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Platinum Mystics

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The Platinum Mystics are a group of mystics who follow the tenets of Paladine, even after his fall. Originally, the Platinum Mystics were a small group of mystics at the Citadel of Light who studied mysticism with Crysania. Now they have grown into their own order, though they still work closely with the Citadel of Light.

The Platinum Mystics have since established a headquarters at Paladine's Temple, the lesser of the two temples dedicated to Paladine in the city of Palanthas. With the blessings of Revered Daughter Clarissa Thurston, Paladine's Temple became the Platinum Temple. After the assassination of Revered Son Henrad, Clarissa Thurston stepped back in as the leader of the Platinum Mystics.


The Platinum Mystics believe in looking for all that is noble and good within the souls of others and within themselves. Platinum Mystics are known for their cheerful attitude and their words of hope.

Platinum Mystics are deeply spiritual people, though they do not openly worship Paladine as outsiders to their order might think. Platinum Mystics spend at least an hour a day in meditation on the world and all that is good within it.


The Platinum Mystics are organized much like the old Holy Order of Paladine was. The order is led by the Revered Master, while the other mystics are known as Revered Children. All graduated mystics serve at the Platinum Temple, though some wander Ansalon trying to help others.

Platinum Masters are Revered Children at the Citadel of Light who prepare mystics for walking the path of the Platinum Mystics. They serve as teachers and counselors for upcoming mystics, and work in conjunction with the mystics of the Citadel of Light, seeking to find the best fit for the young mystic.

The Platinum Temple is guarded by the Platinum Guardians, a group of warrior-mystics who are trained in similar ways as the Citadel Guardians. The Platinum Monks are another specialized role, maintaining the Platinum Temple and seeking perfection of body and soul.

Areas of Influence

The Platinum Mystics have a small influence on Ansalon, though their presence is expanding.


  • Platinum Temple: The Platinum Temple is one of the last of Paladine's temples on Ansalon. Formerly the lesser of two temples dedicated to Paladine in Palanthas, this temple has recently been renamed the Platinum Temple. The temple serves not only as the headquarters of the Platinum Mystics, but also as a place of spiritual learning for those who would follow the tenets of Paladine.
  • Citadel of Light: The Platinum Mystics originated at the Citadel of Light on Schallsea. The mystics there were trained in the ways of the old gods, particularly Mishakal. Those mystics who were drawn to Paladine's teachings became the first Platinum Mystics. Though they are now headquartered in Palanthas, they still have members helping out at the Citadel of Light.


The Platinum Mystics are led by the Revered Master. All other Platinum Mystics are referred to as Revered Son or Daughter, as in the tradition of the former Holy Order of Paladine. Paladine's name is not invoked in the titles of Revered Children in deference to his status as a fallen god. Though this is the case, the symbol of the Platinum Mystics is a platinum dragon scale that looks like a shield. The teachers of the Platinum Mystics at the Citadel of Light are known as Platinum Masters.

  • Clarissa Thurston: [LG female civilized human mystic of Good 12] Clarissa joined the temple shortly after Khellendros seized Palanthas. She lost her daughter and son to Gellidus and Sable (respectfully) at the same time, and felt that the only way to overcome her grief was to help others through the church of Paladine. Clarissa does not speak of her husband. Clarissa has maintained good relations with the Knights of Solamnia, though recent events with the Clerists have proven to be a strain. Clarissa turned Paladine's Temple over to the Platinum Mystics after the War of Souls. After the assassination of Revered Son Henrad, Clarissa has taken it upon herself to lead the Platinum Mystics and to become a mystic herself. The Platinum Mystics have given her the title of Revered Master.


Perhaps the closest allies of the Platinum Mystics are the E'linos, a group of elven mystics who also follow the ways of Paladine. The Platinum Mystics would like to see the E'linos officially become a part of their order, though the elven mystics have thus far politely declined due to their needed presence among the exiled elves. The Platinum Mystics have tried to assist the E'linos whenever possible and consider the elven mystics to be an honorary branch of their order.

