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From Dragon to Dragonlance #329

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Brinebeast

For those who like to incorporate new sources of information into their Dragonlance campaign the following is a collection of ideas and suggestions on how to use the material found in Dragon vol. 329 in a Dragonlance setting. This is purely opinion based and should not be considered official in any way.

The Beasts of Beowulf pg. 25-30

This article puts the people and monsters from the story of Beowulf into D&D statistics. The Story of Beowulf is a British legend but there is no reason why this story could not be adapted to the world of Krynn. The characters that receive stats are Grendel, Grendel's Mother, Firedrake, and Beowulf.

Grendel- Grendel is a unique creature with a mixed heritage. His mother is a hag but his father's identity is unknown. Grendel needs no adaptation for use in a Dragonlance Setting.

Note: To bring Grendel more in line with the Dragonlance setting and to emphasize his unique parentage consider making his father an Ogre Titan, if playing in the Fifth Age, or Hill Giant if playing prior to the Fifth Age.

Grendel's Mother- Grendel's Mother is a unique hag and the story of Beowulf provides few clues to her origin. Grendel's Mother needs no adaptation for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Note: Since Grendel's Mother is a unique hag, the DM might want to consider her origins before introducing her into a campaign. For example she could be the daughter of a sea hag and a hezrou demon. This is just one example and the DM should choose an origin that is suitable to his or her campaign.

Firedrake- The Firedrake is a unique dragon and may not be suitable for use on Krynn.

Note: A DM might want to consider using a Fire Dragon (see Bestiary of Krynn) with an equal CR to that of the Firedrake, in place of the Firedrake. If the Firedrake is used the DM should give it an appropriate origin before introducing it to Krynn.

Beowulf- Beowulf is a human and needs no adaptation for use in a Dragonlance setting. Like the other characters from the story of Beowulf, the DM should consider an appropriate origin for Beowulf before introduction into a Dragonlance setting.

Mesopotamian Mythos pg. 32-46

This article details the Gods of Mesopotamia. Dragonlance has a fixed pantheon and because of this, this article is not appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting.

The Petit Tarrasque and Other Monsters pg. 48-54

This article provides variant game statistics for many of the creatures found in the various Monster Manuals. These variants closer resemble their real world mythological counter parts, that inspired the creatures in the Monster Manuals that we have all become familiar with. All of these variants are appropriate for use in a Dragonlance setting and will likely keep players guessing when facing familiar monster but with strange new abilities.

Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Pazuzu Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms pg. 56-67

This article is about Pazuzu, one of the Demon Princes of the Abyss. This article is divided into several sections and each section is discussed below.

Pazuzu, Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms: This section describes Pazuzu in terms of game statistics, his combat prowess, his Aspect, and his minions all of which are suitable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Pazuzu's Goals / Pazuzu's Cult / Thrall of Pazuzu: These three sections detail the desires and religious aspects of Pazuzu. Thrall of Pazuzu is a prestige class that can be taken by any character that is in the service of Pazuzu. These three sections are all suitable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

Note: Krynn's deities are very protective of their followers and of all mortals in general. This protection is expressed by limiting the worship of mortals to only the 21 true gods of Krynn. Because of this, any cults that are sponsored by a Demon Prince or Devil Lord are likely to meet a swift end if discovered by any of the Holy Orders of the Stars. If a player chooses to become a Thrall of Pazuzu they should do so with a clear understanding that their true patron must be kept secret or suffer from the wrath of any or all of the Holy Orders. Although, Krynn's deities would be hostile to worshipers of Pazuzu this does not mean that Pazuzu's activities would go unsupported. Pazuzu's interests are not that dissimilar to the interests of Hiddukel and it is not unlikely that Pazuzu could found in the service of Hiddukel.

Pazuzu's Minions / Pazuzu's Realm: These two sections conclude the article with a discussion of some of the creatures most often associated with Pazuzu, and the areas of the Abyss that Pazuzu claims for himself. Also, Pazuzu's Minions introduces a new demon and Pazuzu's Realm details the Blinding Claw, a major artifact associated with Pazuzu.

Note: The planar realm of the Abyss connected to Krynn is not the same planar realm of the Abyss connected to Greyhawk. Although they are not the same they are home to similar creatures. The Abyss connected to Greyhawk is home to Chaotic Evil Deities and demons. The Abyss connected to Krynn is home to all Evil Deities and their planar minions, including demons, devils, and yugoloths. Although they are not the same planar realm there is no reason why Pazuzu could not be a denizen of the Abyss that is connected to Krynn.

The Ecology of the Kenku pg. 68-72

Kenku are a flightless bird like race that have features similar to that of a crow. Kenku recently appeared in the Monster Manuel III and this article expands upon the information found in that book. Kenku have not yet been detailed as a race that inhabits Krynn but there is no reason why they could not be added into a Dragonlance setting. If Kenku are added into a Dragonlance campaign the information found in this article is suitable for use. If Kenku are a race you do not wish to use in your Dragonlance campaign then this article is not suitable for use in a Dragonlance setting.

The Stuff of Legends pg. 74-76

The article introduces eight new magical items, all of which can easily be adapted for use in a Dragonlance setting. Each of these magical items have been inspired by real world mythology and their histories should be adapted before introduction to Krynn. Name adaptations are listed below.

Alatyr- Change name to Stones of Mishas.

Canola's Harp- Change name to Bonewood Harp.

Durandal- Change name to Corij's Hand.

Fount of Acadine- Change name to Fount of Shinare.

Kongo- Change name to Light of Zivilyn.

Shedshed- Change name to Standard of Eli.

Teeth of the Sown Men- Change name to Teeth of the Dragon or Teeth of Wyrmfather.

White Buffalo Calf Pipe- Change name to White Pipe of Jolith.

Note: The above name changes are only suggestions and DM's should feel free to create names that are compatible with any history adaptations they create for these magical items.

Marked For Death pg. 78-81

This article serves as an introduction to the novel Marked for Death first book in The Lost Mark trilogy that is set in the world of Eberron. The majority of this article discusses the new novel but there are some suggestions for character interaction during game play. The discussions on loyalty, family, and religion may provide some insight for players but any discussion of Eberron or Marked for Death do not pertain to Dragonlance and there for unsuitable for use in a Dragonlance setting. This article also, introduces a new vehicle (Air Cutter) and a new creature (Living Fireball), both of which are suitable for use on Krynn.

Class Acts pg. 88-98

This is a collection of eleven article one article for each of the base classes found in the Players Handbook. Some of the highlights from these articles include "Performing Diplomacy" for Bards, alternative symbols of faith based on domains for Clerics, flaws for Rangers, and swarm familiars for Wizards. All the articles found in this section need little to no adjustment for use in a Dragonlance setting.

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