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Lord Dane Falco

AD&D (1e/2e) Rules

by OldSchoolDL

Important Attributes (2nd Edition):

Male Half-elf; Lawful Evil; 11th level Knight of the Skull; HP 84; AC -6; THAC0 11; Str 18/88, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 16; Saves PPDM 7, PP 8, RSW 9, BW 8, SPL 10.


As a Knight of a Skull, Dane Falco operates as a cleric of that level. His patron Deity is Sargonnas.


Long sword (sword of sharpness, specialized) (THAC0 5, w/s 2, n/a 2/1, dmg 1d8+10); two-handed sword (silver dragonslayer) (THAC0 7, w/s 5, n/a 3/2, dmg 1d10+7); melee dagger (THAC0 9, w/s 2, n/a 3/2, dmg 1d4+5); thrown dagger (THAC0 7, w/s 2, n/a 1, dmg 1d4+5); horseman's mace (THAC0 9, w/s 6, n/a 2/1, dmg 1d6+5); heavy lance (THAC0 7, w/s 8, n/a 1, dmg 1d8+8).


Oil of impact, potion of speed, shield of the Skull (when turned to a known enemy to Falco, the Skull emblem glows and becomes a Symbol of Pain to all that views him from the front, those whom he believes to be ally to him are unaffected by the Skull Shield).
Falco's Steed is a Nightmare given to him by the Dark God Sargonnas himself. The evil beast is fiercely loyal to Dane Falco and can be called or dismissed at will by his owner.

Nightmare "Vindus": AC -4, HP 42, THAC0 13, w/s 6, dmg 1d6+4/1d6+4/2d4, PPDM 11, PP 12, RSW 13, BW 13, SPL 14. Can cause smoking noxious vapor that blinds and chokes to all those within ten feet of the nightmare and rider save vs paralyzation or suffer a -2 to hit and damage.


Dane Falco was born in 330 AC. His mother the dark elven black robe Jalessia Ravenshadow, had left Qualinesti before taking the test leaving only a single note to her father, Iantalthanis Ravenshadow stating her intentions to pass the test and join the black robes, and to search for the Lost Ravenshadow Keep. During her Travels in Estwilde she met a Human warlord by the Name of Tol Falco. The two had at first were at near violent odds due to race, but eventually they saw the potential of each others power and decided they work better together than against one another. Jalessia saw the incentive of having a powerful Human Warlord to not only protect her, but give her valuable resources in maps and information of the lands surrounding his holdings. Tol took Jalessia as his mate, and by the same token saw her dark magical power as the edge he needed over the other tribal-like clans of Estwilde barbarians all vying for control of the lands. By the time Dane was born, the Dark Queen was summoning evil to her, it was gathering of the Dragon armies. Tol Falco and Jalessia worked together as they too fought and clawed their way through the thick ranks of opportunistic evil beings looking to gain favor from her Dark majesty. As the years went by little Dane Falco was taught by both his father and especially his mother to revile the elven race. Jalessia taught her son her own history, how her people cast aside their family by shunning them, and nearly casting them out entirely due to the actions of an ancestor a thousand years ago. Tol in turn trained the young boy feeding his impressionable mind with dark fantasies of power and glory, when the boy was old enough to pick up a sword Tol started his training, Tough and fierce but not brutal. Both Tol and Jalessia encouraged young Dane to take a more Human outlook and worked to that end. Though half elven, his parents made sure not to feel the shame of being such. Tol taught his son to not only defend himself against ridicule but to seek out ways to destroy the fool uttering it, Jalessia in turn instilled into him her own rage and vengeance for the treatment of her family by the Qualinesti's and translated it to all elven races as a whole.

Even though both Jalessia and Tol were evil, they were not cruel or heartless or unloving to their child or too each other. Their dark view was one of conquest and revenge, and both qualities were hammered and taught to Dane, through pressure and lullabies of Father and mother. By the time of the war of the lance, Tol was an Officer of the Blue Dragon army, not a high ranking one for his fear of flying dragon back kept him from higher office, but a significant rank to give him control over a brigade of infantry of his own. Though twenty years had past and Tol was in his mid fourties by then, he was still a proud and ruthless warrior. His son Dane, though in half elven terms still barely out of his teens, even if he is twenty by this time watched his Father's battles, witness executions, pitfights and other atrocities. Though this would traumatize any other child, his father always explained the reasons for his cruelties, and the sins his enemies had done to deserve what they got; and because of that Dane never looked away when any of these horrible deaths occurred, even enjoyed the sight. At the close of the War, Tol still managed to survive with part of his brigade intact, his command was sent to Sanction where the dragon armies of all the colors regrouped under the banner of the new "Empress" of the Dragon armies, Lady Kitara. Jalessia left young Dane in the care of his Father while she went in search for the her family's Keep somewhere in Southern Solamnia.

