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Bottomless Pouch of Earwig Lockpicker

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

Another of the possessions of Rosemary Lockpicker that she gained from her famous father, Earwig. This is non-descript looking leather bag, which has two crossing lockpicks branded into the side, is actually a backpack of distinction and isn't magical at all.

Earwig picked up this backpack during a visit to Palanthus where a Red Robe wizard had misplaced it. Earwig, like most kender, decided not to bother the wizard about his lost possession as he happened to be in the middle of some magical studies.

The bottomless pouch of Earwig Lockpicker is a masterwork backpack so finely crafted that it acts much as a bag of holding type I, except that it weighs far less, is non-magical and only holds 20 cubic feet in volume.

None; CL None; Item of Distinction (leatherworking) as a class feature; Market Price 152stl; Weight 4Ibs

Note: This article is an update of the article posted by Eric Jwo which can be found on the Nexus.

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