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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Kendermage

Bloodmail, +5 Ring of Protection

This platinum ring set with blood ruby is a +5 ring of protection. The ring bestows its protection by drawing some of the wearer's blood and using it to form a suit of blood red scale mail armor. The blood instantly hardens to the consistency of steel. It is noiseless and weightless, allowing total freedom of movement. The wearer incurs no chance of arcane spell failure whilst wearing the armor.

This ring carries a curse. Once it is put on it, the ring bonds to the user and cannot be removed short of cutting off the finger or by having a remove curse or break enchantment spell cast by a 15th level spellcaster. In order to provide its protections, the ring draws blood from the wearer; causing 1 point of Constitution damage. The protections provided by the ring are continuous unless the wearer wishes to dispel them, requiring the wearer to reactivate the ring and take another point of Constitution damage. Multiple activations of the ring in a 24 hour period quickly prove exhausting. If the wearer activates the ring more than one time per day he must succeed at a DC 15 fortitude save. Success results in no adverse affects; Failure means the wearer is fatigued. Further activations can lead to unconsciousness. Every 24 hours the armor is active, the wearer again takes 1 point of Constitution damage. This Constitution damage cannot be healed while the blood armor is active. In addition, each month the ring is worn the wearer takes 1d4 points of Constitution drain as his health and vitality is devoured by the ring. A wearer completely drained of Constitution either by damage or drain becomes a vampire. The ring ceases to function for the newly risen vampire and can freely remove the ring.

Despite the ring's vampirism, it also has a number of desirable properties. All of the following are continuous as long as the ring has been activated.

  • Darkvision 60 ft.
  • Damage Reduction 10/silver and magic
  • Energy Resistance 10 vs. Cold and Electricity

Strong Transmutation and Necromancy

The History of Bloodmail

There are some who suggest that this ring never existed, but it and two other rings make up the Circle of Blood. Bloodmail was created by Zareth the Bloody Hand. Zareth was a former Red-Robed Wizard whose experimentation in Transmutation and Necromancy led to his expulsion from the Order of Red Robed Wizardry and resulted in him being branded a renegade. Zareth escaped from the dungeons of the Tower of Wayreth, a feat long believed to be impossible. No one knows how he did it; it has not happened since.

During a pitched battle with 3 renegade hunters, Zareth called on the powers of the Circle of Blood. The rings devoured the last of his life essence and turned him into a vampire. Zareth slew the renegade hunters and fled. He has not been seen since a few months before the Cataclysm and is believed to have been slain at some time shortly thereafter. Not much is known of the other rings in the Circle of Blood, just their names. They are Bloodshield and Bloodsword.

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