While Jalessia was off on her adventures, Tol continued to Train Dane as his squire of sorts. In some five years after the close of the official war, the Armies of Kitara mobilized and Tol once again took his command into battle. This time his soldiers would be sent via the Flying Citadel to attack Palanthus itself!

Dane was left in Sanction tended by one of Tol's and Jalessia's Lovers (Rather open relationship wouldn't you say?) News to Sanction traveled slow when all the dragons in the area was sent into this offensive strike, however when news did come it brought the unhappy tidings to Dane. Tol Falco, Father to Dane had died with his command over Palanthus. The Flying Citadel he was stationed within was taken over by a trio of adventurers who while fighting the draconians who commanded the great castle, manage to gain access to the Wind captain's chair and maneuver it upside down causing all the inhabitants, including Tol himself to fall from the Castle to their deaths in the Waters of the Bay of Branchala.

Dane from there went to the ancient Keep of Ravenshadow where his mother was residings after her great epic adventure. He assisted her in restoring the Fortress deep within the Crevasse below Hill's Pride. All the time down in the dark, while Jalessia and other dark mages mended the ruined keep, Dane brood over his Father's death and the seemingly listlessness of being stuck underground with his mother who cared only about vengeance on the elves and bringing her family to the keep. Her obsession however could not support Dane's own need for retribution and those that called themselves good. Neither parents spent much time on the concept of honor on the young boy, however he did have a dark sense of fair play, and he often wondered what was so fair of his father dying simply because of a twist of gravity. He would have accepted death by the sword, he knew his father, he lived by the sword he was a butcher in battle and a terror to the civilian population of his enemies, he had no illusions that his father deserved death at the hands of those he wronged, but a death worthy of him, a death with his hands stained with blood gripping his sword, not falling through a window from an upside down flying castle to hit the Water of the bay so fast it would be like a steel piece hitting pavement from atop the high clerist tower.

Dane tried to find outlets for his rage, he joined local mercenary bands, highwaymen, ambushing Noblemen and Knights of Solamnia on the road, but none of this satisfied young Dane, who though despite the years of training with nearly every weapon his father thrusted into his hands, was still relevatively young by Half elven standards, and therefore would lose in a straight fight at that time. In the end Dane would once again return to his mother to brood over his life and the fate of his kin, while Jalessia brood over her family not joining her at the Keep and her continued hatred of the elven people.

A decade later, the agents of Ariakan traveled the length and breath of Ansalon enlisting the services of young men and women to join with him at Storm's Keep. Jalessia, half sad for watching her boy's potential being squandered, and half sick of hearing him belly ache over his father, went to investigate Arikan's proposals. She then immediately took Dane to Storm's Keep and presented him to the Lord himself. Lord Ariakan was impressed with the boy's knowledge and hunger for action, but was unsure of his ability to understand the concepts of honor. The Dark Lord of the Knights of Takhisis could see the hungry look of a Killer in the boy's eyes. The same look he himself have seen from his own Father Ariakus the same ruthless look in the eyes of all the other Dragon lords and officers he himself grew up with in Neraka. Ariakan accepted the boy and he went into the training to become a Knight of the Lily.

Dane's training was grueling for him, not so much the physicality of training due to his own father's teachings and what he saw during the time of the Dragon armies. However what were tough for the young squire to understand was the teachings and philosophies of the dark knights, mainly the concepts of honor. He didn't understand at this point why his Lord Arikan wanted these students to learn and emulate qualities and values of the Knights of Solamnia, their soon to be sworn enemies. Also the prayers and sermons of the Knights of the Skull and Clerics of Takhisis seem to go over the young boy's head. In his mind what good is thanking a God or Goddess for sparing ones life or guarantee victories, when you have a strong arm and a meat cleaving sword to guarantee it for yourself? These puzzlements he didn't hide either, and had been motivations for many punishments by the whip he took by enraged Knights of the Skull who attempted to teach him these values.

