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Multiclassing in Dragonlance

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Multiclassing in the Dragonlance campaign setting can be a confusing issue at times. This article serves as a guideline for those who wish to multiclass in Dragonlance.

Note that this article follows what official guidelines. Dungeon Masters may house rule multiclassing however they wish.

Alignment Considerations

Bards and barbarians are non-lawful in alignment. Monks must be lawful in alignment, and paladins must be LG. Druids can be NG, NE, LN, N, or CN in alignment.

All other classes are open to any alignment, though some may lean one way or another.

Patron Deity Restrictions

Characters in the Dragonlance setting may revere more than one deity, but when they begin to draw magical power from that deity, they form a covenant. Characters may not have more than one patron deity.

The rule of thumb is that you can multiclass into any class that gains magical power from your patron deity. For example, a cleric can multiclass with druid so long as the deity who grants power for both classes is the same.

It should be noted as well that druids and rangers typically gain magic from one of the nature deities (Habbakuk if good, Chislev if neutral, and Zeboim if evil). Though other deities can potentially grant nature-based magic, characters who play multiclassed druids and rangers should keep their choice of deities in mind.

Wizards are a special case where this is concerned. Those who are either dabblers or are renegades can multiclass with other focused spellcasters (clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers) freely. Once a wizard has taken the Test of High Sorcery and made a covenant with one of the gods of magic, he may no longer gain power from another deity and can not multiclass with any class that grants power from another deity.

Ambient and Focused Magic Restrictions

"Why can't I play a cleric/bard of Branchala?"

Perhaps the biggest point of confusion is where ambient and focused (godly) magic are concerned. According to Sovereign Press, you cannot multiclass between ambient spellcasting classes and focused spellcasting classes. This is due in large part to the types of energies being different. The ambient magic of the world is Chaos-touched.

Likewise, one should consider how they access the magic. Mystics will look inward for divine power, while clerics (and druids, paladins, and rangers) look outward towards the gods.

Other Considerations

Once a person has multiclassed into monk or paladin, they may not advance in another class. Likewise, once a character has taken levels in the Wizard of High Sorcery prestige class, he cannot advance any further in classes other than ones that advance his arcane spellcasting ability.

It should be noted as well that rangers can freely multiclass until they reach 4th level, when they can cast divine spells. Until that point, he is not granted spells from a deity.

Options for Multiclassing

Above, we see more of the official viewpoint. The following are unofficial options one can use in their Dragonlance campaign. Note that the following options vary from the official viewpoint and should be approved by the Dungeon Master beforehand.

Bards: As mentioned above, it is an oddity that bards cannot multiclass with clerics of Branchala. The Dungeon Master may wish to make an exception in this case. Likewise, the Dungeon Master may also decide that a bard's magic is, in fact, divine and comes from Branchala or another bardic deity.

Monks: Dungeon Masters may opt to allow monks to multiclass with clerics of Majere. Likewise, monks could freely multiclass with mystics as both classes tend to be introspective.

Mystic: Mystics could potentially multiclass with clerics or monks who follow Majere or Zivilyn. Clerics and monks of Zivilyn tend to be introspective, as do mystics. Note that cleric/mystic multiclass combos are not normally allowed, so clear this with your DM first.

Noble: According to the DLCS, noble characters must take noble as their 1st level to represent their birthright. This does not take into consideration the idea that one can be born of low birth and become a noble (presumably through military action, a coup, etc.). Dungeon Masters may opt to allow a character to become a noble without having noble as the class taken at 1st level.

Paladin: Paladins could potentially multiclass with cleric so long as the patron deity is one that sponsors paladins (such as Paladine or Kiri-Jolith).

Sorcerer: Sorcerers could potentially multiclass with clerics provided that the ambient/focused magic restriction is dropped. For example, Sirrion may look favorably upon a pyromancer.

Multiclassing Chart

The following chart is a guideline for multiclassing in Dragonlance. Note that an X means you can multiclass with that class, and a * means that there is a special note on multiclassing.

Note that the wizard class below refers only to wizards who are dabblers or renegades. See notes above on wizard multiclassing.

Multiclassing Combos in Dragonlance
Bar Brd Clr Drd Ftr Mar Mas Mnk Mys Nob Pal Rgr Rog Sor Wiz Wiz (WoHS)
Bar X X X X X X X X X X X X *
Brd X X X X X X X X
Clr X X X X X * X * X X X
Drd X X X X X X X X X
Ftr X X X X X X * X X * X X X X *
Mar X X X X X X * X X * X X X X *
Mas X X X X X X * X X * X X X X *
Mnk * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mys X X X X X * X X X
Nob X X X X X X X * X * X X X X *
Pal * * * * * * * *
Rgr X X X X X X * X * X X
Rog X X X X X X X * X X * X X X *
Sor X X X X X * X X X
Wiz X X X X X X * X X X
Wiz (WoHS) * * * * * * * *

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Carteeg_Struve for coming up with the table idea.

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