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Jasper Fireforge in the Age of Despair

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

"Judge with heart and mind, if at all."


Jasper Fireforge is most commonly known as a Citadel Mystic who was one of the Heroes of the Heart. Yet Jasper had appeared prior to this point as a pregenerated character, both in Oak Lords and in the Tales of the Lance boxed set. In both of these products, he is presented as a cleric (8th-level in Oak Lords, 4th-level in Tales of the Lance).

In my work to convert some of the older pregenerated characters, I had considered doing a mock-up of Jasper Fireforge as a cleric in the Age of Despair. Due to copyright issues, I've decided that I will not pursue this route.

However, I do think there should be some mention of how Jasper Fireforge could be used in this era. With that in mind, I have decided to write a short article on the changes needed.

Mechanical Changes

The easiest way to convert Jasper Fireforge would be to follow the epiphany rules presented in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, and reverse-engineer the changes. For ease of purpose, it is recommended that Jasper's character level remain at 9th.

Jasper would lose all Citadel Mystic abilities (i.e. reputation bonus, mystic secrets, and heart's grace). Jasper would also lose both his domains and the spells associated with them. Jasper would then be converted into a 9th-level cleric. Recalculate his base attack bonus, saves, and spells.

Jasper's feats may remain the same. Jasper's skills may remain the same, save for Sense Motive. DM's may make an exception and allow this as a cleric class skill for simplicity's sake.

As a cleric, Jasper would have the ability to turn/rebuke undead. Jasper is a cleric of Reorx, and must choose two domains from the following: Earth, Fire, and Forge. I recommend the last two, simply for humor's sake.

During the Age of Despair, Jasper had a trained ferret named "Graybeard". DM's may allow Jasper to have ranks in Handle Animal to account for this.

Role-Playing Notes

The careful observer will note that Jasper had an alignment change along the way. During the Age of Despair, Jasper was Lawful Neutral in alignment. As a Citadel Mystic, he has turned to Neutral Good in alignment.

This can be explained due to his past history. According to Tales of the Lance, Jasper was a cleric of Reorx who was sent by the church to seek those ready for the faith of Reorx. During this time, he adventured some with Tanin, Sturm, and Palin Majere.

As a representative of the church, especially of a neutral god, he would have maintained a NG outlook. As he entered the Age of Mortals and was healed by Goldmoon, eventually becoming a Citadel Mystic, his outlook on life changed. He underwent an epiphany, one that would change his life.

Just For Fun

According to Tales of the Lance, Jasper was known as "Jasper Fireforge-Gneissfeld".

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