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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trigot

A large iron hammer, wrought in traditional dwarven style yet made to fit the hands of larger beings. It has an octagonal iron handle banded with silver.


It was given to Kith-Kanan speaker of the sun after the kinsalyer wars at the ceremony of the start of building Pax Tharkas.

It was also the weapon used by Silveran to slay his father Kith-Kanan while under a spell. This weapon stayed in the royal treasury for centuries until lost during the fall of Malys. It is presumed this weapon may be found in the treasury still at the bottom of the lake of death for any willing to retrieve it.


Sunderer is a +2 heavy warhammer of stalactite (1d10, 20x2 critical).
Stalactite- On a critical hit the target must make a Fort save (DC 19) or be turned to stone. If the foe is not susceptible to critical strikes make roll anyways and target takes 1d8 sonic damage.


The Qualinesti: Elven Nations Trilogy vol. 3

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