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Holy Order of the Spoon

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Charles Phipps

The Holy Order of the Spoon

(Note, the above information is merely how Tas appears to his cult)

Tasslehoff Burrfoot

Uncle Tas, The Hand that guides the Rabbitslayer, The Fireseeker, The Timespanner, the Mapmaker

Lesser God

Home Plane: The Dome of Creation, Wherever he feels like.
Symbol: A Spoon or Hoopak
Colors: Purple and Brown
Celestial Symbol: The Wandering Star (A comet that has recently appeared in the sky that was caught from the Dragon Overlords' homeworld)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Travel, Curiosity, Time, Innocence
Worshippers: Travelers, Kender, Sorcerers
Cleric Alignment: CG, NG, N (Kender only), LG (Solamnics only)
Domains: Good, Luck, Trickery, Travel (solely preferred)
Favored Weapon: Hoopak (kender), Dagger (non-kender)
Preferred Vestments: Traveling cloak, Leather Boots, Spoons of Faith

The Holy Order of the Spoon is one of the most bizarre religions that has appeared on Ansalon in the wake of the god's absence and curiously one of the very few that is growing in the wake of the God's return. The Cult was created in the wake of the departure of the gods by a Kender named Wendel Harpstrummer who was a former cleric of Branchala and oddly a Knight of Solamnia named Thomas Crownguard (distant relation to the late Hero of the Lance). The pair met at the Tomb of Heroes in Solace and were largely lamenting the loss of the gods when the most bizarre conversation in the history of Ansalon likely took place.

Wendel Harpstrummer knew every single deed of Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Thomas Crownguard was a student of divinity during his training to become a Knight of the Sword. The two discussed the fact that Fizban, also known as Paladine, spent the most time with Tasslehoff Burrfoot. They discussed further that Tasslehoff Burrfoot was instrumental in defeating the dark wizard Raistlin Majere. They furthermore discussed that Tasslehoff was the one who 'gathered' the heroes that defeated Chaos (they were on their third pitcher of Caramon Majere's ale by this time). Vastly misinterpreting the conversation between Fizban and Palin Majere after some drunken interrogation that got them thrown out of the inn, the pair concluded that Tasslehoff Burrfoot had been made a god and was the first of the new divine beings that was the nature of the 'Age of Mortals.'

Thomas Crownguard was almost immediately expelled for heresy by the Order of Solamnia but soon found himself amongst the Legion of Steel whom appreciated the talented, if eccentric warrior, who needed the crutch of some god...any god...being behind his sword. Wendel Harpstrummer, liking the Knight, proceeded to fall quickly into his delusion and the pair became traveling do-gooders in the name of their new deity. It is then that the pair began what is now viewed as a 'sacred crusade' and a series of coincidences occurred that actually began to make the religion more than just a joke.

The first, really isn't a coincidence. Both Thomas and Wendel were genuinely good people. Thomas and Wendel fought for the downtrodden and oppressed wherever they went. They gave what little food they had and even more money. They treated Gully Dwarves and Kender with respect (the later left them even more deprived of possessions but neither seemed to mind much). The credo they preached was the love of children, friendship, and innocence. It was said that both were amongst the happiest people that most had ever met, even when faced with terrible ordeals. They accepted anyone to their religion who wanted to help another. There is even said to be a Draconian convert to Tas from their travels and now a temple for the god in the nation of Teyr).

Wendel's powerful devotion to their credo actually discovered mysticism independent of the Citadel of Light and he taught it to his companion. Thomas, believing Tas had restored his Solamnic connection to the gods, became even more convinced of his truth. The pair eventually did meet Goldmoon, who found the pair to be more comical than tragic, but they were inconvincible that they were incorrect in their faith. Wendel happily taught his secrets to whatever kender wished to honor Uncle Tas and Thomas extolled the virtues of goodness and honor through 'Tas parables' that actually became a very popular series of children's rhymes in Solamnia.

Both continued their heroics well into the time of the Dragon Overlords when they set up refugee movements based off some Burrfoot maps that the Majere family donated to the deluded but well meaning religion. Wendel sacrificed his life fighting Spawn but promised, having grown a tad senile, that Tas would be there for them and eventually deliver them. Thomas founded an orphanage with his former Knight of Takhisis wife who was fascinated by the innocence that she'd never known until meeting her husband. The man was said to have somehow cared for one hundred orphaned children when he'd died of a heart attack.

The Cult might have died had not that very year, Tasslehoff Burrfoot returned and (to hear the Cult tell it) destroyed the Dragon Overlords along with restored the gods to their rightful places. Wendel's children and Sir Thomas' heirs almost unanimously came to believe their parents' religion to be true. The group even found some sorcerers in their practices as kender tales had been told that Tasslehoff had no problem with sorcery but found it 'nifty.' Given the god also calls for respect and friendship to even Gully Dwarves, the race is of the mind that Tasslehoff is 'alright' as a god. An astounding endorsement from many HighBulps.

Given the large numbers of worshippers now, many gods are a tad perplexed as to what to do about it. Branchala coyly suggesting that maybe they SHOULD make him a god.

Dogma: Children should be looked at for the role model of what one should be. Give adoring and trusting love until a person is proven unworthy of it. Protect Kender, Gully Dwarves, and children against attack for they are wicked. Destroy the undead for Tas disliked them. Show respect to your elders for you never know who they might be. Travel often and make the world a better place wherever you go. Do not become too attached to possessions but keep them instead for the stories they may tell. Don't think Tas is dead just yet and recognize his tomb has been emptied before.

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