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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Uziel

"Relgoth. City of masks and deceit if you ask me. Between those damned Dark Knights and the Fallen Three themselves, anything good is quickly purged from the city. In fact, I think I prefer the old draco Sivaan to the Three. At least back in those days we knew Relgoth to be a prison. It is still one to this day, just the bars of our cage are a little more subtle."
(citizen of Relgoth, dated 423 AC/40 SC)

The once great Solamnic city of Relgoth has seen many evils perpetrated within it's walls. During the Summer of Chaos it was ravaged by shadow wights, which left the city practically empty. Shortly thereafter it was claimed by the Knights of Takhisis, who served the mighty dragon overlord Khellendros. In epic fighting between the knights and Palin Majere during the Age of Mortals, the stronghold known as the Bastion of Darkness fell and much of the city was destroyed. With the fall of Khellendros, the Dark Knights secured their grip even further on the city, holding the city in the name of the knighthood itself, rather than offering allegiance to any dragon.

Since the War of Souls, numerous changes have been made in the last two years to the city of Relgoth. Two great gates allow entrance into the city, which open out into the New City District. Many of the buildings that lie in this area are dilapidated and home to the elderly, sick and anyone who is considered of no use to the Dark Knights. In the last few years it has also become home to criminals seeking escape from Solamnic justice, as well as all manner of other cutthroats. If every city has it's slums, then this district is most certainly the slums of Relgoth. The few stable dwellings are inhabited by the most ruthless of criminals and there is a hierarchy of the villainy which reside in these streets. Most certainly the head of this pecking order is Hezru Gildertell (human male Clr8/Inq4; AL NE).

Hezru rules the slums of Relgoth for several reasons, and it is not simply through being powerful and ruthless. To the sick and dying of Relgoth, which predominantly are thrown into the slums, Hezru can offer a cure. He bestows cures upon the sick and reprieve from illness, if they offer their allegiance to Morgion and to him, the high priest of the Cult of the Black Wind. Hezru has allies amongst the Dark Knights who patrol and oversee the city, but dares not raise a hand against the Dark Knights or the Fallen Three, since he knows that even his growing number of diseased followers cannot match their might....for now.

From the New City District, a large set of gates lead into the Old City District. These gates are manned by a large number of Dark Knights, who ensure that the undesirables of New City do not enter. Visitors to the gates are treated with suspicion and questioned thoroughly before being admitted. Those who do not meet the approval of the knights are turned away, or in extreme cases sometimes attacked. The Old City District has been greatly upgraded over the last few years. All former rubble and destruction from the fall of the Bastion of Darkness has been cleared away, and the streets are kept relatively pristine. The Dark Knights and the few citizens who are allowed in this district, maintain the area with a certain degree of pride. The majority of the district still houses the barracks of the Dark Knights, goblin, draconian and human mercenaries. The elven mercenaries who once served under Alor Lightleaf, have long since left Relgoth to return to their homeland. Only a small number of citizens are allowed in this area, and they are all kept here to cater to the needs of the warriors within, by either running taverns, armories or servicing other material needs. Fights are frequent between the mercenaries, who are not on any payroll, but choose to live here for the chance of commissions in bounties or assaults on the enemies of the Dark Knights. The Fallen Three employ mercenaries frequently for various requests around the city and surrounding area.

Through the New City District, a set of gates leads into the Noble Quarter. The once grand area houses the majority of the population of Relgoth, who service the needs of the knights in the New City District and also those of the rulers in Castle Rel. The streets are clean and large houses are filled with a teeming number of citizens. Amongst all of these citizens has arisen a guild of thieves, headed by the daring elf Elial Gentou (elf male Rog6; AL LN). Elial runs his clandestine operation out of the former governor of Relgoth's house, sending his thieves out to disrupt the operations of the Dark Knights. He is well aware of a rising power in the slums and no longer sends his thieves there. The main road of the Noble Quarter runs directly to a final set of gates which lead into Castle Rel.

The city of Relgoth is still presided over by the Fallen Three, who rule the city from Castle Rel. The lower portion of the great castle houses the higher-ranked Dark Knights in the city. Further up the castle the ranks of the knights thin out and the personal guard of the Fallen Three, the Unfurled Talon, have their barracks. From the singular great tower of the castle lie the luxuriant quarters of the three dark elven rulers of Relgoth, the Fallen Three.

