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From Dragon to Dragonlance #330

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Brinebeast

For those who like to incorporate new sources of information into their Dragonlance campaign the following is a collection of ideas and suggestions on how to use the material found in Dragon vol. 330 in a Dragonlance setting. This is purely opinion based and should not be considered official in any way.

Enter the Far Realm pg. 21-40

This article features an in-depth look at the Far Realm and discusses how this realm can be incorporated into your campaign. Interestingly nearly all the information presented hear is perfectly acceptable for use in a Dragonlance setting despite the fact that the Far Realm is not included in the Dragonlance planar cosmology. The Far Realm exists beyond the scope of the gods and outside of creation, because of this the Far Realm can be easily applied to almost any campaign setting. Like on most worlds the Far Realm in relation to Krynn is a difficult place to access and few sane mortals would willing seek out away to enter into the Far Realm. This article is broken into several sections and a closer review of these sections can be found below.

Far Realm History

This section provides information on the history of the Far Realm and how this distant plane became connected to the realm of mortals.

Note: This section describes how a powerful group of elves mistakenly accessed the Far Realm. In a Dragonlance setting it would be more appropriate to have this history associated with an ancient group of Irda.

Further Adaptation: Tying this history to the Irda can add an interesting twist as too why the Irda were cursed by the gods. For mortals to seek out a place beyond the realms of established creation would be a direct slap in the face to those deities that created the world and its surrounding planes. If the Irda were to have accessed the Far Realm then the gods were likely extremely displeased with them and the heresy of Igrain would have been the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

Cerebrotic Blot / Cerebrotic Marrow- Occasionally a rift will open on the material plane and a tiny piece of the Far Realm will seep through. The area affected is known as a cerebrotic blot. A cerebrotic blot is broken into three distinct regions, these being the periphery, marrow, and core. Details for these regions can be found within the article and need little to no adaptation for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Cerebrosis- Learning to access and manipulate power from the Far Realm is known as cerebrosis. Those who take an interest in the Far Realm are likely to undergo the Rite of the Blot, a ritual that provides access to magical power from the Far Realm. Upon completion of the Rite of the Blot the character gains the feat Cerebrosis (see pg. 27) and earns the title cerebrant. The Cerebrosis feat provides access to the cerebrant spell list. In a Dragonlance setting a spell caster who casts a spell from the cerebrant spell list should treat that spell as if it had the same magic descriptor as the type of spells that spell caster would normally cast (Focused Divine, Ambient Divine, Focused Arcane, Ambient Arcane). For example if a cleric were to become a cerebrant and cast the spell Aching Dread from the cerebrant spell list this spell would be treated as a Focused Divine Spell. If a player has more than one spell casting class he/she must decide which class to apply the cerebrant spell list. Once this decision has been made it can not be changed. For example a character who has taken levels in both the Sorcerer class and Mystic class before becoming a cerebrant can add learned cerebrant spells to their Sorcerer spell list or their Mystic spell list but not both.

Once a character has become a cerebrant the Far Look feat (see pg. 27) also becomes available to that character. The Far Look feat and the Cerebrosis feat are both acceptable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Cerebrotic Spells- This section details the eleven new spells that compose the cerebrant spell list. These spells range from first to ninth level and are all acceptable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Far Realm Monstrosities- This section details four new monsters that normally reside in the Far Realm but occasionally find their way to the material plane. All of these monsters are acceptable to for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Dream Keys- When the Far Realm looks into your dreams your mind is filled with dark and terrible nightmares. Sometimes these twisted dreams are more than what they seem and within the dream lies an artifact, a gift from the Far Realm. This section details three different Dream Keys each of which a acceptable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

The Umbragen pg. 42-48

This article is all about the Umbragen, the Umbragen being the drow or dark elves of Eberron. If you are interested in learning more about Eberron then this article should be most enjoyable. However, neither Drow nor the Umbragen sub-race are found on Krynn, thus making this article inappropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Coming Home pg. 50-57

This article acts as an introduction for some of the characters found in the book Marked for Death. The events in this book take place on the campaign world of Eberron. Those who are interested in Eberron and plan to read the book Marked for Death are sure to find this article to be of interest. However, the people, places, and events, mentioned in this article have no impact upon the world of Krynn. Because Dragonlance and Eberron are different campaign worlds this article is inappropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting.

The Ecology of the Chuul pg. 60-64

Within this article you will find an in depth look at the chuul. The statistics for the chuul can be found in the Monster Manual and this article expands upon the information presented there. The information detailed in this article is appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting but may need some adjustments. This article offers some insight into the history of the chuul. As of yet chuul history on Krynn has not been detailed and the history of the chuul found in this article may or may not be applied to Krynn, at the DM's discretion.

Tools of the Assassin pg. 66-68

This article presents eight new magic items specifically designed for use by the assassin. While most assassins will find these items useful so will a number of other classes. Two new weapon special abilities are also presented in this article as well as a brief discussion on the use of cursed items as portable traps. All of the information with in this article is appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting with little to no adjustment.

Volume Veneficus pg. 70-73

The Volume Veneficus is a book, of sorts, written on the living scales of snakes. This book is considered sacred amongst the Yuan-Ti and with in its pages can be found information detailing seven new serpent related spells. Consider the following adjustments before introducing the Volume Veneficus into a Dragonlance setting.

History: The Volume Veneficus is closely tied to the history of the Yuan-Ti. The Yuan-Ti have so far remained a very minor race on Krynn and are likely an offshoot of the Sligs (see Bestiary of Krynn). It would be more appropriate to use the Volume Veneficus in relation to Slig history and culture as opposed to Yuan-Ti.

Merrshaulk: Merrshaulk is the patron deity of the Yuan-Ti. The Dragonlance setting has a fixed pantheon and any reference to the deity Merrshaulk should be eliminated and replaced with Morgion. Another possibility would be to have Merrshaulk be the Slig or Yuan-Ti name for the deity Morgion.

Merrshaulk's Kiss: Change the name of the spell Merrshaulk's Kiss to Morgion's Kiss.

Note: Unless otherwise noted above, all other information or spells presented in this article should be considered appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting.

The Jester pg. 74-77

Nobody plays the fool quite like the Jester. At the nobles court in Palanthas, in a meandering Kender parade in Hylo, or entertaining children on a street corner in Tarsis the Jester can be found in any number of places. The Jester is a new prestige class that emphasizes the flamboyant and comedic. This prestige class appears to have been tailor made for the Master Performer base class (see War of the Lance source book), and any player playing as a Master Performer should take a serious look at what the Jester has to offer. The Jester prestige class needs little to no adjustment for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Note: As the Jester progresses in level he/she learns a very small number of arcane spells. These spells are retained as spell-like abilities and because of this these spells should be considered Ambient Arcane. The Jester's spell casting abilities are comparable to that of fey or dragons in the sense that their spells remain unaffected throughout the turbulence of the Fourth and Fifth ages. How or why Jesters are able to retain spells on a permanent basis is a secret know only to Jesters. However, rumors often circulate about a Jester's heritage, the most common involving a great grandmother or grandfather who disappeared in the woods only to return a year later with a new born babe.

Class Acts

This is a collection of eleven Articles. Each article focuses upon one of the Base Classes found in the Player's Handbook and provides an in depth look at that Base Class. Each section of this article can be used in a Dragonlance setting with little or no adjustment, except for the section concerning sorcerers, page 94. This section details how to create a specialist sorcerer through the use of spheres. Dragonlance already has a similar system in place for creating specialist sorcerers (see Age of Mortals source book).

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