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Scimitar of Bast (Minor Artifact)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

This bejewelled scimitar, fashioned from dragonmetal and adorned with semi-precious and precious gemstones of all type was discovered in the deserted city of Mereklar just after the Cataclysm.

The scimitar, as well as the entire city, was found by humans seeking refuge after the dreadful events that followed the Cataclysm. The human survivors came upon an entire city filled will homes and gardens, barracks and warehouses, libraries and inns; all of which made from a strange white stone which defied any attempts to mar its surface.

The scimitar of Bast was found in the very middle of the triangular city of Mereklar, surrounded by hundreds of cats. The scimitar has the word 'Bast' written in the common tongue engraved on its hilt next to a stylised cat's paw.

Through books found within the libraries of Mereklar, the new inhabitants discovered that the blade was a sacred artifact of the demi-god of cats, Bast. None knew then why the Lord of Cats had chosen to leave such a valuable blade within the deserted city, and thus it was locked up in one of the treasure vaults of Mereklar for hundreds of years.

The scimitar of Bast resurfaced five years prior to the War of the Lance, when, with the assistance of Raistlin Majere, Caramon Majere and the kender Earwig Lockpicker, Bast helped to thwart one of the machinations of Takhisis to re-enter Krynn.

After the Battle of Mereklar, the scimitar of Bast was found and returned to the cities treasury until one of the cities magistrates, Byron Taggerdale, wielded the blade against the forces of the Red Dragonarmy.

The scimitar of Bast remained within the city of Mereklar until the Second Cataclysm when it mysteriously disappeared from the cities treasury. The cities councillors have placed a generous offer for the return of the scimitar to the city, but as yet none have discovered even a hint of its current location.

The scimitar of Bast is a +4 dragonbane scimitar that grants its wielder a +4 resistance bonus saving throws against the breath weapons, spells, spell-like abilities of all types of dragons (including all true dragons, lesser dragons and various types of dragon-kin that have the 'dragon' type).

The scimitar also grants the wielder a +8 bonus on all Hide, Move Silently skill checks and Diplomacy skill checks with any type of feline. The scimitar also sheds a soft blue radiance upon command ('Bast'), much like the light spell, out to a range of 20 foot radius.

Moderate Evocation and Transmutation; CL 10th, Weight 5Ibs.

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