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by Trampas Whiteman

"You have the noblest profession one could desire. Your tie to the land allows others to live!"
--Trent Nevan of Solamnia

The Parsons are an underground movement that developed in Nerakan-occupied Solamnia during the early Age of Mortals. The Parsons work in secret in order to help the oppressed. Parsons rarely take direct actions, preferring instead to work through sabotage when confronting the Dark Knights or other enemies. The Parsons were especially renowned for helping many wanted Solamnics escape through a system of hideouts outside of Nerakan-occupied territory.

The Parsons were founded in 417 AC, shortly after the Dark Knights killed Alenia Hallenguard's husband, Darrick. The despondent Alenia was soon without a home, but was rescued by a group of mystics. Inspired by their courage and peaceful manner, Alenia began forming a network of Solamnic nobility, mystics, and peasants to help relieve the suffering of the people of Solamnia.

The Parsons have worked to bring relief to the suffering peoples of Solamnia, and are beginning to spread to lands beyond. They have proven to be a thorn in the side of the Dark Knights, who were never able to track down the resistance movement.

Following the War of Souls, the Parsons have worked primarily to help get the peoples of Solamnia back on their feet, though some groups are working in other lands to help out there as well. They have turned to a new direction recently, trying to make a stand against crime, which is on the rise since the Dark Knight occupation.


Parsons are amongst the most caring people to ever walk Ansalon. All Parsons, from nobility to peasantry, eschew material wealth, giving what they can to the poor and seeking to do all they can to raise spirits among the downtrodden. The Parsons are very humble as a group, seeking neither praise nor recognition. To them, doing good deeds is all that is necessary.

The Parsons believe in freedom for all people, and stand against oppression. They generally don't work in overt fashions, as they tend to be pacifists, but they won't stand by while wrong-doing is being perpetrated. Parsons prefer to work behind the scenes, whether through small acts of sabotage, or escorting refugees outside of hostile territory. The Parsons detest the idea of war, and feel there are other ways to defeat the enemy.


The nobles of Solamnia maintain a loose communications network between them, conversing through missives between them. Oftentimes, communication is sent through bards, pretending to be simple entertainers. Their very performances can carry communications known only to the Parsons. The nobles each maintain a certain territory between them, and have a network of bards and mystics under their command. The mystics tend to serve as house mystics for the nobles. They have been prohibited from building temples, but serve in secret in order to work their miracles among the populace.

Each area of influence is known as a "branch." The Parsons see themselves as a tree, having one central "trunk" but working in individual "branches" to bring about their goals. They have adopted the maple leaf as their symbol.

Areas of Influence

The Parsons are centered in Solamnia in the areas occupied by Neraka during the early Age of Mortals. Since the War of Souls, the Parsons have begun to expand their operations. There have been recent reports of the Parsons working in Abanasinia, though the validity of these reports is skeptical.


  • Palanthas: The City of Palanthas was once occupied by the Dark Knights, and has since undergone a rash of lawlessness. The Parsons pay close attention to the goings on in this metropolis. The Parsons were especially busy foiling the plots of the Dark Knights. With the current run of lawlessness, the Parsons seek to bring criminals to justice.
  • Yarus: The Parsons in Yarus work closely with the people of the rural town. Their base of operations is nothing more than Annah's Tavern. A deposed noble, Remik Dalton (CG male civilized human noble 3/swashbuckler 3), leads the band. He is known for his ability with the rapier. Unlike other groups of the Parsons, the Yarus branch works more overtly. Recently, they have put a stop to a group of five bandits that had been terrorizing the town.


The Parsons would not have survived for so long without strong leadership. While the majority of Parson leadership consists of the nobility, strong leaders also exist with the bards and mystics as well.

