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Lizardfolk, Jarak-sinn

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by James O'Rance

Large Humanoid (reptilian)
Hit Dice: 2d8+4 (13 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 20 ft., swim 30 ft.
AC: 15 (-1 size, +6 natural)
Attacks: 2 claws +3 melee and bite +1 melee
Damage: Claws 1d3+3, bite 1d4+1 plus poison
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Poison, tail strike
Special Qualities: Hiss
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +1
Abilities: Str 17, Dex 11, Con 14, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 13
Skills: Intimidate +3, Listen +3, Swim +6
Feats: Multiattack
Climate/Terrain: Warm swamps
Organisation: Solitary, pair, nest (5-20), or tribe (61+)
Challenge Rating: 1
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Often neutral evil
Advancement: By character class

Jarak-sinn are a vile race of lizardfolk devoted to the worship of Chislev and the Five Great Dragons; all civilised folk avoid associating with this vulgar, vicious, foul race.

Jarak-sinn are stoop-shouldered, thick-bodied creatures covered from head to toe with thick, green scales. A bony ridge extends from their broad snout, between the eyes, and runs down the spine. The small eyes of a jarak-sinn are either red or pink in colour, with clear lids that create the impression that jarak-sinn never blink. Thick pink tongues limply dangle from the sides of their mouths, nearly two feet in length; the tongue of a jarak-sinn has no sensory function.

The jarak-sinn speak a dialect of Lizardfolk consisting of short bursts of hisses, growls, and rasps; one in six understands Common.


Jarak-sinn love combat and eagerly embrace every opportunity to engage in bloodshed. They are proud yet unsophisticated warriors, with the typical assault comprising a forward charge followed by fierce melee. Jarak-sinn may attack with weapons such as swords, daggers, halfspears or clubs, and occasionally use a small shield. They never wear armour.

If jarak-sinn face clearly superior opponents, they refrain from charging and lurk behind cover until they can ambush their opponents from behind.

Jarak-sinn occasionally ride Large lizards into battle, although these creatures are notoriously uncooperative unless pursuing opponents that the lizards perceive as edible.

Poison (Ex): Bite, Fortitude save DC 13; initial damage 1d4 temporary Constitution; secondary damage 1 temporary Constitution.

A jarak-sinn's spittle is a thick, acidic venom that affects non-reptilian creatures. They sometimes coat their weapons with this venomous spittle; however, they lack the necessary jaw muscles to spit it at opponents effectively.

Tail Strike (Ex): A jarak-sinn can strike opponents from behind with its whip-like tail with a +3 attack bonus, inflicting 1d4+2 points of damage. Doing so incurs an attack of opportunity from any opponent behind the jarak-sinn. The jarak-sinn can detach its tail as a free action; if an opponent grabs the tail, it finds itself struggling with a writhing appendage while the jarak-sinn flees to safety. A new tail can be grown in 1d4+8 weeks.

Hiss (Ex): Two in six jarak-sinn can emit loud hisses to frighten opponents; unintelligent animals often associate the sounds with those made by poisonous snakes or small dragons, thus making them think twice before attacking. Any opponents that hear a jarak-sinn's hiss must make an Intelligence check (DC 5) or become shaken.

Skills: Jarak-sinn receive a +2 racial bonus to Intimidate and Swim checks.

Jarak-Sinn Society

A single king controls jarak-sinn settlements; his judgements can be as arbitrary as they are cruel. Homes are little more than mud pits or filth-strewn caves, infested with snakes, rats, and other vermin. The community's shamans conduct services in the name of Chislev or, in remote, degenerate communities, the Five Great Dragons. All other members of the jarak-sinn community are members of the militia—children are considered mature enough to fight from the age of 10.

Jarak-sinn spend most of their time eating, sleeping, or cooling themselves in mud pits. When the dark moon is in high sanction (a seven-day period each month), the shamans lead the jarak-sinn in elaborate worship ceremonies to Chislev, involving chants, prayers, and numerous slave sacrifices.

Jarak-Sinn Characters

The favoured class of Jarak-sinn is warrior (page 39 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). Shamans of Chislev are usually druids of neutral or neutral evil alignment. Degenerate worshippers of the Five Great Dragons are evil adepts.

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