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The Beings of Chaos

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Meltdown

While anyone can freely worship these gods (or demigods?), they are mostly worshiped by the followers of Chaos, and those who live on the chain of islands called the Islands of Chaos. However, the Glass Sailors of Taladas have been said to worship gods of chaos as well.

The White Worm

Created to balance the side of Order with Chaos, the White Worm is a great coiling dragon that was given the ability to restructure an entire continent on Krynn. Using his own vast powers, he used his scales to bring to life the other beings of Chaos. He serves only the Father of All and Nothing, and to this very day he strives to allow the master access to the world. In the War of Chaos, the White Worm almost won out. While his powers may be vast and far reaching, the White Worm is unable to create, his purpose being to destroy and deliver havoc to his subjects.

When the Nzunta fled the curse of their ilk, the White Worm selected several to follow the Kajinee peoples into the East. After shadowing them for years, they found where the tribe was headed. Landing on a distant island, the Ogres established an Empire that would grow wide and powerful. To this end, the god of Chaos was able to establish his mark upon the world. While his actions seem random, he only wants to help his subjects. A paradox indeed.

I find it queer to note that in the so called 'Age of Mortals' the elements of Chaos still inhabit the world of Krynn on their distant island home. I believe this to be much akin to the case of Sebastius. Perhaps they are just demi-gods after all.

To further the mystery behind these beings, when the chief deity of Good was made mortal, so too was the White Worm. Perhaps the Platinum Dragon and the White Worm share some fraternal bond. The White Worm is a mighty White Dragon that resides within the Nzunta palace on the island of Krete.

The Coil

Chief deity to the powerful Magori who invaded the Minotaur homeland, the Coil is a strange tentacled god of meditation, faith, thought and the mind. Where Majere is the god of similar aspects, the Coil's spheres are perverse and dark. The Coil seeks obedient zealots in his faith, and cherishes only the spoiled minds of those that seek power in any fashion. The Coil has many Libraries across the Islands of Chaos, all of which chronicle the worst events in history. To affect those he wishes to control, he often sends visions of their demise in dreams. In the Chaos War, his avatar was obliterated and stricken from the world. The god has not been seen nor heard from sense. However, his scholars still work to keep his libraries intact.

The Dust Walker

A blood hungry and battle thirsted viking of a god, the heathen patron of heroism, courage, war and battle, seeks to drown the world in a grand torrent of crimson. He seeks to instill fearless bravery into the hearts of those who follow him, blessing them with the sweet release of madness. He punishes only the cowardly, judging everything under his stern gaze. While many have seen his promised beyond of eternal warfare and veteran peace, the God views none with a favored eye. He is neither a force of good or evil, but one of violence and bloodshed. The Dust Walker is a patron of the people who live in the Mountains of Dust. When he reveals himself to his people, he is a great shining knight, with all the brutish features of a minotaur, the hideous size of an inflated ogre, and the boorish temperament of an irate dwarf. In one mighty hand he wields Judgement (a massive mallet) and in the other is the blazing sword called Execution. He has but one horn, and only one eye, with which it is said he sees the deeds of all warriors.

Zarak Thuul was a follower of the Dust Walker, and led the assault on the Dwarf Kingdom of Thorbardin.

The White Flame

A great flame spreads across the planes, destroying everything in its wake. In its path however, the soil becomes fertile once more and new life sprouts. A great plague decimates a village, and in their deaths, mold grows and their flesh feeds the carrion creatures. A great war effort slays thousands, but it creates work and in it, new life. So too the White Flame creates from destruction, building life from the dead. The White Flame is a being of healing and light, but only acts in reflex. If the Goddess has a pattern, it is beyond mortal knowledge. She simply acts when everything is broken and mashed, as if she finds a serene beauty in carnage.

Eihirt (The Pale Toad; The Stone Bat; The Manged Wolf; The Barracuda)

Eihirt is the bastard god of all vile serpents of the land and sea. Where the Fisher King created the great plant eaters, he gave the beasts the taste for flesh. Unflinching and uncaring, the arrogant deity seeks to spread the wrath of the wild and fights for the protection of nature by any means. Eihirt allows his woods to be used however, to furnish homes for his children. When hobgoblins ride dire wolves into glorious battle and the Nzunta tame Wyverns for combat, he is pleased. Most of all, the Kuo-Toa follow his banned above all else. Their home belongs to Zeboim, but their soul is paid to Eihirt. His avatar is often that of a barracuda-headed dog man with great leathery bats wings sprouting from his back. Black hearted druids, vile goblinoids and Nzunta wild runners all pay this god homage. Eihirt also has given his children several ways to preserve food, such as the pickling sausages.


Discordant is the god of music. As the White Worm ripped the great stones from the sea and blasted them with intense heat, he established Discordant to play him music. The lute he plucked was stringless, and the drums were cracked. The insane mess that flowed out mixed with the dissonant beat of the volcanoes. The song was hideous, jarring and horrid. The White Worm was enthralled, and soon, all the people of the islands loved it too. Rather then be worshiped, the jovial god prefers to spread his dread cacophony across the islands, and share with all the jumbled beauty he has developed. Discordant always appears genderless and raceless, without definition beyond having a head, body and limbs. He is the God of any creature wishing to create din and madness through music.


Cancer is the wife of wealth, production and commerce. Cancer enjoys war and strife, which begets further trade. She is passionless and has no capacity for feeling. Cancer is simply the chief arbitrator of the flow of cash, in all its wild forms and chaotic passings. Cancer is the oddest of the gods, as her spheres contradict her own alignment. The coin is a symbol of order, yet in her hands, it is a tool of madness. When Cancer walks the islands of Chaos, she assumes the form of a lovely human, surrounded by trade wagons and mercenaries. From her pouches come all currencies of Krynn, which are all used together in the lands of Chaos.

The Unspeakable

The traitor. He who is the reason the Chaos War failed. He who was expelled. He who is forever unloved. He who slayed the Coil. He who is named Sargonnas.


A tall, gaunt man of extreme age, Skiff is an agent of Chaos, and not so much a god or even a demi-god. He is the most feared, as he is given the task to ferry the dead into the beyond. When the mists rise, his form can be seen, watching and waiting for the next person to die. He has been known, however, to make deals with the souls he collects, but what the details of these bargains are is anyone's guess. The only item in his possession is a Clay Jar, which holds the souls of those he collects.

During the War of Souls, Skiff became the Chief God of Death. His mantle of Godhood is cemented, and as such, no longer has access to Krynn.

Other Gods


Even though banished, the people of the Chaos islands still worship the father of chaos.


The God of the Ogres. He has been attempting to exert further influence upon the world. He is known to be working in Taladas to strengthen his might.


Zeboim is the Goddess of the Sea. She is very temperamental and fickle, and seeks to conquer the seas and her main rival Habbakuk. In the past, Zeboim would never go against the wishes of her mother, Takhisis, but thinks little of her father, Sargonnas. Her avatar is a giant sea turtle with the face of a human female. Her followers are few, and are generally only the undead that roam the sea, or evil-aligned sea elves, koalinths and pirates. Some of her titles include: Maelstrom, Darkling Sea, Bhezomiax, Zebyr Jotun, and Rann.

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