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by Gerrin

The Hawkstones are a group of wizards who seek to build their own Tower of High Sorcery. They work in secret in an attempt to uncover the secrets behind the raising of a tower. This group has uncovered the first item needed to locate a stone of threes and are trying to reconstruct the legendary Magestone.

The group has continued to grow since the return of magic and many members have become active in solo or group assignments. The funding of these missions comes from its member's contributions and also through the use of robbery and muggings. These actions are often dismissed but local authorities as the work of bandits or thieves.


The Hawkstones believe that the current Towers of High Sorcery are too few and desire to create a secret tower where they could continue to practice magic without the restrictions imposed by the Council of Mages. Many of the wizards that are Hawkstones are active in the ranks of wizards but do not openly bring attention to their desire.

The wizards are highly secretive and tell little of the organization to outsiders. Members of this organization do not publicly acknowledge other members and all communication is done discreetly. The wizards want to create their own order, but do not wish to be hunted down as renegades and understand the reasoning to keep quiet.


The Hawkstones are a very organized group with structured rank system. The head of the order are three mages who represent each moon, and are called the Guardians of the Moons. These mages also are called by the moon that they draw their power from and are called the White Guardian, the Red Guardian, and the Black Guardian. The three will meet to discuss and vote on issues.

Underneath the Guardians of the Moons, are nine wizards who are called the Keepers of the Stones. Once the Stone of Threes is found, this group will have the task of guarding it and eventually raising the new tower. The nine wizards are drawn from the three ranks of wizards and are given titles to reflect their position and rank. The First Keeper of the White, The First Keeper of the Red, and the First Keeper of the Black also help recruit new members into the organization. The other keepers oversee any missions that the organization is taking part in.

Areas of Influence

The Hawkstones are located throughout the continent of Ansalon. The group does not have an official headquarters and meetings of the Guardians revolve around various locations throughout Ansalon. The Hawkstones are known though to be involved in some areas with ongoing missions to recover the pieces of the Magestone, which will lead them to the Stone of Threes.


  • Kalaman: The Hawkstones have a large operation undergoing at Kalaman as part of the Magestone was rumored to have been hidden in the area prior to the Cataclysm. The group has headquartered itself in the Inn of the Flying Mage, an establishment that is owned by a fellow Hawkstone. From this inn they conduct their research and attempt to discover more information about the Magestone. Also the group has been using a small part of the Warspike Mercenary Group to acquire additional funds by raiding small caravans.
  • Palanthas: The Hawkstones were recently discovered in Palanthas through the work of an adventuring group. They were attempting to locate one of the parts of the Magestone and is unknown if they were successful in obtaining it. It is believed that the organization has kept a small presence in the city.
  • Xak Tsaroth: The Hawkstones have recently begun a major operation to recover another portion of the Magestone that was rumored to be in the city prior to the Cataclysm. This group has found that the city is not as abandoned as people thought and have run into forces that have remained stationed there since the War of the Lance. These forces are small tribes of goblins and group of draconians who seek to keep the Hawkstones away.


Members of the Hawkstones follow the orders of the Guardians of the Moons. The Guardians will send the orders to the Keepers of the Stone who will relay the messages to the appropriate people. The Guardians have kept their identities in unknown to everyone except for the First Keepers.

  • Tillian the Troubled: [NE male half-elf, Wizard 6, Black Robe 8] Tillian is the Black Guardian in the Hawkstones. He views the current restrictions on wizardry as to harsh and while he has been outspoken in the past about this issue has remained silent since the return of magic. During the years following the Chaos War, Tillian spent much of the time trying to preserve what was left of his magic. Rarely leaving his tower in the Vingaard Mountains, Tillian watched the world from his Mirror of Sight. After the return of magic, Tillian found others who shared his views on the restrictions of magic and banded together with them in secret to form the Hawkstones.
  • Sasoni Mitil: [N female human wizard 5, Red Robe 8] Sasoni was one of the first recruits who tested with the Orders of High Sorcery following the return of magic. Her grandmother had been a mage prior to the Chaos War and had taught Sasoni as an apprentice in the ways of magic hoping for the return. When magic returned her grandmother petitioned for her to take the test. Sasoni took the test and survived. Following the test, she traveled back home to Northern Ergoth and quickly grew in power. Her rise to power though was unnoticed as much of the attention was placed on the Head of the White Robes, Coryn Brinefolk.
  • Bol Quarterheart: [NG male human wizard 6, White Robe 7] Bol joined the ranks of mages two years prior to the Chaos War. Becoming close friends to Tillian, he was quickly swayed with the idea of unlimited power. Believing that Tillian was correct and that magic could have prevented the Chaos War, Bol strives to build an organization that would have the power to prevent another catastrophe. Bol is a native from Sanction and his laboratory is located in the Khaloris Mountains.
  • Rulico the Wise: [N male human wizard 4/Red Robed 5] Rulico was a close friend to Sasoni who followed her into the Hawkstones. Believing that there was more power available to him then allowed by the Red Robes, Rulico pushed for the creation of a new tower. Rulico is also the Third Keeper of the Red and oversees the Hawkstone's interests in Palanthas.