  • Alenia Hallenguard: [NG female civilized human noble 9] When the Dark Knights killed Darrick Hallenguard when he resisted arrest, Alenia Hallenguard's world was turned upside down. The Dark Knights ordered Alenia to evacuate Hallenguard Keep in three days with what possessions she could carry. She complied, and watched in horror as her husband's ancestral home was burned to the ground. After much travel, she was found by a group of mystics who helped her through a despondent time. Inspired by their gratitude, Alenia began work establishing the Parsons. Alenia believes in the cause of freedom. Her heart breaks any time she witnesses a Dark Knight injustice. She works with other nobles as well as peasantry to try to bring about a peaceful Solamnia.
  • Calvinius: [CG male civilized human bard 8] Calvinius is a short man, with dark curly hair and a smile that never ceases. Some say he is a mischief maker, and there may be a hint of truth to that. He likes nothing more than playing a joke on the Dark Knights, playing the flute, or singing a cheerful song. Some say he is part kender. Calvinius comes across as irresponsible and jovial, but he has a serious side as well. He knows the oppression that the people of Ansalon have gone through, and seeks to bring joy to the parsons when days seem darkest.
  • Brother Bennith: [LG male civilized human mystic 5/Citadel Mystic 3] Brother Bennith studied at the Citadel of Light until the War of Souls. Brother Bennith traveled the lands to offer aid where he could, witnessing the aftereffects of what Mina and her One God brought to Ansalon. The War of Souls instilled within Bennith a strong belief that the gods bring about ruin. He believes strongly that the only ones who will help humanity are the mortals themselves. Brother Bennith leads the mystics of the Parsons, teaching the lessons of self-reliance and looking for hope from within.


Chief among the allies of the Parsons is the Legion of Steel. The Parsons work with the Legion to feed them information about the Dark Knights. The Legion also helps the Parsons with refugees from Nerakan-occupied Solamnia. The Legion will come to the aid of the Parsons when circumstances call for more physical action. The Parsons have also maintained good relations with the Citadel of Light, whose mystics will occasionally join the Parsons. The Parsons have the utmost respect for the Citadel.

The Parsons occasionally call the Knights of Solamnia allies, though not often. Most Knights of Solamnia are unaware of the Parsons, considering them nothing more than a folk legend. The Knights of Solamnia who are aware of the Parsons honor the work they did during the Nerakan occupation, but since the War of Souls, they are concerned that the Parsons will lead to vigilante behavior. Still, the Knighthood agrees that the Parsons are a force for good in the world, so they will ally themselves so long as it doesn't interfere with the Measure.


Chief among the enemies of the Parsons are the Dark Knights. During the Dark Knight occupation, the Parsons worked to thwart their plans through subversive means. The Dark Knights have several reports about the Parsons, but most are merely local folk legend. Along with the Dark Knights, the Parsons had earned the ire of Skie (Khellendros). After the War of Souls, the Parsons have been passing along reports of what few dragonspawn of Skie's remain to the Legion of Steel.

Joining the Parsons

The only way to join the Parsons is through invitation by an existing member. The group is so secretive, that there are no bases of operations for someone to join up. When an individual is being considered, they are observed for at least a month to make certain their heart lies with the people. Candidates can be deposed nobles, bards, mystics, or anyone who works for the betterment of the peasantry.

Costs and Benefits of Membership

The Parsons believe in giving what worldly possessions they have to the peasantry. Parsons outside of the nobility will only keep 50 steel pieces in value on their person, beyond weapons and armor, giving the rest to peasants in need.

Parsons can always find food and shelter with peasants in their communities. They gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy checks made with the common folk of their local communities as well. However, they receive a -2 penalty dealing with nobility outside of the Parsons or with Dark Knights.


Members of just about any class can join the parsons, though they typically accept those whose goals are to help the common man. Parsons are leaders among men, so those with leadership abilities or who have the ability to boost morale are most common.

  • Noble: The leadership of the Parsons typically falls upon the nobility. Nobles serve their people, using their influence to boost spirits. They can use their political power to help out peasants when they are in dire need. Many nobles who join the Parsons give up their wealth to aid the common man. Above all, they are role models to be looked upon.
  • Bard: Bards are very prominent within the Parsons, spreading the true word of Dark Knight atrocities to the populace. Their songs do much to inspire courage within the populace.
  • Mystic: Mystic Parsons are healers, and offer a sense of spiritual purpose to the populace. Mystics within the Parsons are taught to teach the people to find their own spiritual path, whether it be godly or mystical in nature. So long as people don't worship the agents of evil, then mystic Parsons are fine with the spiritual path a commoner takes. Mystics typically take the Community, Liberation, and Healing domains, though any is allowed.


Based on the Parson role as presented in Legends of the Lance #6.

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