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Kaemererite (forge) Dragons

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

Kaemererite Dragon [Forge Dragon] (Earth)

The very wall of the cavern before seems to ripple like a stone dropped into water. As you stand there transfixed at the sight, a long serpentine, fluting crested head and neck emerge from the centre of the ripples. Before you can act, a strange wingless dragon-like creature fully emerges from the rock. Its small, fine scales, coloured a rich and deep lavender, glint in the gloom.

Organisation: Wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult: solitary or clutch (2 – 5); adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient wyrm, or great wyrm: solitary, pair or family (1 – 2 plus 2 – 5 offspring).
Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 4; Very Young 6; Young 9; Juvenile 12; Young Adult 13; Adult 15; Mature Adult 18; Old 20; Very Old 22; Ancient 24; Wyrm 27; Great Wyrm 30.
Advancement: Wyrmling 7 – 8 HD; Very Young 9 – 11 HD; Young 12 – 14 HD; Juvenile 15 – 17 HD; Young Adult 18 – 20 HD; Adult 21 – 22 HD; Mature Adult 23 – 24 HD; Old 25 – 27 HD; Very Old 28 – 30 HD; Ancient 31 – 33 HD; Wyrm 34 – 36 HD; Great Wyrm 37+ HD.

Table 2 - 1: Kaemererite (forge) Dragons by Age
Age Size HD (hp) Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Attack Bonus/Grapple Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Breath Weapon (DC) Frightful Presence
Wyrmling S 6d12 (57) 19 10 17 10 10 12 +6/+6 +8 +5 +5 2d10 (16) -
Very young M 9d12 (94) 23 10 19 12 12 12 +9/+15 +10 +6 +7 4d10 (18) -
Young M 12d12 (126) 27 10 19 12 12 12 +12/+20 +12 +8 +9 6d10 (20) -
Juvenile L 15d12 (172) 31 10 21 14 14 14 +15/+29 +14 +9 +11 8d10 (22) -
Young adult L 18d12 (225) 33 10 23 14 14 14 +18/+33 +17 +11 +13 10d10 (25) -
Adult H 21d12 (262) 35 10 23 18 18 16 +21/+41 +18 +12 +16 12d10 (26) 24
Mature adult H 24d12 (323) 35 10 25 20 18 18 +24/+44 +21 +14 +18 14d10 (29) 26
Old H 27d12 (380) 37 10 27 22 20 20 +27/+48 +23 +15 +20 16d10 (31) 28
Very old H 30d12 (465) 39 10 29 24 22 22 +30/+52 +25 +17 +23 18d10 (34) 31
Ancient G 33d12 (543) 41 10 31 26 24 24 +33/+59 +28 +18 +25 20d10 (36) 33
Wyrm G 37d12 (627) 43 10 33 26 24 24 +37/+64 +31 +20 +27 22d10 (39) 35
Great wyrm G 40d12 (680) 47 10 33 28 26 26 +40/+65 +33 +22 +30 24d10 (41) 38
Table 2 - 2: Kaemererite (forge) Dragons Abilities by Age
Age Speed Initiative AC Special Abilities SR Caster Level
Wyrmlin 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 16 (+1 size, +5 natural) touch 11, flat footed 16 Alternate form, meld into stone - -
Very young 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 18 (+8 natural) touch 10, flat footed 18 - - -
Young 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 21 (+11 natural) touch 10, flat footed 21 - - -
Juvenile 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 23 (–1 size, +14 natural) touch 9, flat footed 23 Alternate form (elemental), stone shape - 1st
Young adult 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 26 (–1 size, +17 natural) touch 9, flat footed 26 DR 5/magic 21 3rd
Adult 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 28 (–2 size, +20 natural) touch 8, flat footed 28 - 23 5th
Mature adult 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 30 (–2 size, +22 natural) touch 8, flat footed 30 DR 10/magic 25 7th
Old 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 32 (–2 size, +24 natural) touch 8, flat footed 32 Wall of stone 27 9th
Very old 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 34 (–2 size, +26 natural) touch 8, flat footed 34 DR 15/magic 29 11th
Ancient 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 35 (–4 size, +29 natural) touch 6, flat footed 35 Move earth 31 13th
Wyrm 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 38 (–4 size, +32 natural) touch 6, flat footed 38 DR 20/magic 33 15th
Great wyrm 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft. +0 41 (–4 size, +35 natural) touch 6, flat footed 41 Earthquake 35 17th
Table 2 - 3: Kaemererite (forge) Dragons by Size
Size Overall Length Body Length Neck Length Tail Length Body Width Standing Height Weight
Small 8ft. 2ft. 2ft. 4ft. 2ft. 2ft. 40Ibs.
Medium 16ft. 5ft. 5ft. 6ft. 3ft. 4ft. 320Ibs.
Large 31ft. 9ft. 9ft. 13ft. 5ft. 7ft. 2,500Ibs.
Huge 55ft. 16ft. 15ft. 24ft. 8ft. 12ft. 20,000Ibs.
Gargantuan 85ft. 23ft. 23ft. 39ft. 10ft. 16ft. 160,000Ibs.

