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The Ansalonian Calendar

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Matt

Like any language, the various tongues spoken on the continent of Ansalon have different names for the days of the week and the months of the year. This document will provide a short introduction to the names of the days of the week and the months of the year, as well as a brief list of the holidays that are celebrated by the people of Ansalon.

The information presented in this document is based on information provided in the following Dragonlance products: Dragonlance Calendar 1999, Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home, and The History of Dragonlance.

Months of the Year
Month Ergoth Plainsmen Solamnic Dwarven Elven Kender Goblin
January Aelmont Ice Glaze Newkolt Dark-Crypt Winter Night Snowfun Famine
February Rannmont Snow Deep Deepkolt Dark-Deep Winter Deep Darktime Madness
March Mishamont Mountain Thaw Brookgreen Damp-Mood Spring Dawning Windsong Girding
April Chislmont Earth Wakes Yurthgreen Damp-Chisel Spring Rain Raindrum Scouting
May Bran Flower Blooms Fleurgreen Dry-Anvil Spring Blossom Flowerfield Campaign
June Corij Home Earth Holmswelth Dry-Axe Summer Home Homefriends Siege
July Argon Raging Fire Fierswelt Dry-Heat Summer Run Wandertime Flame
August Sirrimont Dying Ember Paleswelt Dry-Forge Summer End Summerlaze Sack
September Reorxmont Harvest Home Reapember Cold-Hammer Autumn Harvest Harvestfete Loot
October Hiddumont Leaf Gild Gildember Cold-Steel Autumn Twilight Leafplay Betrayal
November H'rarmont Dark Cold Darkember Cold-Rust Autumn Dark Bleakcold Pestilence
December Phoenix Frost Eve Frostkolt Cold-Lode Winter Come Blessings Reward
Days of the Week
Weekday Ergoth Plainsmen Solamnic Dwarven Elven Kender Goblin
Sunday Gileadai Friend Day Linaras Brenzik Gateway Praise Day Guard
Monday Luindai Hunt Day Palast Mithrik Bright Eye Light Day Pain
Tuesday Nuindai Share Day Majetag Adamachtis Night's Eye Fire Day Fear
Wednesday Soldai Gather Day Kirinor Aurachil Dead Eye Winds Day Rout
Thursday Manthus Barter Day Misham Cuprig Dream Dance Waters Day Strife
Friday Shinarai Worship Day Bakukal Ferramis Winged Trade Ground Day Feint
Saturday Boreadai Council Day Bracha Agorin World Tree Shadow Day Flank


There are, of course, holidays and festivals in the Dragonlance saga that those living on Ansalon celebrate. Here is a short list of those holidays, along with a brief description of each:

January 1: Happy Year Day
Happy Year Day, first day of the new year!

January 3: Dark Day
Dark Day, the anniversary of the Cataclysm and a day of reflection.

January 4: Tarsinian Regatta Day
Tarsinian Regatta Day, commemorates the day when Tarsis became land-locked.

January 22: Oathbreaking
Oathbreaking, the day the good dragons learned of Takhisis' broken promise.

Feburary 9-13: Harnkeggerfest
Harnkeggerfest - a five day festival where the hill dwarves open the first keg of summer ale.

March 14: Kith-Kanandras
Kith-Kanandras, a day honoring the life of Kith-Kanan.

March 15: Silvanosdras
Silvanosdras, the day the birthday of Silvanos is observed by the elves.

March 21: Spring Dawning
Spring Dawning, day of the vernal equinox.

April 4: Harrowing
Harrowing, start of the planting season on Ansalon.

June 21: Midyear Day
Midyear Day, also known as Midsummer's Eve, the longest day of the year.

July 15: Festival of Candles
The dwarves celebrate the Festival of Candles today to honor their deceased ancestors.

September 13: Heroes's Reunion Day
Today is Heroes's Reunion Day, commemorating the meeting of the Heroes of the Lance at the Inn of the Last Home in 351 AC.

September 22: Summer's End
Today is Summer's End, the autumnal equinox and the beginning of the harvest season.

September 25: Qualintsalaroth
Qualintsalaroth, or 'Death of Qualinesti', commemorates the day that the Qualinesti were forced to flee during the War of the Lance.

October 12: Festival of Knights
The Festival of Knights, celebrating the Knights of Solamnia, occurrs today.

November 13: Genealogy Day
Genealogy Day, the day where gnomes must report to the Geneaology Guild to file corrections, changes and addenda to their names.

December 6: Thanks a lot Day
Thanks a lot Day, when kender give thanks for the objects that have fallen into their pockets over the past year.

December 22: Yule
Merry Yule! Yule, or the winter solstice, where many light the Yule log and visit their relatives before the heavy snows.

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