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Amber Flute of Takhisis

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Gerrin

Note: This magic items was an entry in the Holy Artifacts Challenge.


The amber flute of Takhisis contained a powerful charm that even the most powerful of beasts could not ignore. The player of the flute could influence anyone to do their will and bidding. It was unknown whether or not a god can withstand such a charm.


The flute of Takhisis was made from an amber colored wood that was unknown. It was a slender, eight hole instrument.


The flute's creation story was unknown and what was known about the flute was that it had a haunting, unforgettable melody. How the flute became Takhisis' or if she created it was never told. Although most historians have overlooked the use of the flute by the Dark Queen, they have not forgotten to record the deeds it caused.

The earliest known use of the flute was by Takhisis as she lured the chromatic dragons away from Paladine. Unable to break the charm of the flute the dragons followed her and became corrupted as the Dark Queen used the flute to influence the thoughts of the dragons. The dragons, although servants of Takhisis, grew to question her authority and begged for her to end the war before it would destroy the world. Takhisis was angry over the questioning of her servants but understood that even the flute could not charm people forever.

Another known use of the flute was against the Irda. Believing that the Irda were growing away from her teaching, Takhisis attempted to use the flute to sway her creation back to her. The Irda had recently undergone a rebellion in which Igraine had fled with his followers. Takhisis had hoped to convince the remaining Irda to return back to her original plans by using the flute. The flute's power proved too great and Takhisis' wishes proved to be the Irda's downfall causing them to become the ogres.

Takhisis would wait again until near the end of the Age of Dreams when she used the flute on a young promising wizard named Galan Dracos. As she played the tune to convince the young man to seek ambition and power she promised to give her more then the gods of magic could. During the Third Dragon War, Galan served the Dark Queen faithfully as she used her persuasion powers more. Eventually her ideas of gaining power led to Galan desiring to remove the Dark Queen from power and seizing worldly power for himself.

Takhisis, though, would use the flutes on several occasions to her benefit. On one of these occasions she convinced the wizards of the Tower of High Sorcery to construct portals so that they could travel to their various towers in safety. Unknown to them she caused them to create a portal into the abyss.

Scholars have often questioned the existence of the flute. It was rumored that in the days prior to the Cataclysm the flute was discovered by agents of the Kingpriest in the Tower of Istar. The Kingpriest recognized it as an evil artifact ordered it placed in the Hall of Sacrilege.

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