Though his faith seemed shaky to his Instructors and to his Lord, his ability at warfare however proved to what kept him viable to the Knights. Dane Falco won every bout he fought in singles competition. His body grew strong through exercise and strictness of conditioning, and his elven reflexes and dexterity also became an asset to him in training and in practice. He would always be the first among the human students to buckle his armor on, sheath his sword at his hip and climb onto his Charger's back holding his lance ready to take charge. In these accomplishments gained him the begrudged respect of both fellow peers and Lords of the order as well. They gave his final trials and awaited to see if he would receive a vision.

The Vision was one of confusion. Though not an avid worshiper of Takhisis in any point of his life, here he felt the presence of the Dark Majesty and immediately fell to his knees as he witness the vision. He saw himself as the years went by in the dark armor of the Knights of Takhisis, gaining more and more power and glory through his bloody deeds. In her name. He saw the death of his father, and the toils and struggles of his Mother, and was given the vision of being the hand of vengeance for both. He saw himself as the vindicator of all the sins that was placed upon his family. His mailed hand around a dark blade would be the judgement of all. As soon as he is revived from his vision at long last he has been given the focus and clarity that he has been lacking all his life. He presented himself to his Dark queen and the Lords of the knights of Takhisis and was accepted as a Knight of the Lily.

When the Dark Knights enter Ansalon, Dane Falco a young brash newly made Knight of the Lily wanders into a town with his command. The town is defended by Knights of Solamnia, but the majorities of them are also recently made knights and are not as experienced to face the likes of the Knights of Takhisis. Their instructor an Older Knight Strides out and boldly challenges any of the Knights to a one on one duel. The Knight called himself Rosman, and threw down his gauntlet and unsheathed his sword. Now despite this Northern Ergothian was still powerfully built and maybe could still handle himself in a fight, many of the Dark Lords shook their heads as the Ergothian knight was pushing 50 as his gray hair was apparent. They didn't see the honor in slaughtering a Elder Knight before his students and demanded instead a surrender. However Dane Chimed in and accepted the challenge. At this point Dane took all the stuff of Ariakan and Steel's honor as lip service, he didn't yet learn the concepts of honor nor understood them, he was in it for the glory and carnage. Dane and the Knight of Solamnia started their duel, and immediately those of Dane's superiors regretted not accepting the challenge, because the elder Knight Was able to not only hold his own, but still manage to overpower the younger knight in his attacks. Dane counter attacked, trusting on the fact he was quicker than the old man, but it was suddenly dawning on him that he was being outmatched and that his death was almost assured. Rosman saw the look of confusion and growing terror in the young dark knight's face and took his shot, disarming the Young knight from his sword and backhanding him with his bare fist. The boy fell backwards face bleeding and froze as the elder knight held the blade too his throat. Rosman simply said Yield. Dane, having heard this concept before in his training never took it seriously, In his mind how could any enemy not slay his foe when he is down? Dane perceptively slumped as he looked over to his commanders who shifted in their saddles but didn't move to intervene. Rosman took it as a sign that his opponent did indeed yield and withdrew the blade. He then proclaimed that this town should be left alone, by the dark knights and that he and his students be allowed to go in peace. The head of the Dark Knights, a Lord of the Skull gave a quick nod and cast a baneful look at the young Dane. Rosman turned round and walked back too his cheering young knights. Dane seeing the look of Disgust from his Superiors took it as a sign that he should do something. So Dane rose quickly Dirk in hand and grabbed the Knight from behind and JABBED the blade through the back of the Knight's neck scrambled it into his brains and threw down the dead Knight in triumph. He reveled in his kill seeing the look of horror on the faces of the young knights seeing in their eyes they believe they are next. Then Dane turned round expecting the look of approval from his Superiors, he only saw the look of Disgust and rage from them. Then it hit him like a physical blow. He had murdered the Knight, backstabbing him violating the rules and honor that he had learned through the strike of the whip from his cold teachers at Storm's keep. The Dark Knights took the town, but allowed the villagers to live their lives as long as they paid annual tribute to the Dark Knights, they allowed the young students to go in peace. They forced Dane too bury Rosman with full honors. Dane wept as he buried the brave elder knight realizing that he went into the challenge knowing full well his age would betray him, all to save his own students and the people. This selfless sacrifice touched the young dark Knight's soul, and it gave him the first true lesson in honor. He now went back and studied all that Ariakan taught and watched Steel Brightblade's exploits with a new understanding. The incident didn't change his ethics, he was still a Proud Knight of Takhisis who fought many Knights of Solamnia since then, but the event now taught him to respect his opponent, to offer quarter and surrender too those he would defeat.

