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D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by James O'Rance

Huge Shapechanger
Hit Dice: 15d8+75 (143 hp)
Initiative: -4 (Dex)
Speed: 5 ft.
AC: 28 (-2 size, -4 Dex, +24 natural)
Attacks: 4 slams +20 melee
Damage: Slam 2d8+9
Face/Reach: 10 ft. by 10 ft./15 ft.
Special Qualities: Burrow, fast healing 1, immunities
Saves: Fort +14, Ref +5, Will +12
Abilities: Str 28, Dex 3, Con 21, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 12
Skills: Hide +2*, Knowledge (history) +15, Listen +20, Spot +20
Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Power Attack, Skill Focus—Knowledge (history)
Climate/Terrain: Underground
Organisation: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 13
Treasure: None
Alignment: Usually neutral good
Advancement: 16-20 HD (Huge); 21-30 HD (Colossal)

Razhaks are a rocklike race of shapechangers that spend most of their millennia-long lives observing the activities of other creatures. Razhaks are capable of altering their form, texture, and colouration to mimic natural rock formations, and can go decades without moving. Razhaks stand up to 15 feet tall, and weigh about twelve tons.

Razhaks are interested in the affairs of mortal races, but their gradual, long-term perspectives make them unlikely to become involved. A razhak's quick decisions may take up to two years to make. A razhak may dwell in the passages and caverns of subterranean races for centuries without discovery.

Razhaks lead solitary existences, but are aware of the general health of their fellows. They can communicate with each other via a subconscious telepathy that is difficult to detect magically (appropriate spells might allow a Spellcraft check against DC 25). They understand Common, Mountain Dwarven, and at least one other mortal language.


Razhaks typically avoid combat; they never make unprovoked attacks, and if attacked will usually escape through the ground. However, an angered razhak can cause serious damage in melee, forming up to four pseudopods from its rock-like body to batter at foes. Furthermore, the razhak's body of living rock is not subject to many of the attacks that would kill a fleshy creature.

In the unlikely event that a razhak is seriously wounded in combat, it will retreat through the earth to heal, perhaps returning when it is stronger.

Burrow (Ex): A razhak can move through solid ground or stone as easily as humans walk on the surface.

Fast Healing (Ex): Razhaks heal unusually quickly while moving through solid earth or stone by absorbing fresh matter into their damaged bodies.

Immunities: Razhaks are immune to poison, disease, sleep, paralysis, and stunning. They do not require air or sleep. Razhaks lack vital organs, and are not subject to critical hits.

Skills: Razhaks gain a +8 bonus to Spot and Listen checks, and a +20 racial bonus to Hide checks in rocky or underground environments.

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