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Faith Tokens

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by KenderBryant

Author's Note: I recently acquired Champions of Valor, a Forgotten Realms supplement. While looking through it, I found minor magical items called Faith Tokens, and decided to create some for Dragonlance. A faith token grants the ability to use certain cantrips/orisons. If a token has only one spell, that spell can be used 2/day. If it has two spells, each spell can be used 1/day. The selected spells were chosen with the deity's portfolio in mind. Here are some possibilities for Dragonlance-specific faith tokens:

Branchala: Lullaby, summon instrument
Chemsoh: Disrupt undead, touch of fatigue
Chislev: Create water, know direction
Gilean: Guidance, know direction
Habbakuk: Create water, know direction
Hiddukel: Prestidigitation
Kiri-Jolith: Guidance, virtue
Majere: Guidance
Mishakal: Cure minor wounds
Morgion: Acid splash, detect poison
Paladine: Light, virtue
Reorx: Mending, open/close
Sargonnas: Guidance, resistance
Shinare: Know direction, prestidigitation
Sirrion: Flare, light
Takhisis: Daze
Zeboim: Create water, ray of frost
Zivilyn: Know direction

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