Alternate Form (Su): A kaemererite dragon can assume any humanoid form (usually kaemererite dragons assume the form of a dwarf, half-dwarf or even scion dwarf) of Medium size or smaller as a standard action three times per day. This ability functions as a polymorph spell cast on itself at a caster level equal to it's Hit Dice, except that the dragon does not regain hit points for changing form and can only assume the form of a humanoid. The dragon can remain in the humanoid form until it chooses to return to adopt another humanoid form or its natural form.

Kaemererite dragons of juvenile or older can use their alternate form ability to assume the form of any elemental type creature with the earth or fire subtype of Large size or smaller once per day, otherwise this functions as noted above.
Breath Weapon (Su): Kaemererite dragons have two types of breath weapon. The first is a cone of razor-sharp rock shards, creatures caught within the cone are allowed a Reflex saving throw to halve the damage. the second is a line of fire, creatures caught within the line are allowed a Reflex save to halve the damage.
Meld into Stone (Sp): A kaemererite dragon can use an effect similar to the meld into stone spell at will.
Spell-like Abilities: 3/day – stone shape (juvenile or older), 1/day – wall of stone (old or older), move earth (ancient or older), earthquake (great wyrm).
Skills: Appraise, Craft, and Profession are considered class skills for a forge dragon.
Spells: Kaemererite dragons can also cast spells from the domain of Earth, Fire, Forge, Luck and Strength as arcane spells.

Strategies and Tactics

Kaemererite dragons prefer not to place themselves in harms way. When pushed into defending themselves, they use they adopted forms abilities to protect themselves as much as possible. Only as a final resort will the kaemererite assume it's draconic form.

Once a kaemererite dragon has assumed it's true form, it uses either of its breath weapons to weaken any opponents before entering into melee to finish them off.

A favoured tactic of the kaemererite dragon, given enough solid rock, is to use it's meld into stone ability to travel to a position above the opponent and deal a devastating attack from above it, using either it's breath weapon or crush attacks.


Environment: Kaemererite dragons can be found in great numbers deep underground, far from the prying eyes and wars of mortal folk and other dragons. When travelling nearer to the surface world, kaemererite dragons often extend a suitable cave or naturally formed carven to function as a temporary lair or use their move earth ability to excavate one. Kaemererite dragons enjoy the company of races that are strongly talented as craftsmen, such as dwarves or gnomes, and often use their alternate form ability to assume a guise of one and spend time within that races community, passing on what techniques and crafts as it has learned.

Diet: Kaemererite dragons enjoy the tastes of many food stuffs, including meats and fruits, however, they truly enjoy the taste of gemstones and precious ores and minerals, often scouring the deep looking for quantities of such materials to place in their hoards as 'snacks'.

