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Holy Orders of the Stars

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The Holy Orders of the Stars are the three orders of clerics dedicated to promoting the wills of their chosen deities. The Order of Light is made of good clerics, the Order of Twilight is made of neutral clerics, and the Order of Darkness is made of evil clerics.

Order of Light

The Order of light protects life, promotes the welfare of all, and upholds a code of conduct that exemplifies the principles of good. The Order of Light is led by the Chosen Prophet, who has five Prophets as his assistants. No Prophet exists for Solinari, whose followers are the white-robed Wizards of High Sorcery.

Order of Light
Deity Domain
Paladine Good, Law, Protection, Sun
Mishakal Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection
Majere Animal, Good, Knowledge
Kiri-Jolith Law, Protection, Strength, War
Habbakuk Animal, Protection, Travel, Water
Branchala Good, Knowledge, Luck, Plant
Solinari None.

Order of Twilight

The Order of Twilight seeks to maintain a balance between the Light and the Darkness, and is pledged to upholding the free will of mortals. The head of the Order of Twilight is the Starmaster, who is assisted by five Archmasters. No Archmaster exists for Lunitari, whose followers are the red-robed Wizards of High Sorcery.

Order of Twilight
Deity Domain
Gilean Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Protection
Reorx Earth, Fire, Luck, Strength
Chislev Animal, Earth, Plant, Water
Zivilyn Death, Law, Knowledge, Plant
Sirrion Chaos, Fire, Healing, Luck
Shinare Earth, Luck, Protection, Travel
Lunitari None.

Order of Darkness

The Order of Darkness seeks the domination of the free peoples of Krynn. The Order of Darkness is led by the Nightlord, who has five Nightmasters as his assistants. No Nightmaster exists for Nuitari, whose followers are the black-robed Wizards of High Sorcery.

Order of Darkness
Deity Domain
Takhisis Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery
Sargonnas Destruction, Fire, Law, War
Morgion Air, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge
Chemosh Death, Evil, Law, Trickery
Zeboim Animal, Chaos, Death, Water
Hiddukel Evil, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Nuitari None.

Special Thanks: Special thanks goes to Cam Banks for his assistance with the domains.

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