This lesson in honor would mark Dane's career as a Knight of the Lily. With this missing piece of the puzzle his Superiors saw vast improvement with Dane, his abilities sharped from that of a blood thirsty butcher too a Dark knight ready to kill those who resisted and show mercy to those who complies. Dane quickly rose through the non commissioned officers until he was given the Officer's rank of Lieutenant. From this post he was given the sub commandership of a troop of Mastadon riding Tarmak brutes. Upon commands of his Superiors, Dane led his company of Tarmak's into combat using them as shock troop against the civilian populace, demanding of them to surrender or be slaughtered. Thankfully most had enough common sense not to step up and defend themselves against the blue tattooed wild brutes that Dane commanded and surrendered quietly. One town however resisted and Dane was forced to attack.

The town in question a little hamlet on the banks of the Vingaard had a militia defending it. Though brave these people were, they were clearly no match for the berserking Tarmak warriors. They broke through the palisade wall upon the backs of Mastadons and rushed through. Dane, knowing that these warriors would want the blood of the innocent quickly rode out to try to restore some order and restraint to his troops. In the midst of this an archer got a lucky shot off catching Dane in the throat with an arrow. Dane fell from his horse, fully expecting to die there. But death didn't come, he felt himself being healed. Looking up he saw the aging town Cleric of Mishakal healing him, upon asking why the cleric said plainly so he would be able to spare his town from the butchery of the Brutes. Then a spear rammed through the cleric from behind as a Brute mistakenly thought the cleric was killing his officer. Dane in a rage leapt up and cleaved the head off the Brute and was his turn to lay the cleric down and tend to his wounds. But the cleric was too far gone and accepted his fate, died in Dane's arms. Dane's honor pulsed and he demanded the surrender of the Militia immediately, once that was secured he ordered away his Brutes and put the town under guard. Knights of Takhisis arrived to secure the village, but Dane guaranteed the town would be able to continue life as near normal as possible under their watchful presence. He had the Church of Mishakal closed but left all the holy artifacts within locked down and protected, a debt to the cleric that saved his life.

Upon the close of the Chaos war, and the death of Ariakan and Steel, Dane Falco returned to Neraka to serve the Knights. However with the lack of magic and the disappearance of the gods Falco saw plainly that the honor of the Knighthood was slowly eroding away. When the new leadership of the Knighthood promoted their ruthless tactics and resumed the Domination of Ansalon with an Iron Fist. With the Dragon Overlord's arrival Dane saw the Knighthood cow towing to the Overgrown dragons and decided to take assignment away from the likes of Maly or Khellendros. He joined up with the Knights of Neraka assigned over Qualinesti. He saw how the Knights controlling the events behind the scenes while the qualinesti leadership up pretenses of rule. It was this time that Dane summoned his mother to Qualinesti. The two walked smugly along the streets of Qualinost, Jalessia's proudly displaying her black robes and with a look that says there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it. It was at this point where Dane encountered his grandfather. Iantalthanis Ravenshadow confronted his daughter, and despite her pleas on welcoming him and her siblings to their new home, Ian refused to leave Qualinesti. He turned a deaf ear to her claims of the Qualinesti's behavior towards her entire family over the actions of Argean a millennium ago, again however Ian refused to listen, he wished her a happy life but said as long as she supports the Dark Knight's occupation of Qualinost then she stands alone and has no Family. Stunned beyond all senses, Jalessia wept in Dane's arms as her Father turned his back and walked away. Dane feeling the retribution within him, wanting to slay Ian and all the haughtily qualinesti's he have seen and met, but his honor and duty to the Knights and to his mother took over and instead decided to take his Mother back home to her Keep and leave Qualinesti forever.

As the long years progressed, Dane once again sat brooding at the Ravenshadow Keep with his mother. Jalessia spent those years in seclusion refusing no contact other than that of her Son. Dane wanted revenge upon her father's head and her siblings but Jalessia bade him not to go through with it. She did everything so that her family would have a place of peace without having to hear the ridicule and derision of other Qualinesti's for some sin done by an ancestor, but her family refused to join with her because of her own hatreds of her own race. She decided to spend the rest of her long elven life at the Keep and declared this fortress far below within the crevasse her home. Dane once again got bored and listless at the keep, and to make matters worse for him the Knighthood seem to had degenerated from a order of Dark Honor to that of brutish savagery no better he saw than the Dragon armies his father was apart of. Until came word of Mina.

