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From Dragon to Dragonlance #331

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Brinebeast

For those who like to incorporate new sources of information into their Dragonlance campaign the following is a collection of ideas and suggestions on how to use the material found in Dragon vol. 331 in a Dragonlance setting. This is purely opinion based and should not be considered official in any way.

The Point of Pole Arms pg. 22-28

This article greatly expands upon the list of pole arms available for players to use and includes some brief discussion on the historical use of pole arms. Besides introducing several new pole arms this article also details new feats that enhance the playability of pole arms. All weapons and feats in this article are appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Note: Before a player takes the Braced for Charge feat he or she should first consider the Spear of Doom feat found in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.

Alchemical Charms - Devils, Demons, and Vampires Beware pg. 30-34

Alchemists, street peddlers, or even tribal shamans will commonly offer to sale or give adventurers small trinkets that will assist them on their journeys. Often these trinkets will be nothing more than superstitious items that will supposedly offer adventurers luck or protection but occasionally these charms will be something more. This article describes several different alchemical charms and draughts that any adventurer will surely find useful. Alchemical charms and draughts are one time use items that are not created through the use of magic and thus capable of being used or crafted throughout any of Krynn's ages. All of the material presented in this article can be used with little to no adaptation in a Dragonlance setting.

Note: The plant wolfsbane is an alchemical item that specifically affects lycanthropes. Because there are no lycanthropes on Krynn the repellant effects this plant has on lycanthropes has likely gone undiscovered, considering there is no use for it.

Fast, Furious, and Fantastical New Magic Vehicles pg. 36-39

If you're tired of the standard mount or horse-drawn carriage, looking for transportation that is a little more unique, showy, or creepy then this is the article for you. This article details eleven new modes of transportation, most which can be easily added to into a Dragonlance setting. Consider the following adaptations to the vehicles listed below before adding them to a Dragonlance campaign.

Chariot of Sustarre: Change the name of Chariot of Sustarre to Chariot of Flame.

Palanquin of Beguilement: A Palanquin of Beguilement built for a small humanoid needs either four servants of small size or two servants of medium size. Either way the rider still receives the full +4 bonus.

Note: The sedan chair of Queen Casberry could easily have been a Palanquin of Beguilement (see A Hero's Justice, Ergoth Trilogy vol. 3), and players who have ranks in the Noble class may find this form of transportation agreeable to their social status.

Bedrolls, Bottles, and Bells - Getting the Most out of Your Gear pg. 40-44

Just as the title indicates this article provides numerous insights on how to effectively use your equipment. Creative uses for several of the more mundane items found in the Player's Handbook are detailed in this article including everything from pitons to trail rations. All the information presented in this article is acceptable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

The Plunderer's Handbook pg. 46-52

Adventurers travel for many reasons but no matter what the goal everyone looks forward to acquiring some treasure. This article provides plenty of tips on how to find, secure, and transport the wealth adventurers often find on their journeys. All the information presented in this article is acceptable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

The Ecology of the Green Hag pg. 56-60

Within this article you will find an in depth look at green hags. The statistics for the green hag can be found in the Monster Manual and this article expands upon the information presented there. Most of the information detailed in this article is appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting with little to no adjustment. However, consider the following alteration before using the information presented in this article.

History of Green Hags: The history of green hags in a Dragonlance setting is most often tied to the fall of the High Ogres or Irda. When the Irda were cursed by the gods and began to degenerate into the brutal race of Ogres that they are now, many powerful Irda attempted to either halt the progression of the curse or reverse it. A few Irda who had access to powerful magic were able to alter the affects of the curse and retain some of the innate power of the Irda, but they were never able to completely stop the progression of the curse. It was from these Irda that hags were born, including the green hag. While this may not be the only legend associated with the birth of the green hags, it is certainly one of the more common green hag creation myths.

Insidious Items pg. 64-67

There always seems to be plenty of helpful magic items for adventurers to find but occasionally some items that appear helpful are actually harmful. This article details nine new magical items that have a much more destructive nature when worn or used by players. All of these items can be easily added to Dragonlance setting and need little to no adjustment. DM's should consider appropriate histories for these items before adding them to a Dragonlance campaign.

Spell Strips of the Black Pyramid pg. 70-73

This article introduces the Black Pyramid and the spells and curse associated with it. There is very little history presented about the Black Pyramid making it easy to add to any dry, sandy, and relatively desolate region on Krynn. The seven new spell presented in this article can also be used in a Dragonlance setting with little to no adjustment necessary. Before using the Curse of the Black Pyramid consider the following adjustments.

Curse of the Black Pyramid: The curse came about as a result of a wizard stealing certain spells from the deities of the sun and desert. This description does not align well with Krynn's deities and it would perhaps be better to have the spells stolen from a temple (i.e. the Black Pyramind) that was dedicated to servants of magic and nature. For example, it could be possible that servants of Nuitari and followers of Morgion found a common cause that resulted in the building of the Black Pyramid. For whatever reason relations broke down and the pyramid was abandoned. The spells developed while the two groups were cooperating were sealed within and guarded by a curse. Secretly members from both factions had copied the spells and eventually they were leaked to other spell casters in an effort to quietly eliminate rivals. Thus the curse was activated and the spells slowly began to circulate amongst various spell casting groups. This of course is just on possible adaptation and DM's should adapt the Curse of the Black Pyramid to however best fits their campaign.

The Spiderwick Chronicles pg. 74-77

This article is all about the Spiderwick Chronicles, a novel series written mostly for younger readers. Within the article are discussions on many of the main themes found in the Spiderwick Chronicles and how those themes can be applied to the Dungeons and Dragons game. Many of these themes could also be easily applied to a Dragonlance setting. The House Brownie is a new creature that is also detailed in this article and is appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Class Acts

This is a collection of eleven articles. Each article focuses upon one of the Base Classes found in the Player's Handbook and provides an in-depth look at that Base Class. Each section of this article can be used in a Dragonlance setting with little or no adjustment.

Note: Consider using the sidewinder monks as a group dedicated to Hiddukel.

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