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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Weldon Chen

One of the things that has been missing from many of the D&D 3.5 line of Dragonlance game books is the absence of an index. As part of a fan-based project, the following is the "missing index" from the Web Enhancements.

Members of the team that have been involved in this effort are (in alphabetical order): Weldon Chen, Dave Foster (Tauren_Kai-Jere), Ben Jacobson (Kranar Drogin), Sean MacDonald (Kipper Snifferdoo), Gary Phillips (Kendermage), Jeremy Scranton (flint), Heine Stick (Ravenmantle) and Trampas Whiteman (Dragonhelm). Web Enchancement ( Rev. (03/08/06)
Entry Page Number
Agion, stats
Androctus, GabrielSee Benedict di Caela
Bayard Brightblade
Benedict di Caela,
Benedict di Caela, stats
Brightblade, Bayard
Brightblade, Bayard, stats
CinderSee Fenalysten
Cryonisis (Ice)
di Caela, Benedict
Domain, Spiritualism
Dragon Overlords, minor
dragons, CinderSee Fenalysten
dragons, Cryonisis
dragons, Fenalysten
dragons, FreezeSee Fresindia
dragons, Fresindia
dragons, FumeSee Lorrinar
dragons, Green RecluseSee Lorrinar
dragons, IceSee Cryonisis
dragons, Lorrinar
dragons, Mohrlex
dragons, PitchSee Mohrlex
dragons, Red FlameSee Fenalysten
dragons, Trickster DragonSee Mohrlex
Dread Wolf
Feat, Acidic Blood
Feat, Draconian Flight
Feat, Draconic Metabolism
Feat, Enhanced Saliva
Feat, Greater Draconian Flight
Feat, Greater Enhanced Saliva
Feat, Hardened Flesh
Feat, Improved Acidic Blood
Feat, Improved Gallop
Feat, Improved Glide
Feat, Improved Hardened Flesh
FreezeSee Fresindia
Fresindia (Freeze)
FumeSee Lorrinar
Gabriel AndroctusSee Benedict di Caela
Galen Pathwarden
Galen Pathwarden, stats
Green Recluse, theSee Lorrinar
IceSee Cryonisis
Ice Reach, Wyrms of
magic item, Pendant of the Scorpion
Minor Dragon Overlords
Overlords, Dragon (minor)
Pathwarden, GalenSee Galen Pathwarden
Pendant of the Scorpion
PitchSee Mohrlex
Prestige Class, Citadel Guardian
Racial Rules, Draconian, Bozak
Red Flame, theSee Fenalysten
Scorpion, theSee Benedict di Caela
Scorpion, the (Pendant of)
Trickster Dragon, theSee Mohrlex
Weasel, theSee Galen Pathwarden
Wolf, Dread

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