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Warlock Invocations for Dragonlance

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Nael

Least Invocations (1st to 2nd level)

Minor Bane Blade (1): infuses a bladed weapon with negative energy for a short period of time. Each successful strike of the weapon deals 1 point of additional damage, which cannot be healed with the normal passing of time; unless the wounded is the recipient of the Lesser Restoration spell or a Remove Curse spell.

Veil of shadow (1): Use of this invocation grants the Warlock or his designated target a bonus to any hid in shadows skill check. This can be done in 1 of 2 ways. Either the spell's recipient gains a 1d4+1 bonus to all hide checks for 1d6+1 rounds or the DC for a single check is reduced by 5.

Minor Chaotic cacophony (2): Functions exactly as the Shatter spell.

Summon soul armor (1): Use of this invocation summons a arcane barrier around the Warlock that grants a deflection bonus. There is a price to pay for such a protection though. For each point of deflection bonus the Warlock must take 2 points of Hit point damage (Maximum of +5 deflection bonus for a sacrifice of 10 hit points) The invocation stays in effect for 5 rounds, but can be extended by the Warlock by sacrificing 1 additional hit point per additional round.

Devils mark (1): inscribes a magical symbol that can only be removed with a Remove Curse spell.

Daemons blessing (1): Surrounds himself with a minor magical effect that deals 2 points of damage to anyone who attacks him for the Warlocks Level +1 in rounds.

Minor Word of binding (2): This invocation can be used to hold a portal closed as per the Wizard Lock spell, or if targeted to a creature can hold that creature in place for 1d4 rounds (Will save negates)

Kender steps (1): Using this invocation grants the Warlock to designate a target to receive a temporary bonus to move silently checks. This can be done in 1 of 2 ways. Either the spells recipient gains a bonus of 1d4+1 to all checks made for 1d6+1 rounds or the DC for a single check is reduced by 5.

Lesser Invocations (3rd to 4th level)

Chaos vortex (3): Discharges a pulse of chaotic energy centered on the warlock that deals 1d4 damage per Warlock level (reflex save for half) in a 15' radius centered on the Warlock. This effect damages anyone, friend of foe within the radius of the spell effect. Creatures of a Lawful alignment caught within the blast suffer an additional effect (Fortitude save to resist) that stuns the target for an additional 2 rounds.

Improved Chaotic cacophony (4): Functions as per the Shout spell.

Shaft of Darkness (3): temporally enchant one ranged attack with the True strike spell.

Daemons Kiss(3): Much like Daemons Blessing, but deals 6 points of damage to the attacker last a number of rounds equal to the Warlocks level/2 rounded up.

Snarling tendrils (4): This ability summons tendrils of energy to erupt from the ground and capture a fleeing enemy. It can be used on creatures up to the huge category but a successful strength check of DC 25 will allow the target to escape, a reflex save is allowed to avoid the initial spell but breaking free deals 1d6 points of damage per level of the Warlock, no save. Being captured in this way prevents the target from attacking with weapons (if large or smaller in size) and in no way hinders spell casting. After 10 rounds the spell will automatically end freeing the target, if the Warlock is killed or incapacitated the tendrils will also disappear.

Minor hand of Corruption (3): Grants the Warlock the ability to make touch attacks that disease and weaken the recipient (Fort save on a successful touch attack or suffer -1d4 STR and CON damage for 1d6 hours or until cured. This Invocation can also be used to poison water and food with the same effect, the contaminated food in permanently contaminated unless a cure disease or poison is cast.

Greater Invocations (5th to 6th level)

Daemons Embrace (5): Like the earlier Daemons invocations, but can be cast on a group as a whole (Max 10 people), the damage is reduced to 4 points, and lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Warlocks level/2

Lesser Soul Bind (5): Allows the Warlock to bind a targets fate to himself. Any effect or damage dealt to the warlock that is either negative or positive is shared in total. For instance if the Warlock soul binds an enemy (Will save negates) and that enemy strikes the warlock for 25 points of damage, the enemy takes 25 points of damage and so does the Warlock. Conversely if the warlock is healed so is the enemy.

Improved Snarling Tendrils (6): Exactly as per the Snarling Tendrils invocation but up to 5 creatures can be so effected. (Must know the Snarling Tendrils invocation)

Bane Blade (5): As per the Minor Bane Blade ability, but the additional damage increases to +4, unlike the Minor version of this invocation, on a successful critical strike, the target permanently loses 1 point of constitution if they fail a DC 15 fortitude save.

Reflective Barrier (6): Use of this invocation summons a reflective shield that will cause any single attack made directly at the Warlock, to reflect back at the attacker. Melee attacks are reflected back as pure force dealing the exact amount of damage as would have been inflected (minus any damage reduction), Arcane attacks reflect the spell at the caster, forcing the caster to make any applicable saves. This reflective barrier has no effect on AOE spells such as a Fireball, unless it is directly targeted on the Warlock himself.

Part the Veil of Night (6): Using this Invocation allows the Warlock to teleport himself and anyone touching him to a prepared spot (one usually marked with a Devils Mark). However, if the mark has been destroyed or moved, the warlock will either not teleport or will be moved to the new location. If the Warlock has placed this mark onto a living creature, the Warlock can summon the individual to himself (No save).

Dark Invocations (7th level to 9th level)

Daemons fire (7): Functions as per the Flame Strike spell, but instead of half the damage being divine, 50% of the damage is fire the other 50% is Ice.

Nuitari's curse(8): When used against a wizard that uses the moons to draw power, this invocation places the targets moon at effectively Low sanction for 1d6+1 round per the warlocks level. (Must be a member of the Sons and Daughters)

Nuitari's Blessing (8): Black robed casters gain the benefits of their moon at High sanction for a number of rounds equal to the Warlocks level /2. (Must be a member of the Sons and Daughters)

Dark bolt (8): As a full round action this invocation summons a bolt of negative energy that requires a ranged touch attack to deliver to the target. A reflex save can be made to avoid for no damage, if struck a Will save is required or the target takes 1d4 +1(for every 5 levels of the warlock) in temporary level damage

Life Leach (9): This Invocation allows a Warlock to steal life energies from an unwilling target. Doing so ages the target by a number of years equal to 1d4+1 per level of the Warlock, while at the same time rejuvenating the Warlock a like number of years. The target suffers all the negative effects of aging, while the Warlock gains all the positive effects of youth. The effect is permanent until the Warlock is killed. If the aging process takes the target past its normal life expectancy, the target will survive, for a little while before extreme old age kills it. Creatures that become more potent with age, are unaffected by this ability (such as dragons)

Foul Resurrection (9): This ability allows a Warlock to resurrect a fallen companion from the dead. Doing so however leaves a touch of chaos with the newly resurrected and can cause the recipients alignment to forever change to chaotic. (Will Save) each time this ability is used to resurrect someone the save DC increases by 2.

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