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Jiathuli, Demigoddess of Deceit

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Nael

Other Names:Arachnae the Spinner (Ergoth, Solamnia), Jiathu Nahad (Khur), the Night Weaver (Minotaur Empire), Jiathuli (Taladas), Auraushnee (Elves of Ansalon), Nightbiter the Mate Eater (Goblins)

Demi-Goddess/Lesser Goddess
Home Plane:
The Deathdark/Abyss
Symbol: Stylized arachnid
Colors: Black and gold
Celestial Symbol: Spider (only visible from the Far north of Taladas)
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: Subversives, schemers, liars and politicians, also prisoners
Worshipers: Evil elves (Ansalon), politicians, ogres (Taladas), Tamir elves (Taladas)
Cleric Alignments: Any evil
Domains: Betrayal, Deception, Evil (clerics may only select one domain)
Favored Weapon: Matched stilettos ("Innuendo" and "Widow's Kiss")
Preferred Vestments: Black silk robe embroidered with a web motif

Jiathuli, demi-goddess of deception and deceit, is the patron deity of corrupt politicians and evil-aligned elves that have not yet been discovered or condemned as dark elves. A very convincing weaver of fanciful and seemingly accurate false hoods, this demi-goddess has been known to fool even Hiddukel for a short period of time. Jiathuli was once a handmaiden of Takhisis. She served in her court, and through power and cunning, rose to become the chief handmaiden. Takhisis gave her the title of Princess of the Abyss, and granted her the power of a demigod. Jiathuli was always scheming, and in her mind she desired to become a god and have her constellation of a spider in the sky. With the coming of Chaos and the subsequent war of Souls, Jiathuli's prison has weakened and she has begun to spread her influence to Krynn. When Jiathuli was still a Handmaiden to Takhisis she was able to create a small demiplane called the Deathdark. Within this demiplane, Jiathuli was able to corrupt black dragons and crossbreed them with whisper spiders, creating a new species of dragon called the spider dragon. In a rage, Takhisis sealed Jiathuli in the Deathdark, where she continues her work creating spider dragons, giant spiders, spider daemons, and other creatures.

Many of those who become clerics of the demi-goddess of deceit are politicians or influential members of the community who seek power for no other reason than to have it. Tactics used by clerics of Jiathuli include blackmail, political assassinations, poisonings, and kidnapping as well as false documentation, innuendo and outright lies. Although many of her activities would impinge on the traditional activities of Hiddukel, Jiathuli has managed to remain hidden due in part to her own skills as well as the good favor of the god Chemosh. Chemosh finds Jiathuli's activities often coincide with his own, whereas Jiathuli promises power in this life, Chemosh promises that you can take it with you.

Jiathuli has a special pit in her black heart for the elves of Krynn, as once long ago she was one. Although it is unknown whether she was one of the main branches of the elven race, it is known that Jiathuli was quite possibly the first elf to undergo the ceremony that casts an elf from the light for her worship of Takhisis back in the beginning of the Age of Dreams. Jiathuli takes great pleasure in those elven worshippers who are able to maintain high positions of public office while at the same time rightly deserving to be cast out as dark elves. Dark elves who continue to worship Jiathuli after they are discovered and cast out from their homelands are rare, but those few who do find special favor with the goddess of spiders, by secretly corrupting other elves to the goddess, or by creating spider-like abominations to harass elven settlements.

The church of Jiathuli is organized in very intricate webs of cells, each cell knowing only 8 other member cells in a given area. Each groping of 8 cells is lead by a Nightmaster. The Nightmaster of a given area is determined by intrigue and blackmail, he that has the most information to expose the others rules all.

Clerics of Jiathuli pray for their spells at midnight. The most important day for the church is actually the anniversary of the death of Takhisis. The great ceremony of the church is called the Eightfold Path of Power. This ceremony is granted to special agents of the goddess. Each recipient receives a small power from each ceremony but each "gift" requires a price. Many clerics will only undergo the first 3 portions of the ceremony, as the price is rather drastic and painful.

As a demi-goddess, Jiathuli is considered a threat to the balance in many ways, but since the death of Takhisis, Jiathuli has found support from some of the Dark gods, as well as among mortals. Hiddukel despises her, and Habakkuk is openly hostile to her. Chislev would willingly destroy her because Jiathuli has corrupted many animals to serve her, these spider abominations usually decimate the natural wildlife near where they make their lairs, polluting the area for other species.


Power is all. Set your webs of deceit and lies so that the gullible may become trapped so that you may destroy them at your leisure. Take that what you need, and let those who are stupid and weak suffer the blame and consequences. Do not take absolute power; control your lessers with fine silken threads of deceit, innuendo and intimidation.

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