The base of Castle Rel has a large set of stables, and a sprawling sets of barracks which begin inside the vast entryway to the castle and spiral up through the first few floors. A grand banquet hall lies at the bottom of the castle also, as well as various meeting chambers and halls for the knights. When one passes through the first few floors of the castle, the red banners of an extended bloodied talon can be seen. All those who enter this section of the castle, even Dark Knights must present a pass to see the Fallen Three, or be questioned heavily by the Unfurled Talon. These guards are all hand-picked by the Three and have unfailing allegiance to them and no others, hence why they are not specifically Dark Knights and many are also fellow dark elves. The Unfurled Talon consists of a fighting force of 100 (42 Ftr5, 28 Ftr3, 10 Sor5, 10 Mys4, 10 Bbr6), they are not susceptible to bribes or threats, and will die to protect the Three.

The Fallen Three are individually known as Obsidian (elf female Mys6/Knight of the Skull 4; AL LE), Onyx (elf male Sor6/Knight of the Thorn 5; AL NE) and Ebony (elf female Ftr6/Knight of the Lily 6; AL LE). Whilst the citizens of Relgoth live in poverty, the three, their guard and their ranking knights live in relative luxury in Castle Rel. The three elves first came to power under Governor-General Mirielle Abrena who was impressed with their fighting spirit and them as a united front against all who opposed them. Whilst their spirit and determination earned them the notice of Abrena and lifted them in rank, it was their ability to inspire terror, which eventually led them to being given the reins of power to Relgoth after the demise of Sivaan. The Three do not show their faces outside of their quarters by wearing masks or helms, for they do not wish to give a face to terror. None of them wear the traditional armor of the Dark Knights, so they cannot be distinguished from the others, unless they deign to give their name or speak. From their shadowy quarters, the Three spread mandates and commands that ensure that the knights keep order in the city and execute any who make even the slightest of transgressions. Dark Knights have known to be executed also by their fellows or the Unfurled Talon, when making similar transgressions. The Three brook no disobedience to their commands, and place their trust only in each other and the Unfurled Talon. Because of the regular taxes paid to Lord Targonne and Khellendros, both powers were extremely happy with the Three. With the demise of both during the War of Souls, the Three now run their city on a relatively independent basis, treating it as their own kingdom of sorts. Their motives, like their faces are hidden, and it is uncertain what they will finally do with Relgoth and it's people.

Adventure Hooks

The information presented above is set in 423 AC/40 SC and can be used as either part of an ongoing campaign, or Castle Rel can be focal point of an entire adventure itself. The hooks below are rumors set in the Age of Mortals with the intended purpose of leading to other adventures.

The Black Wind Blows: Rumors purport that Kasell, one of the followers of Hezru Gildertell, has come across an artifact which will help the spread of a new plague in the New City District. Hezru himself has spread the word that the Black Wind will blow across the district, swelling his ranks and possibly leading to a fight for control of the city.

Gentou's Request: Elial Gentou has sent out a summons to all his loyal followers, to recover an item for him. Some time ago he lost a magical orb which allowed him to track the patrolling Dark Knights in the city. Shadowy whispers tell that the orb was found and claimed by the merchant Shen Korras. Any brave enough to cross from the Noble Quarter into the Old City District, avoiding the Dark Knights and penetrating Korras' guarded warehouse and returning with the orb will be handsomely rewarded.

The Three's Bounty: The Three have had a message sent to the mercenary barracks in Old City District. A bounty has been placed on the head of the assassin Wrykell Glowinger. Word has spread that Wrykell infiltrated Castle Rel but was discovered by the Unfurled Talon before he could complete whatever his assigned mission was. He is known to still be in the city somewhere, and his captor(s) will be paid in an amount enough to rise them well above those in the barracks with them, as well as being granted quarters within the lower section of Castle Rel. The Three want Wrykell tracked down and brought back to them, dead or alive. The preference is that he is returned alive, so that he can be tortured and questioned on who his employers are and the nature of his mission.

Mishakal's Kiss: Amongst the growing concern over the spread of disease in the slums of Relgoth, a fountain is rumored to have appeared containing waters blessed by the goddess Mishakal herself. The Cult of the Black Wind have heard the same rumors and want the fountain destroyed. Will anyone brave the slums of Relgoth to find the fountain and protect it from the cult?

A Solamnic in Relgoth: The last few agents of the Solamnics who were sent to report on Relgoth have all vanished in the dark city. Concerned over the motives of the Three, the Solamnics request the services of any brave enough to infiltrate the city and perform a reconnaissance mission on the Fallen Three. Any able to learn their plans both beyond and within Relgoth and report back to the Solamnic High Council will assure themselves a rich reward and/or promotion within the knighthood (for Solamnic knights only).

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