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Lash of Leurkhisis

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by KenderBryant

Entry in the 2007 Holy Artifacts Challenge

This whip seems to be crafted of five differently-colored leathers, one for each color of the chromatic dragons. Legend holds that the bearer of this whip can control armies and the minds of people struck by it. Takhisis used this whip to take control of several powerful fiends in order to seize control of their armies. Unfortunately, she had screwed up. The whip could only control one powerful mind at a time and the other devils rose up against her and seized the whip, giving it to Fistandantilus years later. Fistandantilus hid it with the other relics in the hidden chamber beneath the Tower of Istar, hoping to retrieve it later for use. He didn't foresee that the the Kingpriest would muck everything up trying to seize more power for himself and cause the Cataclysm which destroyed Istar. Thought to be lost for centuries, the Lash was recently found alongside other powerful relics by Nuitari and his followers. Should someone gain hold of this weapon, the terror caused by more marching armies and mind controlled leaders would seize hold of the land once more.

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