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Wizards of Takhisis During the War of Souls

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The power of arcane magic in the world of Krynn has ever been the domain of the gods of magic – Solinari the White, Lunitari the Red, and Nuitari the Black. It was the gods of magic who established the Orders of High Sorcery that governs all arcane magic on the continent of Ansalon.

Yet Takhisis, always wanting all power for herself, saw fit to grant the power of arcane magic to her followers in the past. This was first seen with the dragon highlord Ariakas, who served as a prototype for the Knights of the Thorn. The Knights of the Thorn then served as the perfect model of wizard followers of Takhisis.

Later, in the War of Souls, Takhisis went by the name of the One God, partially not to alert people as to who the One God was, and partially to solidify herself as the one divine presence in the world.

Mina was the first of Takhisis' clerics to be seen in the Age of Mortals, and she was working on recruiting more clerics. It would therefore seem logical that Takhisis would further solidify herself as the ultimate power base by taking the place of the moon gods as the sole provider of arcane magic.

Takhisis was stealing the ambient magic of the world in order to boost her own power. In this model, the divine magic of mysticism would be absorbed to increase her divine might, while Wild Sorcery is then absorbed and focused back on her mortal followers. The result would then be the effective death of ambient magic and the effective return of focused arcane magic.

Wizards of Takhisis during the War of Souls take on one of two forms. The first is as a member of the Knights of the Thorn. Such wizards would then seek to shape the Thorn Knights to where they gave up ambient magic in favor of the focused arcane magic of Takhisis. The organization would then strengthen, becoming the dominant force for magic in the world.

Wizards may also function as independent operators who do the work of Takhisis in remote locales or in areas where a large force, such as the Thorn Knights, would not operate the best.

Some may even seek to take over the places of magic from the past.


The Order of the One Moon is an option for dungeon masters who wish to diverge from canon history in their games.

The Order of the One Moon was founded in the latter part of the War of Souls. These wizards are mostly formed from the ranks of the Knights of the Thorn, and wear a pale grey variant of the ash grey robes the Thorn Knights wear.

The Order replaces the Wizards of High Sorcery as the dominant force for magic in the world of Krynn. With no Wizards of High Sorcery to fight against them, the Order soon begins taking over the places of magical power.

The Tower of Nightlund is soon discovered, and is the first conquest of the Order. Soon after, they invade the Tower of Wayreth, slaying the Master of the Tower and taking the magic for their own. Plans are soon underway to re-establish the other towers, starting with the newly-dubbed Tower of the Blood Sea. Storm's Keep once again becomes home to the Knights of Neraka, and the Order's brethren in the Knights of the Thorn reclaim the Tower of the Thorn.

Wizards in the Order of the One Moon use the Wizard of High Sorcery prestige class, and use the order secrets of the black robes.

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