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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

The Kenderstone (Minor Artifact)

(The Kender's Luckstone or Uncle Tas's Luckstone)

One of the more interesting magical artifacts ever 'found' on Krynn is the kender luckstone or the Kenderstone as they call it. This highly magical and elusive stone is said to have miraculous powers, which change from kender to kender.

Most scholars think that the Kenderstone is just another myth or story that the tale-loving kender invented not long after the start of the Age of Mortals. One thing is almost certain though, all stories that involve the Kenderstone also involve the most famous kender to have ever walked Krynn – Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Almost all kender have agreed to have once owned the Kenderstone at some point during their lives and all of those claim to have gained the stone from their 'Uncle Tas'.

However, due to the kender apparent inability to produce this valuable magical artifact and the kender's propensity for tales and falsehoods, many believe that the stone never existed and deters interest in the stones rumors.

The only know kender to come forward with any feasible statement concerning the stone is Brasswell Lightfinger. The following is an extract from that interview with the kender.

"Oh sure, I owned the Kenderstone a while back. My Uncle Tas gave it to me as a present on one of my frequent trips to Hylo. We were visiting my sick Aunt Belinda Taskbreacher when we were ambushed by some lost draconians. Do you want to hear about it? No? All right, well then, what was I talking about? The Kenderstone? Hmm, sounds familiar, didn't my Uncle Tas give it to me after I helped him slay Chaos? Anyways, it's a small orb made of some pretty red rock that I've never seen before. It's about an inch in diameter and it glows eerily in the dark. I once used it to banish a demon back to the Abyss. It was when I was visiting my good friend Palin Majere. Do you know him? He's really famous. Anyways, I gave the Kenderstone away to my cousin Dreyfuss Pussywillow a few years back. Now we had some great adventures . . ."

At that point, the Keeper of the Word neglected to take down any more of Brasswell's comments and fled for his life.

During that interview, the Keeper of the Word discovered that the Kenderstone is said to have been a shard from the Greygem and, at the end of the Chaos War, when the gem shattered a large piece of the stone fell to Krynn.

According to most legends that the kender say about the stone, Uncle Tas, who had decided to leave Krynn to pursue adventure in the great Beyond, bequeathed the magical shard to the kender of Krynn.

If true, the Kenderstone's apparent link to the Greygem explains the variations in the Kenderstone's appearance. Kender have described the stone from being a perfect sphere of snowy-white marble, 1 inch in diameter to a rough shard of granite around 5 feet long.

Whatever the origin of the stone, stories of the Kenderstone now circulate throughout Krynn, aided by the near-constant wanderlust of the kender. Although there are more than a few who doubt the validity of such claim or that such an item could exist, the sheer number of reports has created a lot of interest.

The Herald, the strange prophetic bard that emerged just after the Second Cataclysm, has hinted that the existence and the importance of the Kenderstone on several occasions.

Many scholastic orders now search for the whereabouts of the Kenderstone, and many adventurous people have started to look for it, seeking their place in history if they discover it.

When he was asked about the whereabouts of the stone, the Herald enigmatically said 'If it is important, it will be made known. The knowledge of a coming storm will not quell the tempest's fury. Watch the skies, my friend, for the coming storm.'

Another famed academic who has expressed an interest in the Kenderstone was the Head of the Academy of Sorcery, Palin Majere. Palin had a healthy interest in all rumors of powerful magical artifacts and was intrigues by the legends concerning his late friend Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Palin offered to pay handsomely for any information concerning the Kenderstone. One other powerful individual has also learned of the rumors of the Kenderstone, Gellidus the Cruel White Tyrant of Southern Ergoth.

Always looking for ways to expand his power and add new magical items to his stockpile, the Dragon Overlord has dispatched several parties of his draconian minions to search for and acquire the Kenderstone. So far, thankfully, he has met with little success.

So far as can be ascertained, only kender are able to use the Kenderstone, although Palin Majere once hypothesised that other Greystone races, such as dwarves and minotaurs could possibly use it, until it is found there is no way to be certain.

Several of the Kenderstone's properties remain with it regardless to the owner. Simply wielding the stone grants the wielder spell resistance 17 and grants a +4 bonus to any single saving throw (wielders choice, but once selected cannot be changed for that wielder).

The stone is known to be able to cast cure light wounds once per day on either the wielder or another creature. Up to two times per day, the Kenderstone allows the wielder to blink, as the spell and up to three times per day, the stone grants the wielder the benefits of the feather fall spell.

The stone also has one other function, selected at random and dictated by the needs of the kender who possesses the stone. Such random abilities are always beneficial to the possessor and are usable once per day.

Strong no-school [chaotic]; CL 12th

Adventure Hooks

  • The Kenderstone can be incorporated into a campaign in various ways. The heroes could be approached by agents of Palin Majere (if set before the War of Souls) or agents of the White Tyrant, eager to give almost any price for the artifact.
  • Another idea might be to have the Herald have vital information regarding the artifact's whereabouts and during the trip to find the wandering bard, find out that others have also heard that rumor and are now seeking the Herald themselves, the only thing is – they heard it first and are nearer to getting their claws on him than the adventurers are to finding him.
  • You could give the artifact to a kender hero and use it to springboard the adventurers off on many adventures, perhaps even entering the River of Time to discover its mysterious origins.

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