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Divine Mind Mantles of Krynn

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by KenderBryant

The Complete Psionic introduced two new psionic classes, the ardent and the divine mind. These new classes make use of divine mind mantles, which are similar to clerical domains but are psionic in nature.

With that in mind, take a look at these Divine Mind Mantles for the gods of Krynn:

Branchala: Chaos, Communication, Freedom, Good
Chemosh: Consumption, Death, Deception, Evil, Repose
Chislev: Elements, Guardian, Life, Natural World
Gilean: Fate, Freedom, Guardian, Knowledge, Mental Power, Time
Habbakuk: Elements, Good, Life, Natural World
Hiddukel: Chaos, Conusumption, Corruption and Madness, Deception, Evil
Kiri-Jolith: Conflict, Good, Justice, Law, Physical Power
Majere: Good, Law, Mental Power, Knowledge
Mishakal: Communication, Freedom, Good, Guardian, Life
Morgion: Consumption, Corruption and Madness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Pain and Suffering
Paladine: Good, Guardian, Justice, Law, Light and Darkness
Reorx: Creation, Energy, Force, Knowledge
Sargonnas: Conflict, Destruction, Evil, Force, Law, Physical Power
Shinare: Communication, Consumption, Fate, Law
Sirrion: Chaos, Creation, Elements, Energy
Takhisis: Deception, Evil, Law, Light and Darkness, Pain and Suffering
Zeboim: Chaos, Destruction, Elements, Energy, Evil, Natural World
Zivilyn: Fate, Knowledge, Mental Power, Time

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