The Hawkstones have purchased the services of the Warspike Mercenary Group to provide protection to much of their operations. Most of the mercenaries are unaware of who they are working for as there leader Zach Warspike keeps such details to himself. This group is used to provide muscle to the wizards group and is known to be involved in the operations around Kalaman and in Xak Tsaroth.

The Library of Denlthor has also allied itself to members of the Hawkstones. This ancient library order has remained hidden underground since prior to the Cataclysm. The Hawkstones use the library as a meeting place and to research information. The scholars of the library have kept the library up to date as they send out scribes to record information from other sources to be returned to the library. The Hawkstones pay the library a fee for the use of the facility.


If they are discovered by the Towers of High Sorcery the Hawkstones will most certainly be declared traitors and hunted for. As of 426 AC, the Hawkstones are unknown about and for the most part any reports about the wizards are considered to be rumors.

The Hawkstones have made enemies with the Palanthas City Guard during a robbery attempt in 421 AC. The city guard has been keeping a wary eye in the area, which has slowed the progress of the Hawkstones in that area.

The Hawkstones also have made enemies with the goblin tribes that live in part of Xak Tsaroth as well as with the Third Regiment of the Black Dragonarmy. The Third Regiment of the Black Dragonarmy was a small detachment of 1000 draconians to secure the city of Xak Tsaroth towards the end of the War of the Lance. The group has remained there waiting for orders from their commander and occasionally battles with the goblin tribes.

Joining the Hawkstones

Joining the Hawkstones is very difficult as most people are unaware of their existence. Potential mages who are selected are first given a casual interview. This interview is a simple conversation that most mages would dismiss as idle talking and frustration. If the potential mage is selected to join the ranks, the Hawkstones will again speak with the candidate about joining a group that shares the candidate's feelings. If the candidate declines, the Hawkstones will attempt no further conversation.

The Hawkstones only select a few candidates to make it to the second stage of interviews, and few have turned them down. Upon joining the Hawkstones, the new member will be given a contact that he/she will work with to receive and send messages. The new member may be called to work on missions with other members but for the most part members rarely know more then two or three fellow Hawkstones.

Costs and Benefits of Membership

One of the costs of joining the group is that the group's needs come first. Mages are expected to put aside their own studies and ambitions to take care of problems, research, or other things that need to be done. Also the mages understand that if they are found out, that the Wizard's Conclave will hunt them down.

The biggest benefit for joining the group is the sharing of knowledge. Members will receive spells, and magical items upon the completion of their tasks. This is to better equip the members to deal with possible threats in the future and to also ensure loyalty as the more they do for the group the bigger the rewards are.


All members of the Hawkstones have levels in wizardry and are members of the Towers of High Sorcery. Outside forces such as the Warspike Mercenary Group and the Library of Denlthor work with the Hawkstones but are not considered to be part of it.

  • Wizard: The wizards are the only group that is given full access to the Hawkstones. This group comprises the main ranks and oversees any possible missions.

Adventure Hooks

  • The heroes hear of the Hawkstones attempt to rob Lord Thomas Swordfire and learn that the robbery was foiled. Lord Swordfire is known as patron to mages of the White Robe and is rumored to have in his possession several artifacts of great power. The lord is currently seeking a group of adventurers to ensure his property's safety and to learn more about the robbers.
  • As the adventurers explore in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth they come across the remains of a recent battle. Exploring the battle site the adventurers uncover the orders of the Guardian of the Red Moon. The order demands that the Hawkstones steal the black piece of the Magestone from local goblin tribes in the area at all costs.
  • A wizard of the Tower of High Sorcery is found at the side of the road. He is injured and close to death but manages to tell the adventurers that he is searching for the remains of an ancient tower. The tower is said to be filled with traps and a monster of unspeakable horror. Also inside the tower is a great magical device that the wizard calls the Web of Three. The wizard is unable to continue the journey and will rest at the Inn of Three Roads awaiting the heroes return. All other treasure found by the group they can keep and the mage will pay them 50 steel for their trouble.

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