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The Wardens of Equivalence

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Kendermage

The Wardens of Equivalence

"The shadow is what lies between light and dark. The followers of shadow do not believe in absolute good or absolute evil, we believe there is nothing more than shades of grey. We believe we are the keepers of balance, we believe everything has its place, we believe that the natural energies of the universe will never be at peace, but that there can be no tolerance for absolute power." - Don Koger


The Wardens of Equivalence are a secret society that has formed in the aftermath of the Chaos War.


The goal of the Wardens of Equivalence is to bring balance to the world. Over the past five centuries the balance between good and evil, law and chaos has swung radically from one extreme to the other. The Wardens of Equivalence desire to make these swings less drastic by taking an active hand to regulate the balance of forces. Where Evil dominates, they will act to foster the Good, Where Law rules, they will bring a counterbalance of Chaos. It is thought that by actively working to maintain the balance that catastrophic events such as the Cataclysm, Chaos War, and War of Souls can be avoided. The Wardens of Equivalence do not seek to attain political or temporal power; the society exists for the sole purpose of restoring and maintaining the balance.

Headquarters/Areas of Influence

The Wardens of Equivalence maintain a Motherhouse in Gwynned. It is indistinguishable from the other houses around it and does not stand out in anyway; nor does the inside of the house give the inclination that it is anything other than a place of residence. In the sub-levels of the house is where the in vesture of new recruits and the performance of ceremonies take place. Though the Motherhouse is in Gwynned the Wardens of Equivalence have a Shadow Warden in just about every major city on Ansalon.

The activities of the Wardens are not just limited to these areas, but to any location in which balance is threatened. There is even talk among the Shadow Watchers of sending an expedition to Taladas to assess the situation and to make contact with a group of neutral dragons known as the Othlorx.

One area of particular interest that has recently come to the attention of the Wardens of Equivalance is the Clocktower of Mirremier. The Shadow Watchers have received word of the Clocktower and the function it was intended to fulfill. They have dispatched Wardens to assist the gnomes residing within in repairing the clock. Once it is repaired the Shadow Watchers intend to relocate the Motherhouse there to better keep tabs on the Balance.


The Wardens of Equivalence are led by a council seven Shadow Watchers. These seven are responsible for determining those areas most in need of the presence of a Shadow Warden. The Seven do this by using many sources such as spells and magic items. When a "hot" spot is discovered the council dispatches a single Shadow Warden to the area to restore the balance.


The Wardens of Equivalence do not call anyone friend; though they do respect followers of the Gods of Balance. Members of the society tasked with restoring the balance in a particular area, will often "befriend" members of groups opposed to the dominant force; such as Steel Legionaries in areas controlled by the Dark Knights. Or the Dark Knights in areas dominated by the Knights of Solamnia. The Wardens act through these contacts often volunteering information and other resources; which has the result of leveling the playing field.


The Wardens of Equivalence are sworn enemies of any who would seek to upset the balance. As with "allies" the Wardens often infiltrate the forces of those causing the imbalance and work to restore the balance from within by sabotaging plans, planting false information, political maneuvering, and other such tactics.


Wardens are expected to keep the existence of the society secret. As such they are told to blend in with the regular populace and not to draw attention to themselves. Shadow Wardens do not have a distinctive style of dress; save for the bronze rings they wear engraved with the symbol of a perfectly balanced scale.

Joining the Organization

The Wardens of Equivalence are a closed society. They must operate in the shadows in order to be effect and thus do not advertise for new members. In order to join, one must be invited. Shadow Wardens will frequently invite individuals to journey to the Motherhouse in Gwynned; provided they have shown the ability to remain detached from the concerns of Good and Evil, Law and Chaos. The only requirements are that a candidate be neutral in his outlook and remain so, keep the existence of the Wardens of Equivalence a secret, and be willing to do what is necessary to restore and protect the balance.

Costs and Benefits of Membership

It costs nothing to join the Wardens of Equivalence. The Wardens demand nothing other than an absolute devotion to the the tenets of True Neutrality. The Wardens provide training in many areas key to accomplishing the goals of the society, as well as, a safe haven. They do not provide any means of compensation. Being a member of the Wardens of Equivalence is a life's calling a person chooses to embrace; not out of a desire to acquire wealth or power, but in order to ensures that all that exists continues.

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