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Children of Krynn

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Sephzero

Children of Krynn

"This Age has shown us that we need neither the gods' favor nor their power to survive, this is lesson should be taken to heart. We, the children of this Krynn, must learn to walk on our own. Either united together by are own strength or enslaved to the whims of capricious gods." --Jevor Kannigan, High Prefect of the Children of Krynn

A new movement is spreading across Ansalon in wake of the War of Souls. The Children of Krynn is dedicated to promoting mortals' independences built on a rejection to the necessities of gods place in the life of mortals. Comprised of folks from all walks of life and races, they seek to provide an avenue for mortals turn to besides the gods. Across the land, the Children of Krynn members travel seeking to show the way by which mortals and not gods can aid each other.

Joining the Children of Krynn

The Children of Krynn is extremely open membership, all that concerns them is that any members agree to not let dictate their lives to the will and service of the gods. It addresses the fact that many of its members will never actively participate in overthrowing the establishments of the gods. They instead are content in their lay members providing the occasional aid to the active members that pursuit the organization's many goals. Given the power and extensiveness of the gods' reach, the Children of Krynn can be quite scrutinizing on who they accept into their active memberships for they are wary of planted agents of the gods.

Entry Requirements: Must swear an oath to reject the gifts and favors of the gods. This means the PC must possess no divine patron either as a Wizard of High Sorcery PrC, cleric to a deity, and similar cases.

The Children of Krynn know the temptation that exist to give oneself over to the gods in exchange for some desire or wish to be granted. They expect all of their active members to hold themselves beyond such simply attempts to curry favor and to be a symbol of inspiration for others too. In order to provide counterbalance, the Children of Krynn fosters a large group of Mystics and have also recently extended their hand to the Sorcerers too in hope of counteracting the return of the Order of High Sorcery.

Typically, there is minimum initiation for new members as most are typically address with the basic beliefs and tenets of the organization and given a general basic awareness about the stance of the gods. Since often time there are some rarity in numbers in areas, so the Children of Krynn often encourage groups that join them to continue to travel about and provide aid to other members in good standing. Most of the time, the members are given a brief rundown on some the members of the region and any issues that are being dealt with too.

Membership is typically only extended to those that have shown themselves strong in resisting the temptation of the gods and have shown no true affiliation to the gods. Most of them have been monitored for a period of time before any official membership is extended. The gods are powerful enemies and infiltration is something they must be vigilant against.

The only classes which the Children of Krynn will not accept into their membership are those that drawn upon the gods' power like Clerics, Druids, Paladin, and Wizards. Renegade wizards earn some of their sympathy and for now they grudgingly accept them since they could use the power, but are always insistent that sorcery is better in order to become independent from the gods' taint. Should the Renegade participate or carry out activities that are considered distasteful, the Renegade may find their life cut short immediately.

Children of Krynn Benefits

The Children of Krynn is a massive movement that has pockets in all areas of Ansalon with depending on the regions their strength and presence may vary. While strong aid and backup is not something that can be consistently provided, minor aid along with safe houses can often be found with fellow member cells or with Prefects. Also thanks to the number of sponsor adventure groups and the aid of their wild magic spellcasters, the Children of Krynn do provide some ready magical items market for in exchange or purchase given time. The Children of Krynn also is gathering an impressive collection of knowledge and information that they are willing to bring to the disposal of their members if requested.

Economics: The Children of Krynn is a consortium of people with significant mercantile power through its members. Active members are granted discounts from fellow stores or other places of service belong to the Children of Krynn members paying only 80% of their listed market price. In certain areas, where the Children of Krynn have a more active presence or control in the region, such cost may be waived within reasonable amount. Members who are shown to abuse such kindness will find themselves forced recompense for their frivolous indulgences.

As an active member of the Children of Krynn, a character is entitle to purchasing from the stock of magical weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, and wondrous items collected by other groups. These purchases do not receive the discount of other service due to the still limited amount of supply and transportation of them. Any specific magic item purchase will take two weeks of inventory through the different branches with the chance of availability being 25%, with a further 15% chance that a similar item is available.

The Children of Krynn as a whole possess a gold piece limit of 70,000 gp to determine what that can possibly possess.

