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The Anagakok in Dragonlance (from Dragon 344)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by KenderBryant

Regions: The anagakok, a wizard from a more primitive background, is indeed found in the Dragonlance world. Most hail from the nomadic tribes that inhabit Abanasinia, the Icereach, and Schallsea Island, or at least, the few wizards that actually come from those places. Tribal races, such as goblins or Kagonesti, may produce the rare anagakok as well. Most of these primitive wizards will never be from places such as Solamnia or other civilized regions.

The Test: As with all other wizards, the anagakok must take and pass the Test, to continue on the path of magic, though their tests are generally far different than most. Since an anagakok practices magic that deals with nature, there will most likely be segments of the Test that take them away from their natural environment, such as placing them in a large city like Palanthus, in general. If from a specific climate, such as Khur or the Icereach, the Test may have a portion that forces them to deal with a climate that differs greatly from that of their native homeland. A Khurish anagakok might have a part of his Test take place in the deep forest of Qualinesti, or maybe the great glacier of Icereach.

Prestige Classes: The nature-magic wielding anagakoks are naturally drawn to the Sylvan Mage and Winternorn prestige classes, as befits their ties to the natural world. The Master Transmogrifist (from Complete Arcane) is another logical choice as the advanced shape-shifting capabilities of the MT's closely resemble those of the anagakok's divine counterpart: the druid. The Sea Mage might also work for those ocean-bound anagakoks.

Other Classes: Anagakoks get along really well with those classes that hail from primitive backgrounds, or those that are bound to the natural world, such as druids, barbarians and rangers. If you use the Magic of Incarnum supplement, the Totemist also melds well with these classes. Nature mystics, especially those that continue on to become Nomad Shamans, are also welcomed by friendly anagakoks.

Religion: Anagakoks, as wizards, revere the gods of magic, as their robe-choice indicates. The tribal wizards do, however, associate with the followers of the nature gods: Habbakuk, Chislev, or Zeboim, depending on their alignment.

New Feat

Extra Fortune [General]
You increase your pool of good fortune points.
Prerequisites: Good Fortune class feature, 4 fortune points.
Benefits: Increase your pool of fortune points by two.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times, its benefits stack.

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