Eggs & Incubation: Kaemererite dragons lay perfectly camouflaged eggs, disguised as rocks or boulders, usually deep within a hollowed out carven that the mother dragon has prepared in advance for the task. Such caverns are only accessible through special means, such as the mother dragons natural ability to meld into stone or through the use of powerful magic such as teleport. The eggs themselves are Small sized objects, roughly 2-feet in length, but exceptionally heavy, weighing about 16Ibs (hardness 20, hp 30, Break DC 26). If discovered, either through the nest being discovered or through a natural event such as earthquakes uncovering the cavern, the boulder-eggs can be identified as dragon eggs through a Spot skill check DC 35. Unlike many other kinds of dragons, hatchling dragons do not 'hatch' as such, the wyrmling simply uses its innate melding ability to pass through the tough rock shell when ready. A kaemererite dragon egg has an incubation period of 600 days.

Identifiers: Kaemererite dragons can be identified by the three fluting horns, which sweep away to the side from its cheeks and eyes. These horns become blunted and worn from the dragons many years of burrowing through rock and other materials in search of minerals and other precious materials. As the dragon becomes older, these horns wear down to become almost merged into the fanning crest of the dragon. A wyrmling kaemererite dragons scales are a light, almost translucent shade of lavender. As the dragon ages, the colour deepens slowly to become a rich shade of purple, bordering in some cases on black. As the dragon ages, the dragon's pupils fade to become pitch black orbs. The smell or rich earth lingers about them.

Habits: A kaemererite usually spends most of its time in the assumed form, usually a dwarf or gnome (depending on the type of cultures that are near-by the dragons forge-lair). The assumed form that the dragon takes allows it to easily travel through inhabited areas and observe the craftsmanship of any intelligent races there, without drawing undue attention to the dragon. The kaemererite dragons always seek out news of crafting discoveries and inventions, many travelling hundreds of miles away from their lairs to investigate such things. Kaemererite dragons are attentive listeners and are extremely patient when it comes to understanding new ideas and techniques; however their patience and tolerance rapidly falls away when dealing with other matters, especially if it interferes with the kaemererite dragons work. Kaemererite dragons have an extremely rigid hierarchy, with a single kaemererite dragon leader at the top. Such leaders are usually great wyrms with many levels of master (craftsman). Kaemererite dragon leaders are just as likely to be female as male, holding no discrimination for the role between males or females.

Religion: Kaemererite dragons follow the path of neutrality, often praising such gods as Shinare for her industriousness nature, Sirrion for his inventive and creative passions or even Gilean for his deep lore. They hold only one power in total regard though, that of Reorx the Forger of the world and god of crafts. Kaemererite dragons that find a calling of faith and usually enter the church of Reorx, many eventually go on to become one of his Mighty Anvils.

Alignment: Kaemererite dragons tend to be solely concerned with understanding their crafts and arts. They are always neutral.


Characters with ranks in Knowledge (arcana) can learn about forge dragons. When a character makes a successful skill check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DC's.
Knowledge (arcana)
DC 16: This creature is a gemstone dragon, one of the neutral dragons of Krynn. This result reveals all dragon traits.
DC 21: Kaemererite dragons are immune to fire, paralysis and sleep. They have two deadly forms of breath weapons, the first a cone of razor-sharp shards of rock and the second a line of fire.
DC 26: Kaemererite dragons use their innate meld into stone ability to enter nearby rock and ambush opponents.

Typical Treasure

Kaemererite dragons are unusual, even for dragondom. Although the need for each dragon to create a horde is just as strong as it would be in any other form of dragondom, the kaemererite dragons prefer to stock their lairs with treasures and trinkets that they themselves created.

As such, they tend to have more items which deal with a particular dragons crafting skills (for example, an armourer kaemererite dragon will have more armours than weapons or other mundane or magic items).

Due to the kaemererite dragons tastes for gemstones and minerals, many of them hoard stock piles of uncut gems or unrefined ore (used as delicious snack after a hard nights work in the workshops).