Gears: Since their resources are spread so far, the Children of Krynn can not readily provide any general gear to their members in any frequency. It is expected, however, in cases of extreme importance that other members are expected to provide any amount of aid possible such as cover or transport in order to carry out such missions within reason. It is stressed that this should be used only in extreme cases and abuse of such authority would be dealt with harshly.

Services: The Children of Krynn seek to expand the number of mystics and sorcerers available and so in generally any given region there is typically at least a 10th level Mystics on hand that can provide aid to any serious problem on the member's behalf. The only payment necessary is usually payment for expensive material components that might be used. These Mystics generally have the following spells known due to the general need: break enchantment, divination, restoration, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, remove disease, and lesser restoration. Also the Mystics are known to have the following spells available on scrolls: divination, atonement, or raise dead, members are expected to pay 60% of the market price for usage of this service.

In far lesser numbers, the Children of Krynn also typically has a 6th level Sorcerer on hand in any given region for service that can be called upon to provide some minor spell service with the following spells known: identify, locate object, nondetection, and obscure object. Typically like the Mystic the Sorcerer only compensation is for any expensive material components that are used.

Information: With their extensive amount of members across the continent, the flow of information is of extreme importance to the Children of Krynn. They are greatly interested in unearthing information of the past to seek out potent tools to aid them and also to secure away dangerous relics of the gods. PCs are able to utilize the information network of the Children of Krynn to learn about general characteristic ranging from local events, noted ruins, and legends in their region.

As an active member they can use the contacts of informants within the Children of Krynn who can make one of the following skill checks for you, using the indicated bonus as long as the subject matter lies within one of these topics: Gather Information +10, Knowledge (History) +15, Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (Nobility) +15, Knowledge (Religion) +15.

As you advance in ranks, you gain a +2 bonus on the skill check modifiers indicated above for every rank you possess above Factor. Note the Children of Krynn does not approve of usage of their information network frivolously and may require the member to answer for their usage of it. The time it takes to get a response can vary from a few days to weeks depending on the secrecy or rarity of the information sought.

Playing a Member of the Children of Krynn

Members of the Children of Krynn come from different professions and races, but are united together under the shared belief that the role of the Gods on the matter of mortals is unnecessary. This does not mean they actively incite riots or plot assassinations attempt against high followers of the gods. Instead, they seek to spread their message urging the people that a better path is available to them. They hope to win the publics' heart to their side before the institutions of the gods are reestablished and control cemented.

This does not mean they don't take active fights to the followers of the gods that could win them support; often these are the followers of the gods of darkness. Stopping a plague set about by a cleric of Morgion goes a long way in cementing support for the Children of Krynn and showing the harm the gods cause. Given they are not well-received in all places due to their stance, the Children of Krynn are often critical on ensuring that matters are handle in such a way that will only improver their reputation or at the very least not harm it.

Typically there are a lot of things going around for any cell could handle and therefore the information network is often used to spread word in hopes of those capable of handling such situations can be found.

Combat: The Children of Krynn do not advertise itself as a violent organization, but they are willing to take up arms in order to protect their constituencies. Situations that allow them to fight against the followers of the gods, they work to quickly to remove such threats as effectively as possible.

An important consideration when it comes to combat is not to allow any harm to the innocents and to never perform actions that would be viewed negatively by the populace as well. As such, the Children of Krynn typically prefer to only engage in combat when they have a good idea on the situation trying to avoid combats started due to impulse. Depending on the situation, they have no qualm about using stealth to hide their actions in order to protect the organization's reputation.

Advancement: A tiered system exist for the Children of Krynn, those that are allowed to go up depending on how much confidence in the members' ability to carry out greater work for the cause. All initiates into the Children of Krynn receive the rank of Factor and are generally given a Prefect to answer to in order to help them keep them in line with core belief. Once they've been shown to be able to handle greater responsibilities and missions of greater significant. They'll rise in ranks until they become part of the higher echelon of the Children or Krynn becoming involved with decisions that will effect the direction of Ansalon itself.

Missions: The Children of Krynn initially missions are largely humanitarian in purpose, though often many of the lesser missions are typically no difference from standard adventuring fare. These are largely to allow the good names of the Children of Krynn to spread their name and also gather resource and power to their name.

