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Dragon Points

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The Eberron Campaign Setting adds a concept to the game called Action Points. Indeed, this is a system that has been used in many games prior to that, from Star Wars to Shadowrun to Legend of the Five Rings and beyond. In each case, the names have been a little different (Force Points, Void Points, etc.) and there have been different implementations of them.

An Action Point system is designed to add an element of heroic luck to a campaign. By using Action Points, a character can narrowly avoid danger, make a successful attack, or use a skill more successfully.

Certainly, this is a system that could be introduced to Dragonlance. In essence, this will be viewed as the laws of Balance in Dragonlance ensuring that the Balance is maintained.

Dungeon Masters can opt to use the Action Point system from the Eberron Campaign Setting. It's an excellent system and makes for lots of fun.

This article will provide a variant Action Point system, called Dragon Points to fit the flavor of the Dragonlance setting better.

Using Dragon Points

Players begin at 1st level with 2 Dragon Points. Afterwards, they gain an additional Dragon Point at every 4th level afterwards (a total of three at 4th, four at 8th, five at 12th, six at 16th, and seven at 20th). Unlike the Eberron Campaign Setting, which gives a certain number of Action Points per level, the number of Dragon Points a character has are usable per game. For example, Kinthalin (a 4th-level ranger) can use a total of three Dragon Points per game. Your Dragon Points are replenished at the next game session.

If a Dungeon Master feels this is overpowered, he can opt to have the player decide between getting a Dragon Point or have his ability score improve.

Each Dragon Point is a d6, which can be used to modify any d20 roll. Players must let Dungeon Masters know ahead of time that they are using a Dragon Point. A Dragon Point can be used to improve one's initiative, make for a more successful ability score or skill check, or used to add to the character's attack roll or saving throw.

Dragon Point Feats

Dragon Point Boost [General]
The luck of the gods is with you.
Benefit: Rather than using d6's for Dragon Points, you use d8's.

Dragon Point Surge [General]
Your inner reserves of strength allow you to accomplish the extraordinary.
Benefit: You can sacrifice two Dragon Points in a single game session for a guaranteed attack (not a critical), saving throw, ability score check, or skill check.

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