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Great Sword of Drakmattha

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The Great Sword of Drakmattha is a +3 flaming burst unholy greatsword, a gift from the Queen of Darkness to Ariakas. Legend has it that the Dark Queen wanted to give Ariakas a symbol to use when commanding the forces of the dragonarmies, one that would inspire fear in Ariakas' enemies. So it was that Takhisis enchanted the blade through a kiss, bestowing upon it unholy powers. Other tales suggest that the sword is able to command the very breath of all the dragons, though historians generally dismiss this as a fanciful notion.

Some of the legends surrounding the Third Dragon War mention a commander who served under Galan Dracos and Crynus who wielded a similar sword. Historians believe this commander to be Drakmattha, who the sword was named after. Reputedly, Drakmattha forged the sword in the heart of a volcano, where it was blessed by clerics of the Dragonqueen. Records from this era regarding Drakmattha are sketchy at best. It is unclear whether he even existed or was merely a character developed for dramatic retellings of Huma's legend.

After the War of the Lance, the sword vanished. It was not seen again until the formation of the Knights of Takhisis, wielded by Ariakan. Ariakan had undergone a dangerous quest to retrieve the blade, though he would never discuss it. After the Chaos War, the sword once more disappeared. The Knights of the Skull have prophesied that the sword will be wielded once again when Ariakan's true heir arises to take power. The current whereabouts of Ariakan's blade are unknown.

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