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Ansalon Poster Map Circa 351 AC

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Robert Lazzaretti

It's always been a challenge to find a good map of where you're going, especially when you have a kender in your adventuring party... You never know where you may end up. (Tarsis by the Sea, anyone?)

To complement the Poster Map of Ansalon from 550 PC, we've found a great map of the world that shows the continent of Ansalon as it was at the time of the War of the Lance in 351 AC.

Many thanks to Robert Lazzaretti for letting us post his map of Ansalon! You can find many more maps he has created on his web site, and more information about where his work has appeared on Pen & (This map is officially titled 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight, 2001'.)

Ansalon, Circa 351 AC

Download the Ansalon Map Circa 351 AC (520 KB ZIP)

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