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Heroes of High Sorcery

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Heroes of High Sorcery is a companion to Towers of High Sorcery by Sovereign Press. Expanding on the options there, Heroes of High Sorcery presents several resources for wizard characters in your Dragonlance game.

Prestige Classes/Substitution Levels

Towers of High Sorcery presents several options for wizardly prestige classes, including the Wizard of High Sorcery. The following are recommendations beyond Towers of High Sorcery for your wizard character. Other options beyond these are available as well.

Archmage (Dungeon Master's Guide)

Archmages stand as those who have mastered the most powerful of magicks, unlocking the secrets of High Arcana, the ultimate form of High Sorcery. Most members of the Conclave would have levels of the archmage prestige class. Player characters who follow this path may find this an appealing prestige class to multiclass into once they have taken all 10 levels of the Wizard of High Sorcery prestige class. Par-Salian, Justarius, Dalamar, and Fistandantilus are examples of archmages in the Dragonlance campaign.

Diplomancer (Complete Book of Eldritch Might)

The Diplomancer is an enchanter who is skilled at negotiation and influencing others. White Robe Diplomancers use their power to help bring about peace in the world. Red Robes use their abilities to bring about fair settlements to negotiations. Black Robes use their natural charm for their own dark purposes. Diplomancers tend to have levels of noble, and some have been known to travel with master ambassadors.

Geometer (Complete Arcane)

Geometers are wizards who study runes, glyphs, and sigils. These wizards know that symbols hold great magical power. Most Geometers are White Robes, focusing on the magic of abjuration. However, plenty of Red and Black Robes take on this role as well, especially dwarf wizards. The Geometers of Krynn believe that their runes and glyphs hold the power of their patron moons. A Red Robe Geometer, for example, may use ruby dust on her rune. Through arcane means, the dust allows the rune to draw in the power of Lunitari).

Holy Scourge (Complete Mage)

Holy Scourges are the champions of Solinari, working under the guidance of White Robe Moon Disciples in the fight against evil. They are arcane paladins, infusing their magic with the arcane power of Solinari. Holy Scourges are respected by White Robes, despised by Black Robes, and looked upon with general indifference by the Red Robes, who feel that a wizard's time could be better spent in study. In the Towers of High Sorcery, Holy Scourges are bound to follow the laws of High Sorcery, namely that all wizards are brothers and sisters in the power. Outside of the walls of the Towers, Holy Scourges will hunt down Black Robes.

Kingfisher (Knightly Orders of Ansalon)

Kingfishers are White Robe wizards who serve the cause of the Knights of Solamnia as members of the Solamnic Auxiliary. Though a Kingfisher's first loyalty is to the magic, they swear the Oath and follow the strictures of the Measure. Kingfishers are given the rank of Knight, though they are outranked by all other knights, save for Crown Postulants. Kingfishers must work hard to prove themselves, especially to traditionalist Knights of Solamnia who distrust arcane magic.

Knight of the Thorn (Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

The Knights of the Thorn are the arcane spellcasting branch of the Dark Knights, and in charge of intelligence-gathering. Thorn Knights work outside of the Orders of High Sorcery and are considered renegades. Thorn Knights focus on divination spells as well as evocation. During the early years of the Thorn Knights, prior to the Age of Mortals, several wizards joined the ranks of the Knights of the Thorn, many of which are former Black Robes. This role is not an option past the Chaos War, though an enterprising Dungeon Master may make an exception after the War of Souls.

Loremaster (Dungeon Master's Guide)

Loremaster wizards are dedicated to the study of knowledge, history, and lore. With so much of Krynn's history shrouded in the past, Loremasters come in quite handy. All three orders have Loremasters among their ranks. Red Robes value knowledge for knowledge's sake, many of whom work closely with the Library of Palanthas. White Robes feel that knowledge should be protected and used towards the betterment of mortals. Black Robes are more selfish, using knowledge in the search for power. Woe to any who stands between a Black Robe and an arcane tome!

Master Specialist (Complete Mage)

The Master Specialist is a Wizard of High Sorcery who unlocks new possibilities through focusing on specialization. White Robes specialize in Abjuration and Divination. Red Robes specialize in Illusion and Transmutation. Black Robes specialize in Enchantment and Necromancy. Conjuration and Evocation are open to all of the Orders, though they are rarely taken.

Moon Disciple (Dragonlance Nexus Article)

Moon Disciples are a secretive faction within the Wizards of High Sorcery who seek to have the same relationship to the gods of magic that clerics have to their deities. Like other wizards, their power is drawn from arcane magic, though recorded in a prayerbook rather than a spellbook. Moon Disciples wear medallions of faith of the gods of magic called moon medallions, though they hide theirs under their robes.

Nightmare Spinner (Complete Mage)

Amongst the Wizards of High Sorcery is a secret society known as the Dark Dreamers, dedicated to the study of the realm of nightmares. These Nightmare Spinners are typically Black Robe enchanters or Red Robe illusionists. There are no known White Robes Nightmare Spinners, as they make extensive use of fear spells. Black Robes will use their Nightmare Spinner powers in the pursuit of personal power, while Red Robes pursue this path for the sake of knowledge or to aid in administering the Test of High Sorcery.

War Mage (Age of Mortals)

While some Wizards of High Sorcery are content to study within the halls of the Towers of High Sorcery, there are others who perfect the use of magic in combat. War Mages use their talents for a variety of purposes and against a variety of foes, dating back to the time of Huma and beyond. In more modern times, War Mages have been seen fighting alongside the Knights of Solamnia, within the ranks of the Dragonarmies, and have even been utilized against the Knights of the Thorn.

Wyrm Wizard (Dragon Magic)

Wyrm Wizards study draconic magic, applying the principles to High Sorcery and unlocking new arcane secrets. White Robes will study from metallic dragons, and Black Robes will study from chromatic dragons. Red Robes will study from either, though they tread with caution around the malevolent chromatics. Some renegades travel the path of a wyrm wizard as well, though this is a rare occurrence.

Optional Rules

Moon Magic (Alternate Class Feature)

Once a wizard passes the Test of High Sorcery, his magic waxes and wanes with the moons.

Class: Wizard
Level: 5th.
Special Requirements: Must have passed the Test of High Sorcery and become a member of the White, Red, or Black Robes. Knowledge (arcana) 7 ranks, Spellcraft 7 ranks.
Replaces: You do not gain a bonus feat at 5th level.
Benefit: You gain the benefits of the moon magic class feature from the Wizard of High Sorcery prestige class. See p. 22 – 26 of Towers of High Sorcery for details.

Domain Wizard (Unearthed Arcana)

The domain wizard variant from Unearthed Arcana is a wizard who specializes in one area of magic. These arcane domains give bonus spells per level, and the wizard casts those spell as a higher-level caster. Domains can represent a specialized field of study similar to wizard schools.

Domain wizards can also add flavor to characters that underwent an epiphany from sorcerer to wizard. Some domains can represent knowledge in a Realm of Sorcery that has carried over into wizardly study. So, for example, a wizard may have the Fire domain, representing his former ability as a pyromancer.

Specialist Wizard Variants (Unearthed Arcana)

The variant specialist wizards in Unearthed Arcana provide great alternatives for the standard wizard. Sacrificing feats, they gain abilities unique to their field of specialization. This can add some great depth to the Wizards of High Sorcery. Renegade wizards can be specialist wizards for the Conjuration and Evocation schools. Dungeon Masters can use these variants to provide surprises in encounters with wizards.


  • Complete Arcane
  • Complete Book of Eldritch Might
  • Complete Mage
  • Towers of High Sorcery
  • Unearthed Arcana

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