A kaemererite dragon has triple the standard treasure (adjusted as noted above) for its Challenge Rating, as follows - Wyrmling 2,700stl.; Very Young 3,600stl.; Young 6,000stl.; Juvenile 10,200stl.; Young Adult 22,500stl.; Adult 51,000stl.; Mature Adult 84,000stl.; Old 141,000stl.; Very Old 183,000stl.; Ancient 261,000stl.; Wyrm 318,000stl.; Great Wyrm 384,000stl.

Kaemererite Dragons with Class Levels

Forge dragons excel at the arts of forge, weave and foundry. Younger dragons sometimes take levels in master (craftsman) or expert to further their natural skills. Master is a kaemererite dragon's favoured class.

Those kaemererite dragons that fell the pull of faith are always clerics or druids of Reorx. Many devotees of Reorx can enter the mighty anvil prestige class by the time they reach young adult age (or sooner if they take levels in cleric).
Level Adjustment: Wyrmling +4; Very Young +5; Young +6; all other –.

Kaemererite Dragons on Krynn

Kaemererite dragons can often be found by those with some knowledge in the depths of many of Krynn's mountain ranges, especially where dwarves or gnomes are found.

The largest concentration of kaemererite dragons can be found in Heart's Delve, a massive forge-foundry miles beneath the halls of Thorbardin. The Heart's Delve is both home and workshop to the dragons, with each dragon having it's own lair within the Delve.

Sample Kaemererite Dragon

Kerrissite CR 20
Female Old Kaemererite Dragon
N Huge Dragon (earth)
Init: +4; Senses: Blindsense 60ft., darkvision 120ft., low-light vision, scent; Listen +37, Spot +37.
Aura frightful presence (240ft., DC 28)
Language: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Ignan, Ogre, Terran.

AC 32, touch 8, flat-footed 32. (–2 size, +24 natural)
Hp: 380 (27 HD); DR 10/magic
Immune sleep, paralysis.
SR 27
Fort: +23, Ref: +15, Will: +20.

Speed: 40ft., burrow 50ft., climb 20ft.
Melee: Bite +39 (2d8+13) and 2 claws +34 (2d6+6) and tail slap +33 (2d6+19)
Space: 15ft.; Reach: 10ft. (15ft. with bite)
Base Atk: +27; Grp: +48.
Attack Options: Awesome Blow, Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack.
Special Actions: Breath Weapon (100ft. line, once every 1d4 rounds, 16d10 fire, Reflex DC 31 half; or 50ft. cone, once every 1d4 rounds, 16d10 rock shards, Reflex DC 31 half), Crush (2d8+19, Reflex DC 31 negates).
Sorcerer Spells Prepared: (CL 9th, spell penetration 1d20+9)
4th – (5/day) spell immunity, wall of fire.
3rd – (7/day) greater magic weapon, keen edge, resist energy (cold only).
2nd – (7/day) heat metal, produce flame, protection from arrows, shatter.
1st – (8/day) animate rope, burning hands, jump, magic stone, magic weapon.
0 – (6/day) acid splash, detect magic, detect poison, mending, message, open/close, read magic, resistance.
Spell-like Abilities: (CL 27th)
At will – meld into stone
3/day – stone shape
1/day – wall of stone

Abilities: Str 37, Dex 10, Con 27, Int 22, Wis 20, Cha 20.
SQ: Alternate Form (normal & elemental), Dragon Traits.
Feats: Alertness, Awesome Blow, Cleave, Combat Casting, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Skill Focus (appraise), Skill Focus (craft – gemcutting), Weapon Focus (bite), Weapon Focus (claws).
Skills: Appraise +39 (+41 metal items & gems), Bluff +20, Concentration +38 (+42 casting defensively), Craft (blacksmith) +26, Craft (gemcutting) +39, Decipher Script +21, Diplomacy +29, Intimidate +27, Knowledge (arcana) +26, Listen +37, Profession (jeweller) +20, Search +20, Sense Motive +25, Spellcraft +23 (+25 with scrolls), Spot +37, Use Magic Device +25 (+29 with scrolls).


Awesome Blow (Monster Manual)

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