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The Academy of Ergoth

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Nael

Soon after the destruction of the first sorcerer's academy, yet prior to the War of Souls, some developments within the Empire of Ergoth that would change the viewpoint of magic within the empire forever.

The Bardic Revolt

Many students of the bardic college are frustrated when the more traditional Masters begin expelling those individuals who seem to be using both music and magic simultaneously. Many of the traditional Masters fear that these students are using their magical aptitude to influence others, and abuse the educational system. Some of these "True Bards" one of which is Aldanar Lucardis, a distant relative of the historical bard of bards Q. Soth, organized with the assistance of some of the more sympathetic masters, and literally tossed the Traditionalists out into the cold. The Traditionalists, led by a former Senator, contacted one of the local garrisons and brought armed retaliation to the gates of the Bardic School. The confrontation and consequent siege lasted four days, with the "True Bards" using music and stealth to eventually subdue and capture the much larger armed force. The Emperor, upset that nearly 700 of his army had been subdued without a single casualty to the defenders, was nonetheless impressed, and sent a representative to negotiate with the rebel students and masters. The subsequent negotiations ended with 3 great articles.

1. A Bard shall be defined as an individual who is not only well practiced in Music and history, but in blending of music and arcane magic, further, each who would claim the title of Bard, must also swear an oath of fealty to the Empire.

2. Bards and Minstrels will be accorded public courtesy, by both noble and government official when performing duties for the Empire.

3. Duties to the Empire, each bard after having sworn to the empire is considered an Imperial agent. As such they are required to ensure the spread of information through out the empire, submitting reports each season or as necessity dictates, on the conditions of the people of the empire, their needs and if support for natural disasters is required.

Also, the abandoned Temple of Branchala, was turned over to the new Bard Master Lucardis, the bardic college would remain the preliminary training ground for all who sought musical mastery, but the most gifted of students would after passing their proficiency exams, be sent to the capitol and Bard Master Lucardis for further training.

The Founding of the Academy

As the War of Souls progressed to the east and the weather disruptions caused by the glaciers to the south abated, the Empire began one of the most peaceful eras in millennia. It was at this time that a Woman with a porcelain mask appeared before the Emperor accompanied by the Princess Mercy. She was introduced as the "LadyMage of Wind Dancer Vale" and she had a proposition for the Emperor that he could not refuse. What she offered, was a pool or source of magically gifted individuals, who would willingly serve the empire both magically as well as academically and militarily. The Emperor, after consulting with his advisors and the Master Bard (who was whole heartedly in favor of the proposition) granted the LadyMage her Academy, but advised her that it would be answerable to him. The LadyMage readily agreed, and left Lady Mercy and the Master Bard to secure a previously abandoned portion of the Nobles' Quarter and Palace grounds for the future site of the Academy at Ergoth. The Lady Mage traveled Across Ansalon recruiting exceptional individuals in many fields to be the instructors and Masters.

1. Lord Professor Gildhas (Taladan Male Thinker Gnome, Master 11 - Alchemy and Artifice / Sage 7 - Generalist)

2. Lady Professor Breanna Di'Thon (Female Civilized Human Cleric 14 of Branchala / Master 3 - Heraldry)

3. Princess Mercideth (Female Civilized Human, Noble 2 / Mystic 6 / Citadel Mystic 3)

4. Lady Professor Auracanis of Tehyr (Female Aurak Draconian Sorcerer 3 / Master 9 - Artificer)

5. Lord Professor Dalin AmberFire (Male Mt. Dwarf (Hylar) Sorcerer 10 / Academy Mage 10 - Pyromancy)

6. Master Bard Lucardis (Male Civilized Human Bard 9 / Ergothian Imperial Agent 10)

7. Sir Haldar Del'Kovile (Male Civilized Human Fighter 5 / Chivilier 7)

8. Cronin of Solamnia (Male Civilized Human Sorcerer 6 / Spell broker 1)

9. Tamir Larkish (Female Civilized Human Sorcerer 4 / Mystic 4 / Magister 5)

These are the 9 major professors and teachers of the Academy to date. Each fills a specific role within the academy and its attendant Universities. The School trains anyone with an aptitude. The Emperor has instituted mandatory testing for everyone within the empire. The testing determines if the individual is gifted enough to enter the Academy. Those with the magical talent to manipulate primal sorcery are turned over to Lord Professor AmberFire, who then after rigorous testing determines a course of study for the new student. All students of the Academy learn basic tactics and self defense, some nobles who enter the Academy are trained to more advanced tactics as well as government, economics and the basics of Artifice and engineering. Bards after completing the required course work at the Bardic College, come to the academy to further master their powers as well as to be assigned to a part of the Empire in which they are to serve for the next 5 years. Some Mystics do find a home here among the peoples of the Academy, where they learn the Citadel methods of Mysticism. Some Few Sorcerers who also walk the path of Mysticism have become called Magister, and they continue to study and train at the academy.

