with the world, yet a strong force to contend with when opposed.

With such an insight into the Balance, mystics of Air typically have a neutral component to their alignment. Mystics of Air are rarely lawful, and shun society's boundaries and limitations. Air mystics despise anything that takes away personal freedom. As such, they often find themselves opposed to slavers. Air mystics also find themselves at odds with the rigid Earth mystics and the unmoving Law mystics.

Air mystics tend to be nomadic by nature. They will travel on a whim, never staying in a single place for too long. Air mystics find themselves drawn to the plains or mountainous regions where air is most prevalent.


Of all the races, kender are drawn the most to the path of an Air mystic. Unfortunately, many meet their doom prematurely when attempting to fly before mastering the element. Despite this minor drawback (or new adventure, depending on your point of view), the philosophy of travel and freedom are appealing.

Nomad humans, centaurs, and Kagonesti elves also gravitate towards the element of Air. As nomadic peoples, they experience the breeze of the wild firsthand. Qualinesti and Silvanesti elves also make good Air mystics with their natural ties to nature.

Not all races make good Air mystics. Dwarves tend to be too stubborn and immobile to master Air. Minotaurs and draconians tend to be too wrapped up in the rules of their respective societies. Gnomes focus too much on technology and the rules of science to grasp the freedom of Air.

Ranks and Titles:

Wind Traveler: Wind Travelers are those initiates who are just beginning to delve into the mysteries of Air. They feel the breeze and hear the wind call to them, but they do not yet fully understand the power and complexity of Air. Wind Travelers typically begin exploring the world at this stage, leading to many adventures.

Wind Runner: Wind Runners are those who have gained basic mastery over Air. They are able to cast 3rd-level spells from the Air domain, and have made a lasting commitment to the element. Wind Runners travel further and faster than Wind Travelers, and are beginning to get involved with greater events in the world.

Soaring Gust: Soaring Gusts are those who have gained an advanced mastery over Air. They are able to cast 6th-level spells from the Air domain. Air mystics of this level have learned the lessons taught by Air. They have become teachers themselves, and spread the word of Air across the land. The upper mysteries of Air are within their grasp, and they search to unlock those final secrets.

Breath of the Hurricane: A Breath of the Hurricane is an undisputed master of Air. They are able to cast 9th-level spells from the Air domain. At this stage, a Breath of the Hurricane knows the movement of air by instinct. He can tell when a breeze is about to begin and sense the oncoming storm. He has become the embodiment of Air, secure in his freedom and one with the Balance.


  • Complete Champion, p. 29

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