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Amber Rose of Paladine

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Gerrin

Note: This magic item was an entry in the Holy Artifacts Challenge.


The amber rose of Paladine contained knowledge that Paladine placed in there and was also believed to have been blessed by Mishakal. The rose's power is thought to be only activated by those who have been touched by Paladine.


The amber rose of Paladine looks to be an unblooming rose that is amber in color. This rose is 12 inches in size and is constructed out of fine metals. The stem is made out of jade of the deepest color of green. The petals appear to be sculpted out of a piece of amber.


The creation of the rose was known through myths told prior to the Cataclysm. The rose was believed to have been created by the hand of Paladine as a gift to his consort Mishakal. The rose was by all appearances just an ordinary gift that Paladine was giving to his wife.

Unknown too many people the rose contained knowledge that Paladine placed in there in the hopes that one day he could use the knowledge to right a great wrong. Only one other god knew of the true secret locked in the rose and that was Majere. Swearing his fellow god to silence Paladine instructed that ever the need to arise that the rose should be given to his daughter.

For centuries the rose existed in Mishakal's possession as a gift of favor from Paladine. Mishakal often questioned Paladine about the unopened flower wondering why he created it that way. He would often tell her that like their love, the flower was only beginning to bloom and it would only get greater.

The rose was thought to have been cast out of the heavens prior to the Cataclysm when Mishakal pleaded to Paladine to end the power of the Kingpriest. When Paladine told her he couldn't she was wracked with grief as she knew the suffering that would exist in the world. Holding the rose in the heavens she felt as if her love to Paladine was in that rose and that in someway their love had failed the people. Angry at herself for being attached to such a small object she threw it to Krynn for the people to have. She would no longer keep the rose for herself but share it with the people, to help them in the dire days ahead.

The rose was found by a Knight of the Divine Hammer, Tol Stelon, as it was drifting to the earth. Being a devoted knight to the Kingpriest he took the flower to him and told the Kingpriest that it was a sign of the gods agreeing with him that evil must be destroyed. The Kingpriest then had the rose examined and found that it contained hidden power but it was unreachable even by him. Growing frustrated at not being unable to unlock the power of the rose the Kingpriest ordered it locked away the Hall of Sacrilege. The rose was locked into the hall weeks prior to the Cataclysm.

Paladine learned of what Mishakal did following the Cataclysm, mournful he didn't know what to do as he couldn't create another rose. Instead he believed that it was destroyed when the mountain fell and that the great secret would forever be lost.

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