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The Conch Horn of Zeboim

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

Made during the Age of Dreams and kept by her favored clerics, this shell horn has the power to summon one of Zeboim's most powerful aspects. Such is the power within the artifact that when blown it can free the goddess aspect from imprisonments and impediments even created by other gods.

The conch has been handed through the ranks of Zeboim's faithful since the creation of her church, although most of the history of this artifact remains hidden. The artifact resurfaced again during the Summer of Chaos. The conch shell of Zeboim had come to Indigo Reefspan, the human cleric elderly high priest of her shine in Palanthus.

After being used to summon Zeboim's aspect from the imprisonment that Chaos had enforced upon her, the artifact disappeared again. It was believed to have been stored within the Tower of High Sorcery of Palanthus after the Second Cataclysm, when all powerful magical items were hidden away lest magic fade from Krynn forever.

Lore: Characters can gain the following information about the conch shell of Zeboim by making Knowledge (religion) or Knowledge (history) skill checks.
  DC 20: This sacred conch shell, touched by the Sea Queen, is a boon to any spellcaster that casts spells that affect the seas, water or creatures that live in the sea.
  DC 25: The conch shell of Zeboim was last seen just before the Summer of Chaos in Palanthus in the keeping of an old priest of Zeboim, Indigo Reefspan. It was believed to have been lost during the Chaos War.
  DC 30: During the Chaos War, the conch shell of Zeboim was used to free the goddess from imprisonment at the hands of Chaos. The valiant defenders of Palanthus used the artifact to summon Zeboim, freeing her. The artifact was placed in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthus after the war.

Description: The conch shell of Zeboim is a large, pearly-white conch shell that has a light seaweed core attached to it so that it can be worn around the neck.

Effects: Originally the user of the conch shell of Zeboim would have to hold the shell in their hands while praying to the Sea Queen to use any of the effects from the artifact. With the addition of the seaweed cord, the wearer need only have the shell around his neck and say a prayer to the Sea Queen to gain the effects of it.

Simply wearing the conch shell of Zeboim bestows upon the wearer great physical stamina when they are submerged in water, allowing them the benefits of the Endurance feat (see page 84 of the Player's Handbook).

When the conch shell of Zeboim is worn and invoked by a spellcaster casting any spell that has the Air, Water, Cold descriptor or casting any spell from the Air, Storm or Water domains, the caster finds the spell benefits from the Spell Focus and the Spell Penetration feats. This effect stacks with similar effects, including from Spell Focus and Spell Penetration, that the spellcaster may already have.

The wearer of the conch shell of Zeboim, can beseech the Sea Queen, once per day, to assume the form of any animal native to the sea, as if using they had used the animal shapes spell.

The greatest (and the most dangerous) power of the conch shell of Zeboim is its ability to allow the user to use the gate spell once per week. The gate only brings forth fiendish sea creatures. A faithful divine spellcaster that has Zeboim has their patron can attempt to make a Diplomacy skill check (DC 30) while using the gate ability to besiege Zeboim to send an aspect to aid the faithful.

Consequence: Users of the conch shell of Zeboim that attempt to invoke the animal shapes ability of the artifact and that have displeased the Sea Queen (or are unlucky enough to it invoke it while she is in one of her ever-shifting mood-swings), find that they are subject to a baleful polymorph spell (the user is allowed the two saves against the effect at a DC 20). Failure results in the user being transformed into a fish.

As noted above, the conch shell of Zeboim can also be used summon an aspect of Zeboim to the user. This is extremely dangerous, the Sea Queen is more than likely to send an aspect to kill the upstart rather than aide him. Once the aspect has arrived, the wearer must make another Diplomacy skill check (DC 30) immediately as the aspect arrives, failure results in the aspect attacking the summoner. The aspect will not normally attack any other creatures except for the summoner unless they are foolish enough to attack her.

Should the aspect be badly damaged or killed, Zeboim sends agents to hound the killers for a period of time for their affront (usually about 1d10 weeks) before she loses interest in them.

Strong Conjuration [Chaotic]; CL 20th.

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