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True Heart

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Heine Stick

True Heart (wondrous item): The origins of these black brooches are lost in the shadows of history. The most widely accepted theory among the members of the Cabal of the True Heart is that the brooches were originally created by clerics of Takhisis with the blessings of the Dark Queen herself. Attempts have been made to copy the brooches, but so far all attempts have failed.

The true heart is made from a black stone which is rumored to have been part of the corrupted Temple of Istar. The stone is shaped like the heart that beats inside every mortal, not the romanticized version. The pin is made of silver.

When clasped to whichever piece of cloth covers the owner's heart, the true heart grants its wearer a +3 deflection bonus to her AC. In addition to the AC bonus the wearer will be able to see as if a true seeing spell had been cast on her. Should the wearer of the brooch remove it, the abovementioned abilities will be lost and will remain lost until the wearer pins the true heart onto any cloth covering the wearer's heart.

Moderate divination; CL 12th; Craft Wondrous Item, true seeing, shield of faith; Price 16,000 stl.

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