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Minotaurs of Adlatum

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Author's Note: This article is the foundation for the minotaurs of Adlatum, Continent of Chaos. I hope you will all enjoy.

Birth of An Empire

Before the Empire, the Minotaurs warred one against another, each with a different banner. Some followed the path of Sakarr (Sargonnas), who fueled the passions of war and vengeance. Others followed the path of Karrak (Kiri-Jolith), who fought wars only for just causes and to protect those who were innocent.

It was the First Emperor who united the warring factions, to build the Minotaur Empire.

"Fools, all of you! Look at yourselves. You fight one against another, and it leads to your doom. Now we are weak, and other nations will see this and try to destroy us."

"While I respect the Two Brothers, I do not let any god rule my life. I forge my own destiny. So should it be with you. This Blood Feud will only tear us apart. So we shall respect Karrak and Sakarr equally."

And so, the First Emperor ended the Clanswar, and the Minotaur Empire was born. Karrak and Sakarr both honored and respected the First Emperor for his bravery, even against the wrath of the gods, and ended their Blood Feud. Soon, the minotaurs were forged into a true warrior-race, who lived life through a code of honor.

Above all laws was the law that said that no honorable minotaur may turn upon another.

The Canon War

Over a thousand years later, the Empire had flourished and was strong. A new Emperor sat on the throne, but he did not respect the old ways. The Emperor craved blood, but he knew that the Empire was not yet ready for war.

As with most nations, the Emperor retained a Talker Gnome as an advisor. This gnome had showed that he understood the paths of honor, and so he had the ear of the Emperor.

"Look at your Empire, my liege. You are a warrior race, yet you fight no wars. Are you not the mightiest of nations? Should not the other races bow down before your might and your superiority?"

And so, upon the advice of the Talker Gnome, the Emperor began a campaign of conquest. Soon, the Emperor went to meet with the other nations, but one after another, they would attack the Empire. One after another, they would fall.

The minotaurs would exact vengeance upon all who attacked them in a holy war unlike any other. After a while, the minotaurs forgot why they were at war, and their anger overtook them. They were determined to conquer all.

The Emperor sought the Volumes of the Prophet, so as to use their power in his bid for conquest. Standing against him were the dwarves.

This war, which would later be known as the Canon War, nearly destroyed both the dwarves and the minotaurs.

The Emperor, in his pride, soon called upon the Twin Brothers.

"Both of you, Karrak and Sakarr, have stood within the balance, yet neither of you will ever best the other. Yet look at what I have done. I have nearly destroyed the dwarves, and the pitiful nations that have stood in our path. Soon, I shall destroy the remaining races of the world."

"And after that...I shall destroy you, and *I* shall be a god!"

And soon, the earth trembled, and the oceans rose, and an Empire was destroyed.

The Cataclysm

According to the minotaurs, it was Sakarr who exacted vengeance upon the Emperor for his haughtiness and his foolishness. While there must be balance between the Brothers, so to shall there be balance between the minotaurs and their gods.

The Night of Doom destroyed the Minotaur Empire, save for two factions.

Sakarran Minotaurs

Amongst the armies of the Emperor stood a general, who silently cursed the Emperor for this doom.

"By Sakarr, he has led us to our doom! Our people die around us fighting the earth itself and not our enemies. He has brought us disgrace and ruin!"

"And what would you do about it?"

The voice boomed in the general's head, and so he answered.

"If I were the Emperor, I would not use magic to defeat our enemies, but my own hands and steel. I would fight them face to face, and stare them in the eyes as I saw the life drain from them. I would fight with honor."

"You have pleased me," the voice said. "So shall it be, that this Emperor shall die a dishonorable death, and you shall lead in his stead. However, you shall not be Emperor, but rather a Khan. Until your people have proved yourself to me, I shall be absent. You shall have no home to call your own. The old ways are gone, and you shall forge new ways. Ways of blood and honor."

And so, the Sakarran Minotaurs fled the devastation, and followed their Khan to the wilderness, where they would build a new nation.

The Mahjoran Minotaurs

Amongst the chaos, there came a minotaur whose fur was colored gold, and shone with bright light and hope during this dark night.

"All of you have fought in this war without thought and without any consideration for your actions. Now look. The gods have struck the earth, and all is doomed."

"You fight with a heart of anger, a heart that can only bring pain. You have strayed away from the path of honor that was taught through the ages by the First Emperor."

"Karrak has asked his cousin Mahjor (Majere), honored god of discipline and the martial arts, to offer salvation. Karrak seeks to guard you against Sakarr, and has asked Major to look after you in his place."

"Only through the discipline of Mahjor can you hope to overcome the anger that is inherent within our hearts. Only through strict discipline and training not only of the body, but also of the mind, can you hope to achieve inner peace."

The golden minotaur led a small group of followers away from the site, and they built a monastary upon the hills.

The Minotaurs Today

Many years have passed since the Cataclysm, and the two groups of minotaurs still remain to this day.

The Mahjoran minotaurs have built a community on a hill, which they have named Mah-Jor in honor of their god. They live in a peaceful society founded on strict discipline. They believe in honor in discipline and knowledge.

The Sakarran minotaurs roam the plains on the other side of the Great Rift. They believe in honor in conquest, glory, and blood.

The Sakarran minotaurs have recently discovered the existence of the Mahjoran. Their Khan seeks to unite their peoples - one way or another.

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