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Blue Crystal Hoopak

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Loreseeker

Appearance: This is not really a crystal hoopak. It is only painted blue by its former owner to resemble a holy artifact of her goddess. The infinity-symbol of the "Blue Lady", as the Hylo kender call Mishakal, is carved into both fork-branches of the hoopak.


  • Blessed hoopak +1
  • kender clerics of Mishakal add +2 hp on all healing spells, while other kender who can cast healing spells add +1 hp on all of their healing spells
  • can hold 4 charges which can be used for casting cure light wounds (1 charge), faerie fire (1 charge) or heal (4 charges)
  • can be recharged by placing it before a sanctified statue of Mishakal
  • An evil creature – or a creature with evil intent - touching it becomes the victim of a powerful illusion: hordes of curious kenders approaching ... No saving throw or attempt at disbelief is allowed. This causes the creature to flee in utter panic. The hoopak then teleports to the next temple of Mishakal, preferably a kender temple.
  • Only kender priests, kender druids, kender rangers and kender paladins can tap the hoopak's powers.


Long before the Cataclysm, there lived a kender priestess of the Blue Lady. During her wanderlust days, she visited many Mishakalan temples - among them, the one in Xak-Tsaroth. There, she discovered the famous statue of Mishakal, which, some centuries later, would present the Blue Crystal Staff to a certain Que-Shu warrior. There the kendermaid saw the very same staff. Saw it ... and, being a kender, handled it. Of course, the resident clerics couldn't allow someone - even a fellow believer in the goddess (and especially a kender) - to walk away with their most holy artifact. But the little kender wasn't disappointed for long. Thinking of emulating her goddess, she simply painted her hoopak blue.

Questioned about her hoopak's color (by other kender, of course), she told them, at first, of its true origins, but, as is the way of the kenderfolk, the tale grew bit by bit. Weeks later, she entertained another kender with how she came to be the Bearer of the Blue Lady's Blue Crystal Hoopak and its wondrous powers.

As the gods sometimes do, Mishakal was just then watching her priestess. The story found her favor. She reached out into the realm of mortals and touched the hoopak, granting it her blessings.

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