Typically the Children of Krynn push for such missions that involve rooting out followers of the evil gods typically hunting down cultists and plots. They also sponsor a number of dungeons and ruin expeditions in order to seek out lost lore and magical items to aid their mission. Also they seek to capture and seal away any divine relic regardless of godly patron to ensure that followers of the gods would not be able to utilize them in order to further their god's scheme. Those that are proficient in stealth are also often called upon to aid the Children of Krynn in recovering or confiscating objects from followers of the gods, they consider dangerous to possess or assassinating those they can't publicly dealt with due public's eyes.

Responsibilities: Two concerns are largely paramount to the Children of Krynn, that all members handle themselves in the best fashion as they represent the organization and to resist the lure of the gods. As long as the PCs do not grossly violate these two concerns then the Prefects and the superiors largely will allow free access till vital missions that may concern the PCs arise. For the most part, any side concerns or missions that the PCs take up are largely looked the other way unless it may lead to negative ramifications for the Children of Krynn.

The Children of Krynn in the World

"They walk a dangerous path by placing themselves better then the gods. One man in history has made such a challenge before and the Cataclysm was their answer." --Eiwon Kurrold, Aesthetic of the Library of Palanthas

The Children of Krynn are designed to provide an avenue for PCs who would prefer to play a role that goes against the standard god sponsor centric in DL. While this could be played for its antagonistic angle, it can also be used to provide the PCs some support they would otherwise not be able to obtain due to differences with more traditional organization such as Order of High Sorcery or the Knights of Solamnia. The setup provides role-playing opportunities as the PCs try to promote the independence of the populace. Along with working to control some of the more radical factions of the Children of Krynn who lean toward bring about the expected war between those that do and those that do not follow the gods.

As the DM, it is up to your discretion on how serious the conflict between the two sides exists and the extensiveness this conflict will bring about from this. Either way the Children of Krynn can provide a wealth of backdrop to help the PCs explore the many choices that are open and conflicts brewing in the Age of Mortal.

Structure: The Children of Krynn is presided by the High Prefect who serves both as the spiritual and nominal head with his edicts steering the direction of the organization. The High Prefect is served by a body of Lord Prefects who handle the different functions of the organization from handling the regional Prefects and Factors to organizing different large-scale operations. Prefects are largely in charged of sanctioned prefectures of the Children of Krynn or are granted to members with greater responsibility above those of Factors. Factors comprise all the active members with the affiliates comprising the bulk of the membership who provide whatever support possible to any of the more active members of the organization.

Lord Prefects are known to have minor rivalry amongst each other, though this is largely due to argument on the proper direction of the movement. Further this also gets into minor scuffle on the manner of resource allocations to different projects and operations. They each have a prefecture that is general considered their home base where they tend to organize their operations from that point. Factors and Prefects from other regions or serving other Lord Prefects are not to be molested due to these rivalries when visiting such regions, though most make a point to avoid such cases if at all possible. Unity is a strongly emphasis as the forces of the gods would exploit any perceive weakness.


The Children of Krynn has a noted reputation for itself, as much as from its service to the peoples as it is to their views that unsettle more then a number of people. Only marshalling themselves shortly after the return of the gods following the War of Souls, they are quick to set their messages in the heart of the people. So far their general approach of presenting themselves as an admirable organization has gone along way of allowing them access too many places. As their views take root and spread, it is feared by some that they might prove to be a polarizing element as their ability to hold their members in check weakens.

In communities that are friendly to the Children of Krynn like a sanctioned prefecture, all NPC have a starting initial attitude of friendly to the character. Typically the affiliates of the Children of Krynn do their best to put on a good face to people or at least keep any unsavory details out of the public light. Populace in communities with no affiliation to the Children of Krynn will have an indifferent initial starting attitude. Any communities held strongly by followers of the gods such as wizards or clerics if aware of the member's status can't have higher initial starting attitude then unfriendly and in some cases for evil communities may be hostile.

It is those that follow the Gods that are largely in opposition to the Children of Krynn movement, for now there are limited friction amongst the churches of the Gods of Light and Balance. The Children of Krynn hold no love for the Gods of Darkness and the two forces tend to clash more openly in places where the Gods of Darkness are not welcome.

The Order of High Sorcery frowns upon the activity of the Children of Krynn in the matter of the spread of sorcery. With their limited resources, the Conclave have not exactly brought too much issues on the matter as the Children of Krynn are not an enemy they can simply throw renegade hunters against now will burning down their enclaves put the wizards in a favorable light. Jenna currently stresses monitoring the Children of Krynn's activities, though some of the Black Robes have urged more serious retaliation against those that hamper their will of the Order. With the Children of Krynn's protecting some renegades and hunting down dangerous members of the black robes have created increasing tension between the two. This has erupted into minor battles that spill out between the individual members.

