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The Barrier and the Interloper

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

The Barrier of Krynnspace

Krynnspace is the collective term for all the planes that make up Krynn: the Dome of Creation, the Abyss, the Hidden Vale, the Astral, the Ethereal, the Plane of Shadow, the Elemental Planes as well as the Material Plane. At the dawn of time, the True Gods erected a barrier around Krynnspace that helps protect the Balance from outside influences. This barrier hampers planar transport outside of Krynnspace, in both directions. While that creature is on Krynn or while a creature from Krynn is on a foreign plane, they gain the interloper sub-type (see interloper subtype).

For each day after the first day, the planar travelling creature must make a Will saving throw (DC 10) to return through to their home plane using whatever method they used to breach the barrier that are available. For each day that the creature spends either on Krynn or on the other side of the Barrier, he must make another Will saving throw with a cumulative +1 to the DC. The saving throw is rolled only once, at the time the creature attempts to travel through the barrier. Failure on this saving throw immediately means that the creature is unable to cross the barrier by his own power, and unless he gains divine intervention, he is unable to by any other means. If a creature native to Krynn returns to Krynn or an interloper returns to their home plane, the willpower saving throw is re-set back to the starting DC 10 and they lose the interloper sub-type.

If the creature has any racial ability or special ability that is not found on Krynn (such as psionics or psionic-like abilities), they lose that ability or find that the ability grants a bonus to resist the abilities effects (usually a +4 circumstance bonus). All class features remain but unless the class is available on Krynn, the character can no longer advance in that class while on Krynn. The same is true for those from Krynn that exit Krynnspace to explore the Beyond.

Certain types of outsiders gain different effects from being stranded, as noted below.

  • Outsiders from the Upper Planes (such as Celestia or Bytopia) gain access to the Dome of Creation and, depending on their alignment find sanctuary in the heavenly domains of one of the seven Gods of Good. Those that find no sponsor find that they are free to leave the Dome of Creation and may travel wherever they wish, with no restrictions other than the inability to leave Krynnspace.
  • Outsiders from the Lower Planes (such as Baator or Acheron) gain access to The Abyss and, depending on their alignment find sanctuary in the abyssal domains of one of the seven Gods of Evil. Those that fail to find a sponsor among the Pantheon of Darkness are usually killed, unless a dark power seeks some mischief, in which case they are returned to Krynn to further the machinations of the Pantheon of Darkness, or just to repay an old debt to a mortal or church of another Pantheon.
  • Outsiders from the Neutral Planes (such as Limbo or the Outlands) gain access to the Hidden Vale and, depending on their alignment find sanctuary in the domains of one of the seven Gods of Neutral. Those that fail to fain a sponsor find that they are can travel freely wherever they wish but they are forcibly reminded that any attempt to garner support for a faith or deity on the other side of the Barrier will not be tolerated.
  • Elementals from one of the Elemental Planes gains access to the same Elemental Plane on Krynn.
  • Outsiders with the native subtype gain keep the native subtype when on Krynn and gain the interloper subtype (see interloper subtype, below).

Due to a long standing pact with the deities of countless other spheres, those characters from Krynn that find their way outside of Krynn that draw upon divine power (such as clerics, druids, paladins and rangers) continue to use their divine gifts. While in the new plane, the closest divine power to the beliefs and tenets of the deity supplies the characters divine abilities, with the understanding that under no circumstances will the character preach or actively convert others to their faith.

Similarly, those that come into Krynnspace from elsewhere draw their divine gifts from the True Gods and are made aware of the above restriction. Characters that break the alignment or ethical restrictions of their faith while on Krynn, still loose the benefits that they normally would have on their home plane.

Arcane spellcasters that come into Krynn and that seek to remain for longer than 100 days must seek out and present themselves to the Conclave of Wizards of High Sorcery and declare an allegiance. Failure to do so means that they become branded as renegades and are hunted down by the Orders. These interloper wizards may or may not be required to actually take The Test, unless they really wish to do so (DM's option). They need only to present themselves and be known to the Conclave, who then ensures that the wizard doesn't upset the Balance. Those that remain longer for 100 days have pressure applied to them each day that they remain on Krynn after the 100 day limit to get them to take The Test.

New Sub-Type (Interloper)

Interloper – The interloper is a sub-type that is applied to a creature that doesn't originate from any of the normal Planes of Krynnspace (the Material Plane, the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, the Elemental (Air, Earth, Fire or Water) Planes, the Plane of Shadow, the Dome of Creation, the Hidden Vale or the Abyss). An interloper is subject to any spell or effect that would affect a creature with the extraplanar subtype.

If the effect that is targeting the interloper would remove it back to another plane outside than the Material Plane, the offending creature is sent to his home plane outside the Barrier (as long as they are have not become stranded).

If the creature was still able to pass through the Barrier (they had not failed the Will saving throw and had become stranded), they are immediately dispatched back to their original plane and barred from entering Krynnspace for 1 year and 1 day. The creature suffers a +2 penalty on all further attempts by that creature to enter Krynnspace.

If the creature was stranded in Krynnspace, the creature losses all supernatural abilities and are stranded forever on Krynn, cursed by the Gods to never return home. Spell-like abilities may at the discretion of the DM be weakened, allowing a bonus to any saving throw against the effects of +2 or +4 or any spell-like ability that normally doesn't allow a saving throw now offers one.

The creature keeps all extraordinary abilities and all class features, but all attempts to cross the Barrier automatically fail for the creature, even if they travel through the Barrier as part of a larger group.

Should the interloper gain a divine patron, they may attempt to convince that patron to reinstate their lost spell-like abilities or supernatural abilities.

As with the extraplanar creatures, interloper creatures that are killed while on the Material Plane are killed and cannot be raised or resurrected, their souls have entered the River of Souls and have travelled into the next life.

Creatures that would normally have the extraplanar subtype that are interlopers lose the extraplanar subtype and gain the interloper subtype.

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