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Elf, Dargonesti

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by James O'Rance

Medium-size Humanoid (Aquatic, Elf)
Hit Dice: 1d8-1 (3 hp)
Initiative: +1 (Dex)
Speed: 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
AC: 13 (+1 Dex, +2 leather)
Attacks: Trident +1 melee; or hand crossbow +1 missile; or net +1 ranged touch
Damage: Trident 1d8, hand crossbow 1d4, net entangle
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Qualities: Alternate form, elven traits
Saves: Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +0
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 13, Con 8, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 11
Skills: Hide +1, Listen +3, Search +3, Spot +3, Swim +4
Feats: Weapon Focus (trident)
Climate/Terrain: Temperate and warm aquatic
Organisation: Company (2-4), squad (11-20 plus 2 3rd-level sergeants and 1 leader of 3rd-6th level), or school (30-60 plus 20% noncombatants plus 1 3rd-level sergeant per 10 adults, 5 5th-level lieutenants, and 3 7th-level captains)
Challenge Rating: ½
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Usually chaotic good
Advancement: By character class

* The information above is for a 1st-level Dargonesti warrior (see page 39 in the Dungeon Master's Guide for more about the warrior class).

The Dargonesti (or Quoowahb in their native tongue) are a race of sea elves living in the Blood Sea of Istar and the vast oceans northeast of Ansalon. Dargonesti possess slender bodies with long, webbed fingers and toes. They have large, violet eyes, dark blue skin, and hair that varies from a golden colour to deep green, very much like the colour of seaweed.

Dargonesti speak Dargoi and Common.


All Dargonesti are proficient with either the trident or longspear, and proficient with the hand crossbow and net. These weapons are in daily use in the sea elven kingdom, and so all Dargonesti are familiar with them. Dargonesti are not automatically familiar with any type of sword or bow, however.

Elven Traits (Ex): Dargonesti benefit from standard elven immunity to magic sleep spells and effects, low-light vision, +2 racial bonus to Will saves against enchantment spells and effects, and +2 racial skill bonus to Search, Spot, and Listen checks.

Alternate Form (Su): A Dargonesti can transform into a dolphin three times per day, with a duration of one hour per level. A Dargonesti sea elf who uses her racial ability to assume the form of a dolphin acquires the natural size and Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores of a dolphin. She also gains the dolphin's natural armour, slam attack, swimming speed, and the Blindsight extraordinary ability. After shifting to dolphin form, the Dargonesti elf is disoriented and may only take partial actions for the following 1d6+6 rounds, and then suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls for 4 additional rounds. However, upon shifting to dolphin form the Dargonesti regains hit points as though she had rested for a day.

The elf is still considered a Humanoid, and retains her own Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, level and class, hit points (despite any change in her Constitution score), alignment, base attack bonus, and base saves. Her new Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores may affect final attack and save bonuses, however. She retains her spells, spell-like abilities, and extraordinary abilities, but not supernatural abilities. The elf may not cast spells with material, somatic, or verbal components (but may be able to cast spells affected by the Silent and Still Spell metamagic feats).

All of the elf's equipment (including material components) meld into her new form and becomes nonfunctional for the duration of the effect.

When reverting to her natural form, the character must rest for 5 rounds afterwards. For 2 rounds after this adjustment period, the Dargonesti suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls.

Skills: Dargonesti gain a +4 racial bonus to Swim checks. Dargonesti can breathe air and water with equal ease; however, they cannot naturally heal unless resting fully immersed in water.

Dargonesti Characters

A Dargonesti's favoured class is sorcerer; most exceptional Dargonesti possess one or more levels of this class, as they are encouraged to develop their natural arcane talents. Dargonesti characters have an effective character level +1, as they are are more powerful and gain levels more slowly than most of the common races of Ansalon.

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