The Children of Krynn Lore

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (religion) can research the Children of Krynn to learn more about the organization.

DC 10: The Children of Krynn is an organized movement dedicated to the belief that people can live without the Gods.

DC 15: The movement has members from all walks of life and races with emphasis on united front. They are also strong advocate in the teaching and spread of the wild magic like sorcery and mysticism.

DC 20: The Children of Krynn seeks to mitigate and limit the power of the gods by cutting down their influence on peoples by winning the people's interest away. It is believed that the Children of Krynn have a stockpile of relics related to the different gods sealed away to prevent their usage.

DC 30: Division exists amongst the Children of Krynn on the proper direction for them to take. Even some of the diviners amongst the Children of Krynn foresee a great war coming down upon Krynn in the future. Some Lord Prefects have begun to marshal forces beneath them in preparation of this Great War coming.

The Children of Krynn in the Game

The Children of Krynn provides an organization backdrop to help support characters that would like to explore another side of DL that's been introduced in the Age of Mortal. They are accessible regardless of levels of the players, though introduction to low-level characters can allow the characters to be brought up with the growing influence of the Children of Krynn. Also the PCs can encounter the Children of Krynn as they work to tide the populace over. This can serve as the initial backdrop to help introduce the PCs to the wide ranging influence of the Children of Krynn as they travel the land.

In most cases, PCs might find themselves interacting with the Children of Krynn either seeking to purchase goods or services from their members. Further any Sorcerers and Mystics amongst them might have received some overtures to join as they increase in power and prominence. As long as the PCs don't obviously shown any affiliation or favoritism to the gods, they can find the Children of Krynn to be quite open to aid them on certain levels that would aid the populace. Serving as minor patrons can help familiarize the PCs to the organization and its standing while possibly grooming them to join up. They can handle some missions at their patron's behalf. At higher-level, the PCs may very well find themselves in situations where they may help determine the balance of power in a region between the Children of Krynn and the followers of the gods. Even going as far to seek out a powerful artifact to foil some grand scheme by the church or used to aid the Children of Krynn's goals.

Encounters: Since the Children of Krynn seek to bring in members from all walks of life, an encounter with one of them can take many different forms. The Innkeeper, merchant, mercenary, or even their noble patron can be a member of it. As such any NPCs can provide an opportunity to interact with them. Many times they can serve as allies to the PCs, especially in the pursuit of aiding the populace and dealing with cults to the gods of darkness.

Even if the party is not suitable for membership for the Children of Krynn, the organization can still play an interesting role as a rival. Their actions against such PCs might be simple harassment like charging higher prices or simply refusal of service. Or it could escalate into false rumors to discredit the characters in some cases in attempt to turn the populace against them. Marshalling the populace support will make them difficult opponents for the PCs as they can't simply be combat against and defeat.

Adaptation: The Children of Krynn is design to be a general benevolent organization, though the attitude and action that it takes can easily have it cast as a more villainous movement. They can be cast a band of zealots who seek to bring about their vision without any care for the choices of the populace. Neither requires the overall organization itself be retool in such a manner, a wayward Prefect or Lord Prefect can provide a strong enough catalyst use the organization in such a manner. Another way is to narrow the encompassing manner of the organization, instead making it more a more region-focus movement only. Thereby you can narrow the PCs interaction within a specific region and the politics and backdrop can be tied to the ongoing actions of the Children of Krynn there. It could be support by the regional rulers or be working with discontent populace to overthrow the current rulers.

Further, the Children of Krynn do not have to take place in the Age of Mortal after the War of Souls despite their initial origin after those events. They could start up during the start of the Age of Mortal as a result of the second abandonment of the gods along with an attempt to maintain the uniting of races as a result of the Chaos War. In that case, they would serve as a beacon of hope against the encroaching presence of the Dragon Overlords that soon came to claim the lands. They also can work during the Age of Despair, especially following the Cataclysm when sentiments of the gods' turn sour. Mysticism and Sorcery will be unavailable during that time forcing the Children of Krynn to rely on more mundane qualities and skills to aid their members.

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