The Platinum Mystics keep good relations with the Citadel of Light, where the Platinum Mystics were born. The training of the Citadel of Light has been highly influential on the Platinum Mystics. To this day, some Platinum Mystics study at the Citadel.

The Platinum Mystics also hold the Legion of Steel in high regard. The Legacy teaches to seek virtue in all things, which resonates well with the Platinum Mystics' view of seeking nobility in all things. The Platinum Mystics do feel that the Legion sometimes takes things too far and should focus not only on virtue but the goodness in a man's heart as well.

The Platinum Mystics maintain relations with the Knights of Solamnia, though the reformation of the Order of Clerists has put a strain on that relationship. Many mystic Sword Knights who refused to convert to the worship of Kiri-Jolith joined the Platinum Mystics. The Clerists have not forgotten this turn of allegiance and hold the Platinum Mystics responsible.

Platinum Mystics will work alongside good-aligned sorcerers as well, though this is more on an individual basis.


In Palanthas, the key enemy of the Platinum Mystics is the remnants of the church of Takhisis, led by Kryon Darkwind (LE human male mystic of Evil 12). Though Darkwind doesn't work out in the open, the Platinum Mystics believe that he is behind various attacks against their order. His charismatic demeanor often ensues doubt among the populace.

The Knights of the Skull see the Platinum Mystics as a minor nuisance, though one to be watched. The Skull Knights are concerned that the followers of Paladine have not disappeared after the War of Souls. Galen Nemedi, Lord Adjudicator of the Cabal of the Code, has ordered all Skull Knights (at least those who answer to him) to keep a watch on the Platinum Mystics and to sabotage their efforts wherever possible.

Clerics of the gods of evil all serve as enemies to the Platinum Mystics, who they see as a threat. The Sargonites especially despise the Platinum Mystics, who they see as upstarts trying to keep the religion of a dead god alive. Hiddukel's clerics seek to manipulate the Platinum Mystics to their own ends. Morgion's followers could care less whether the Platinum Mystics exist or not; either way, they are good carriers for plague. Chemosh's clerics also see them as a threat, though he is determining the best course of action to take against them. Zeboim's clerics care little for the Platinum Mystics.

Joining the Platinum Mystics

Those who wish to become Platinum Mystics must first study at the Citadel of Light under a Platinum Master, a Platinum Mystic charged with training mystics in the ways of Paladine's faithful. Once a Platinum Mystic has graduated from the training at the Citadel of Light, he may continue on at the Citadel as a Platinum Master, or join his brethren in Palanthas, either as a mystic, a Platinum Guardian, or a Platinum Monk.

Costs and Benefits of Membership

The primary cost of membership is a life of dedication to the tenets of the fallen god, Paladine. Dedicated Platinum Mystics find the protection and support of the order, as well as a lifestyle dedicated towards finding good in others.


All members of the Platinum Mystics have mystic levels, though some may take on other classes for more specialized roles.

  • Mystic: All members of the Platinum Mystics have mystic levels, though some multiclass as well. These mystics typically choose the Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, or Sun domains. Some have levels in the Platinum Mystic prestige class, though it is not necessary for membership.
  • Fighter: Platinum Mystics sometimes take fighter levels as well in the defense of the Platinum Temple. These mystic/fighters are known as Platinum Guardians. Their training is based on that of the Citadel Guardians at the Citadel of Light.
  • Monk: Some Platinum Mystics also have levels in monk. This training, carried over from the Citadel of Light, centers around finding one's inner light and nobility. Through perfect of body and spirit, these Platinum Monks can achieve enlightenment. These monks may freely multiclass as mystic.
  • Bright Warden of Paladine: Dungeon Masters may allow mystics with the Sun domain to take levels in the Bright Warden of Paladine prestige class. Though Bright Wardens in the past have drawn their power from Paladine, the Platinum Mystics' belief in the teachings of Paladine are so strong that they may develop the inner power of a Bright Warden.


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