When news of arrival of Mina first hit the Ravenshadow's keep, It shook the disgruntled Dark Knight back into reality. Dane was nearly ready to quit the Knights of Neraka, having no one or nothing to fight for anymore. Then he heard about this young girl that had led the Dark knights to relieving the siege of Sanction and brought back the glory of the Knights. Dane bid his goodbyes to his mother and set out to Sanction to meet this Mina. When he saw Mina, in one of the medical tents, healing both friend and enemy alike, he once again was restored with a sense of purpose not felt since the vision he received from Takhisis many years ago. He joined with Mina's command and followed her during the exploits of the War of Souls, he believed in Mina and was beginning to believe in the One God that she preached. And tears of joy erupted for Dane when he had heard the One God was indeed his own Patron Takhisis.

Upon the events at the close of the War, Dane felt like he was once again cheated. The battle of Sanction proved to be a failure, when the Gods returned, as did the good dragons. The Dark Knights were beaten out of town then Ambushed by the Draconians of Teyr. They had heard of the death of their god and the disappearance of Mina and once again thrusted Dane into a disgruntle funk. He thought at last he had found something to believe in again, but it was a Lie. The divine machinations of his Goddess to steal the world for herself to watch unmoved while Dragon Overlords destroyed most of Ansalon creating their own kingdoms through their magic was a bitter taste. He gave himself as a Knight of Takhisis and then Neraka to his goddess, when it appeared the gods left, he mourned the memory of his Patron, but only to find out she simply stole the world and let to lay to waste, and that she didn't even care about the ideals of the Knighthood handed down from Ariakan and enacted by Steel Brightblade was revolting too the Dark Knight.

With all this doubt swirling within him, Dane Falco walked the camp of his command, now a Lord of the Lily in title only his command was more or less whatever or whoever survived the Battle of Sanction. The True leadership of the Knights of Neraka were still picking up the pieces trying to figure out what to do next. Dane once again felt like quitting the Order all together he looked up at the sky once again filled with the Constellations of the Gods and knelt down demanding reasons for all that has happen to Krynn all that has happen in his life, wanting vindication, the vengeance he saw in his vision. When no answer came to him he stayed kneeling in cold medication, dedication to the Gods. He demanded an answer from the Deities, or he would cast down his dark armor forever.

When he was about to drift asleep he saw out of the corner of his eye movement. He saw a Horse appear, no in fact he saw a Nightmare. The Demonic steed marked with the bloody vulture symbol on his flanks. The Nightmare was fully outfitted with Saddle Bardings, and weaponry for a Knight to ride. Dane approached this Nightmare and picked up the shield. On it was the Symbol of the order of the Skull, the clerical Order of the Knights of Neraka. The Skull symbol glowed red and instantly inflicted severe pain on Dane, dropping him to his knees. The symbol then spoke and he knew the voice could only be that of Sargonnas.

"You pathetic worm, how dare you demand answers from the heavens? Here is the answers you seek, that Bitch of a queen lied to you, lied to all the Knights, she cared nothing of your honor, only supported you so you could be her dark fist upon the mortal land. But I have watched you young Dane, I have cultivated every vindictive vengeful thought that you felt. I was the one that inspired your parents to teach you these virtues. It was the vengeance of your father's death that spur you to join the Knights of Takhisis, it is the vengeance of your Mother's disgrace that boiled within you the need to slaughter the elves that had wronged her family so ungraciously that even her own blood kin turned away from her efforts to make their lives better. Who has more claims to your soul than I mortal? Do not drop your sword now just because the truth of the Bitch's deceit has been made apparent. That doesn't change what you are, an honorable Dark Knight an instrument of Vengeance and Vindication. Become a Disciple of me, become a Knight of the Skull within the order, your influence will give you rank and command and power. Be my Hand on the mortal land and weed out the disgusting spread of Mystism within the dark ranks of Neraka. The bastardized divine power of mystism left behind by the Bitch to her Skull Knights. Slaughter them! And bring the word of Sargonnas to the Knights!"

Dane, at long last found the truth of his existence, without fear or hesistation he accepted his Divine Lord's offer, and took up the sword and shield and rode upon the Nightmare straight into Neraka. He was anointed as a Knight of the Skull by the superiors there and immediately returned to the front, the war wasn't over as long as he had strength in his hands he would do Sargonnas's bidding and he would feed his own ambitions of Vengeance with the blood of his enemies.

