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Platinum Protector

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by KenderBryant

Entry in the 2007 Holy Artifacts Challenge

This shield appears to be crafted from a platinum dragon scale, which is only partly true. The scale actually came from Procene, one of the Astral Dragons. Paladine crafted this piece of armor to aid him in his battle against the forces of darkness or Chaos, whichever came first. Fortunately enough, he never really had to use it, for one, Chaos was trapped in the Greygem by Reorx, and for another, evil took care of itself for him most of the time, by turning in upon itself. However, Paladine saw the benefit of keeping this shield around, so he gave it to his most powerful church in Istar to hold until it was truly needed in the world. However, no one foresaw Beldinas Prolifero (sp?) and his hubris that caused Istar's fall from the world. Paladine thought that the Platinum Protector was lost for good. A shame really, for it might have been of use in the Chaos War centuries later. No mortal knows what the true powers of the shield are, though there is much speculation. The shield is rumored to fend off the breath of evil dragons, to smite the undead, and to ward off the minions of Chaos. Other rumors abound that Huma used this shield to fight Takhisis, and that Vinas Solmnanus was given it on the day he founded the knights.

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