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Ansalon Poster Map Circa 550 PC

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Aslan Uth Tallshire

Adventuring in the world of Krynn has always been a challenge prior to the Cataclysm: an accurate map of the continent of Ansalon has always been hard to come by. That problem has been corrected, however, thanks to the hard work of several dedicated Dragonlance fans, who have created a poster-sized map of Ansalon during the Age of Might!

Cartographer's Note:

These maps are my interpretation of how Ansalon looked in approximately 550 P.C. The kingdom borders and nations reflect as such. Official Dragonlance cities are written in black lettering with a white outline, while unofficial cities are written in white lettering with a black outline. A key to the map is included on the map itself. Special thanks to my co-creator Matt Hejnicki (Rooster) and to Kranar Drogin for access to his vast store of Dragonlance knowledge. In a time of great Empires during an Age of Might, let these maps guide you on your adventures.
Aslan Uth Tallshire

PC Poster Map Instructions

The full map is approximately 26" by 20". We've broken the map into smaller pieces to allow you to print it on your computer's printer. Each piece is approximately 6" by 10". After printing the eight pieces of the map, trim any white area around the image itself, and then you can piece them together.

Make sure that your printer is set up in portrait mode, with margins set to the maximum printable area. Each piece of image is saved at 150 dpi, and is roughly 350KB in size.

You can also download a smaller version of the full map, which will print correctly on a single 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper. That version of the map is available here.

Please Note: These maps may NOT be posted on any web site or distributed anywhere other than the Dragonlance Nexus (

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