End of the War of Souls (Return of the Gods)

With the end of the War of Souls and the return of the gods, some clerics have also taken up residence at the Academy. Many seek to assist with the protection of the academy and the spread of knowledge. Sirrion has become the most favored deity for many sorcerers, as the Wizards of High Sorcery have reformed and they towers have been very heavy handed in its dealings with Primal Sorcerers. Many new magical developments have been discovered, many of which are easily affordable to those of the middle social classes of Ergothian society. Chill boxes and other storage devices have allowed for better food storage, and this has reduced chances of starvation as well as making food cheaper for all. Magical medicines, brewed by the mystics and clerics under the supervision of the Alchemists, have also reduced sickness and general health care. Ergoth's armies have also benefited, with better equipment and food storage, better weapons and armor, and generals who have been trained to a degree not seen before.

The Founding of the Kagonesti Kingdom (Reclamation of Southern Ergoth)

Kagonesti elves and those of their kin that still remain in the Estwilde, seek to establish a new homeland where they will be forever free of the Silvanesti and Qualinesti. After weeks of negotiation a force of 6,000 Kagonesti elves and 10,000 Ergothians travel to Southern Ergoth and after many months manage to destroy the White Dragon Lord, and destroy its skull totems. While the land is still frigid today it is more Alpine than Glacial. The Kagonesti have an elected Kingship that has established free trade with Ergoth, effectively securing the Ergothian southern borders and providing a new market for the minor magic items that are improving the life styles of the Northern Ergothians.

The Tower's Dirty Little War

The Tower of Nightlund is finally claimed by the White robes, just as Wayreth is controlled by the Red and the Blood sea tower by the Black. Now that the Towers have the Numbers they issue a warning to all sorcerers, Report to the towers or are labeled as renegades. The LadyMage instead offers all Sorcerers who do not wish to submit to the towers sanctuary at the Academy if they will follow the rules, and swear to the Emperor. After many months the Sorcerers' Purge begins, and hundreds of sorcerers are killed. The Purge is lead by Hannar of Khur, a black-robed Renegade hunter, who with a delegation from all three orders appears before the Academy, declaring that the LadyMage and all her followers are renegades, and as such are to be turned over to the towers for trial. The Emperor refuses and at this point in time Hannar casts a devastating spell of his own devising aimed directly at the Emperor. The Emperor is saved by the LadyMage who then turns Hanner's own spell against him and leave nothing but a pile of ash. The Emperor then tells the remaining wizards that they are unwelcome within the borders of Ergoth, and until a formal apology is made all wizards are under interdict within the Ergothian Empire. The White and Red orders call a conclave in which the Blacks other than Dalamar send no representatives. Dalamar declares that Nuitari has commanded that all the Black destroy Ergoth for daring to command the orders and for harboring Sorcerers and then vanishes. Soon begins a terror based conflict where the black robes use magical bombs, magically controlled constructs and even undead to terrorize the citizens of Ergoth. Thankfully the Sorcerers and Mystics of the Academy have been able to deal with most of the attacks with minimal impact on the general populace, however, the image of wizards has been made much worse within the Empire.

Solamnia Unifies under a High King

King James finally unifies all of Solamnia under his rule. He also reinstates the Uth Winstan Measure for the knightly Orders. A restructuring occurs and the leaders of the three orders now answer directly to him. Solamnia and Ergoth form strong political alliances. King James also commissions the Engineers of the Academy to help build a new capitol city.

Classes Associated with the Academy at Ergoth

Core: Master (Engineering, Artifice*, Alchemy, Music and Heraldry), Bard, Mystic, Sorcerer, Fighter, Noble, Spell Broker, Citadel Mystic.

Player Created: Academy Mage, Magister, Ergothian Imperial Agent, Chevalier, Herald, Spell blade, Imperial Legionnaire.

I will completely Detail the Artifice Discipline for Masters later, but basically think Tinker Gnomes.

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