Lord Dane Falco, newly appointed Knight of the Skull leds new command of brutes and Knights of the Lily to a village near the old Hobgoblin territory of Throt, now controlled by other Dark Knights led by a Knight of the Thorn, Delis Ironhart. It is the night before Yule and the Knight's soldiers implore their Lords that they want to celebrate Yule to forget about the losses of Mina of Takhisis, and the losses in battle for just one night. Falco is skeptical to let his guard down, but Ironhart overrules him as ranking officer and allows the troops to celebrate. A lot of drinking and whoring goes on to the wee hours of the morning. The next morning however, Solamnic troops attack the unsuspecting town (Alla battle of trenton) Catching majority of the troops unawares and eliminating them. Falco manages to fall back with a number of his men as well as rescuing the Knight of the Thorn Ironhart. As they retreat, Dane chastises his drunken commander on the one mistake of not posting watch that caused the humiliating defeat at the hands of the solamnics. The Thorn Knight suggests they then erase the mistake by using his Sorcerer powers to travel back in time, only a mere 6 hours where perhaps they can change the course of events that is to come. Dane is again skeptical, obvious Ironhart is not in the best of shapes to cast anything, but Ironhart is adamant that he can make it work touting his long study in Time magic's and sorcery. Dane then assembles what remaining troop on horseback, and Ironhart casts and a timeportal opens up. Through the portal they see the approaching Solamnic knights on horseback riding towards the town in the midst of their drunken slumber. Dane calls for a charge through the portal and he and his fellow knights ride towards the portal.

However in the midst of the portal imagery a strange Black Hand appears and stretches out blowing spell energy back and causing the spell to go haywire. Most of the Dark Knights halt their charge, but Dane is too far gone and Rides right into the portal.

The Portal sends him through time alright, but instead of it being 6 hours ago, he rides through the other side to find him a charging squad of Goblins on Warg back. Though dizzy through the magical transportation, his instincts took hold and attacked the danger facing him, making short work of the goblin calvary, he turned his nightmare attacking Hobgoblins on horseback. Wheeled his nightmare round again to stand facing the party along the road finally the dizziness and disorientation got the best of Dane and he falls from his mare. He wakes up, to find his mother staring down at him looking at his bearded face without familiarity he looks to see a Solamnic Knight, of Northern Ergothian Descent, the elder Knight he had killed, the one who taught him the true lessons of honor now standing over him sword at his chest, now young! Dane barely conscious scans the others, sees clerics of the gods, wizards wearing robes openly, he sees the commingling of Minotaurs and other races and before he faints he asks "What year is this?"

He is now, back in time, one year after the war of the lance. But first of course he doesn't realize it. In this time his Father's still alive; his mother is upon her epic quest to reclaim her Keep and destroy those that defiled it. In this time the Knight he had killed is young alive and a member of the order of the crown, long before his duel with him as a knight of the rose. He us but one man back in time unable to change the events of his future, but now lost unaware what to do. But he senses power with this party, he has a instinct that these will lead him to someone or something capable of sending him back to his own time. He chooses whether or not to reveal too much of the future before them, but does confide in both Jalessia and Rosman, of the events that matter, swearing to protect his Mother in her travels and Stand shoulder to shoulder with his future teacher of Honor Rosman. At this point Dane knows that he cannot change the course of events to better his future, but he perhaps can shape his current future from this past, perhaps there was reason why he was brought here to the past after all, perhaps to fight along side the younger Rosman so that later in the Solamnic knight's life he would challenge and honorably die at the hands of that young brash Knight of the Lily in the ancient future so he could teach him the virtues of Honor and ultimately make him the Knight he is now in the coming past. Only time will tell.


Dane Falco through Evil intent has taken the best possible influences from all those that had taught him in one way or another through his life. From his father, he was taught to not suffer the ridicule of others of being half elven, but have a strong belief in your self make suffer those who try to disparage you. From his mother he was taught that those who would unjustly condemn him for crimes he didn't commit should feel his wrath, and always be true to his family for they are the only ones that matter. Through Rosman he learned of the selflessness of Honor and of mercy. From the Dark Knighthood of Takhisis and of Ariakan, he learned to serve something greater than himself that glory can be found in more than his own actions, but the actions of himself and whomever that works together for those goals. He would most readily ally himself to Jalessia and to Rosman if both accepted him, but he would also side himself with the other evil members of the party.

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